March 19, 2012 Crystal Phuong 3 Comments

Hi everyone!

The weekend went by so fast and it's Monday here again. How did your weekend go? I hope it was good. If it was suck, then make it better the next one. 

Nothing much from me, just thought of enlightening you guys with some photos on my Instagram. Do you have Instagram? Follow me there too @crystalphuong. I literally got addicted and spent more time on it than on Facebook. It is such a cool app to edit, upload and share your beautiful photos with people. My main interest is still fashion, beauty so most of my photos are my today outfit posts. Here are some recaps of what I wore from last week :). Enjoy!

It's like a norm, I often wear pants and shirt on Monday. I believe dressing up professionally usually plays a very important part in motivating me. At least, it makes me feel "pink" when everyone is complaining about "Monday blue"

 Not to forget, accessorizing is a key. 


Let's loose with a fitting dress to give you some credits in femininity and curve (if you have ones). Caution: This look doesn't apply to tomboyish girls, no offence, but I think they will not like it. :)

Coordinated colored accessories from Diva. 


Back to the old days with big curvy hairstyle pulled to one side, blue navy dress and skinny gold belt plus gold a99ccessories & heels. I absolutely adore this look. It's so soft and sensual. People advised me to keep long and curvy hair like that, but somehow I'm afraid of looking older than my age, lolz. What do you think?


I had an appointment with clients, hence I gotta dress up formally and appropriately. So here you go!
Checkered pants with Zara white shirt (my favorite shirt so far). Pairing them up with black pumps from Charles & Keith plus some red accessories. I love combining red accessories with black pants and white shirt and this method always works for me. You look classy and not boring. 


T.G.I.F! I used to have parties or catch up session with friends after works. Thus, having transformable outfit is super essential. I paired up a blazer with full circle dress and high heels. So at work, I still look professional and at the party, I look chic. That's they key :)


The weekend is here! The maxi dress is the best choice for a brunch or a walk on Saturday. I chose a white jean jacket from F21 to go along with it to keep me warm in the morning. 

Random photos:

One of my favorite sunglasses which I wear almost everyday :D

Bought 2 pairs of shoes last week and they are so comfortable to walk omg. Love them!. The brown one is what I need and the green one is what I want :p

Had my nails done. I decided to go for simple nails art this time. 

Spring kiss! Bought a new lipstick so I thought of snapping a photo of how the color turns out :D

So that's highlight of my wardrobe for a week. Nothing much! Just being playful with colors, styles and some accessories. You see! The simple stuffs can look amazing if you know how to mix and match them. 

I hope you can pick up a style that you like and don't forget to share with me. I still remember how I felt when I first seeing some photos of my friend's outfits on their facebook wall after numbers of my #todayoutfits photos posted up. It feels so motivating!

So keep them coming!

Hope you guys have a great week ahead. 
Stay pretty!

P/s: You guys might be asking "What about Sunday?" - "What do you wear on Sunday". Errrhhh, I'm naked! 
Lolz *Just kidding*. I usually stay at home on Sunday to recharge and I just wear a short and simple cotton T-shirt so It's kinda lame to take all these pictures to show it here. :


  1. love your nails xoxo

  2. Wow~ You sure have a lot of accessories! And i love your nails! :D

  3. Thank you girls! :) xoxox....