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I can't believe that I haven't been blogging for 2 weeks. This 2 months have been crazy months for me :(. There are so many good and bad things happened at the same time and I was like a roller- coaster with many stuffs. But the latest thing about me that I need to share with you guys is: I'm being an actress *woohoo*. The reason I was away for so long because I was engaged in a movie of Channel5 called "Point of Entry" which will be showed in early December *Yay*, my new dance competitions are coming up in the end of the year too plus my busy work schedules and etc...

Anyway, there are so many things that have changed my life in different ways. I hope all is good. 

I'm about to continue my blog entry for Marie France Bodyline with the 3rd treatment that they did for me somewhere last month. Now, I have finally gained back my shape and figure but I do really miss their treatments. I used to spend 2 hours in MFB office for a good massage once a week everytime I felt tired and getting away from work. :( 

The last few treatments they tailored for me were very good. It all started with a good massage. 
In my 3rd visit, MFB tailored for me 3 different treatments:

First:  Mineral Mask Treatment (MMT). It's actually a full mineral sculpturing treatment using an electro blanket. It really helps to release large amount of stored calories in the body 

First, the therapist applied the mineral mask into my tummy

and then she massaged for 15minutes. 

Leaving the mineral mask to absorb into the body and reinforces the tone, firmness of the tummy area. 

Second: Vara Pulse Treatment: It uses sonic energy to painlessly pulverize stubborn fat and reduce the flabbiness in the arms and tummy area. The treatment breaks down hard to lose fat deposits around the hip, giving me a slimmer, shapelier silouette

The therapist applied some oils onto my tummy and she started massaging. I super love the massage from MFB <3. It could compare to 10 minutes of me having heavy work-out after my dance practice.

There the wrapping time. 

Applying one more layer of mask and waiting for another 20 minutes for it to get dried off. This was when I fell asleep most of the time. :D 

Third: Ultrasound therapy is to further break down stubborn fat deposits

All my tummy and arm fatty are liquefied through a state of the art Ultrasound machine. A body modeling gel that contains plant extracts is used with the Ultrasound machine to tone the skin and reduce the appearance of "one range peel" cellulite". This ultrasound treatment is one their most effective treatments of all. I believe so! 

That's me after the treatment with a much slimmer and flatter tummy. Happy :D

Wanna see the result after 3 weeks undergone intensive treatments?
Here you go, before and after photo

I did not do any photoshop of these 2 photos, purely original so that you can see the obvious difference. Picture tells thousand words, I guess. 

Interested yet? All you need to do is to check out their WEBSITE, or join their FACEBOOK fan page or TWITTER to get more updates.

Stay tuned to the final blog post because I'm gonna reveal the result with PROOF. See ya!