do it yourself


February 09, 2012 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Have you ever been into something so much that it absorbs your mind and time completely and you have no time for anything else? I am currently in that situation. It's also Love but not Boyfriend, Girlfriend Relationship- kind of Love. It's the Love you have for something, dream of doing things and feel satisfied after accomplishing it. Or we call it PASSION.

I have so many passions with me. Passion in dancing, in movie acting, in modeling, and now it comes to fashion, clothing. I love cutting a square piece of cloth into few small pieces and sew them all together, put on some crystals and accessories to it. And I call it a dress of Crystal. Looking at the final result always make me very happy and proud. But again, my problem is I don't have enough time to accomplish each and every passion of mine so I have to find the best way to do all them at once. 

And I found one method. Guess what it is?

Before telling you the answer, I'm gonna give you some hints through the photos below:

Swarovski Crystal- I can't express how much love I have for all these tiny sparkle stones. They never fail to put a smile on my face every time I look at them. Guess that's why my name is Crystal :)

Playing with some gold beads strings. You'll be amazed once I show you how this gold string could help you in transforming your outfit. Super gorgeous! 

Got a beautiful gold leotard from DiscountDanceSupply website. Totally in love <3. I've been looking for gold leotard in such the longest time ever. As you can see, I'm modifying it. :D

So you fail in finding what the best way for me to fulfill my passions all in one? ;) I'm telling you now.
The photos above are sneak peek from my latest video shoot: How to transform a normal leotard into a sexy dance costume. 

There you go! You'll be seeing me filming myself, making the dress and dancing a short routine for demonstration. I'm doing exactly what I love to do: actress, fashion stylist & a dancer at the same time. :D

How about you? Have you found your own passion yet? Don't forget finding yourself a true passion and pursuing it because Passion always makes your life more meaningful and interesting.