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Hello I'm back, people!!!!!!!!!!! What have been going on so far?

This probably the longest time ever since I started blogging and I left my blog "dead" for so long. -_-

Anyway, I've just finished my 2 months project filming for a local movie series called "Point of Entry". 
Finished! Finished! Finished! OMG! You can tell how excited I'm feeling right now though no doubt it was super fun journey with entire crew and I've learnt a lot of things. 

Point of Entry basically is 1 hour action drama about an elite team of Immigration Checkpoint Authority special agents, and their fight to keep Singapore's borders safe from smuggling and illegal immigration by land, sea and air. That also means whatever you are gonna watch on TV are basically real life stories that are collected every day/ month/ year. 

They have finished Season 1 and Season 2 is back due to popular demand. 

And know what? I'm gonna be on the 1st episode of Season 2 :D :D :D

I'm glad I did great job. This was also the first movie I've ever done so far, an entire episode is talking about: ME. *I mean the role that I played* Woohoo! 

Guess what role that is?

A prostitute! Yeah! WTF right?

Stop laughing your ass off, I'm being serious here. Initially when being invited to play this role, I was like "WTF! How come I always end up in such drama roles: ghost, suffering mom and now prostitute?". But then after reading the script, I agreed to take part with the only reason: it's talking about a Vietnamese prostitute whose life suffered so much in Singapore. She was pushed to be a prostitute, transmitted HIV, loved but couldn't love. Literally, I'm speaking on behalf of 1% of pitiful Vietnamese prostitutes in Singapore. The other 99%, we shouldn't feel sorry for what they chose to themselves.  

Cut a long story short, there is sweat, tear, blood, anger, love, revenge, pain in her life. I couldn't reveal much the story before the movie is showed. You just gotta watch it and give me some constructive comments if my acting is lousy or good :D

The movie will be showed on 8th December 8pm on Channel5, Mediacorp. Please stay at home to watch!!!!! 

Now, sharing with you some of the nice photos I took during the filming. 

Everyday of shooting is everyday I need to have my  make up & hair done til I got tired of seeing the same old look all the time, lolz. 

Half way there....

and done!

By right, I need to look a bit slutty coz I'm acting as a prostitute, but some how it didn't turn out that way.   

Second outfit: Party look again for Ly (the name of my role) to work in the bar.

Third outfit: Naive & decent look whenever she came back home with her husband. This was the moment she lived life for herself and enjoyed the love. 

Ok! Enough photos of myself in case someone says I'm so self-centered, lolz. Gonna share some interesting photos here:

"At the hotel" scene. Can you see the knife Ly was holding? She wanted to kill the customer for pushing her for sex but ended up she didn't. So drama! 

That's Ly when she finished her work with "customer". Count the money and go :D

This is Crystal- after finishing shooting a scene :p

"At the coffee shop" scene. This's the place where Ly worked in daytime for her living. 

Resting after the shoot.
From left to right: Bernard, Rajan, Me, Benjamin.

Me and Benjamin who acted as my husband in the movie :D

I was busy-body next to Rajen, one of the directors of the movie. They have 6 directors all together for this season. 

One more scene with Benjamin shooting at a HDB flat in Serangon. 

Self touch up in between scenes. I remember we shot this scenes from 6pm til 12am midnight which includes some scenes at the HDB flat, some by the road, at the car park etc...

At HDB car park. There were many passers-by stopped and watched us. They even came to ask me, what movie are we shooting, which channel & etc... :D

"In the pub" scene which involves some fighting, beating actions 

Rajan, me and Jamie

Rajen and me

I & Bernard camwhoring inside the car while waiting for set up

"In the handphone shop" scene. 
This was the most drama scene for me. I had to act like a crazy woman who doesn't need anything in life anymore besides killing herself and the guy (Friven) who gave HIV to her. Ly (my role) hit Friven, tied him up and wanted to die with him. She was fierce, scary yet very emotional and hurt at the same time. The most difficult part for me was when I needed to cry out loud. :D Can't wait for you to watch it and see if my crying looks fake, lolz.

Outfit for the shoot. It's me happily waiting for the crew to set up lighting and sound.

I and Michael who played Friven role. We were connected on Facebook for a long time but have never met in person til that day we did the shoot :D

There are many more photos to share but I guess, I shouldn't reveal much the content of the movie. I'm sure it's very touchy real life story. I'm not sure if the Vietnamese girl names Ly is still surviving after her HIV but currently she is in Vietnam and ICA refuses to let her to come back SG regardless the numerous appeals the husband have been trying to do. 

What a pity life!

With all these, you guys definitely MUST WATCH! So don't forget DECEMBER 8TH, 8PM at Channel5, Mediacorp!