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What a hectic and challenging week for me it was! I'm talking about last week. How did last week go for you guys? I hope all was good. 

Everything went upside down, went messed and crazy for me. I was like in a roller coaster with many emotional stress, work pressure and undone stuffs. That's why I was so quiet last week, didn't tweet or update alot. Thank God, things were settled well. 

But know what, even with a lot of stress, crazy stuffs in my mind, I didn't forget taking photos of my every day outfit. Terror huh? :D I guess, each and every fashion blogger is a super cam-whoring addicted or too much obsessed about ourselves, lolz. But that shows how much we love ourselves and appreciate what we are having. So, thumb up for fashion bloggers! 

Back to this week episode, here are what I wore last week!

Trying out Korean & HongKong fashion style with the maroon red chiffon top. The common thing about Korean & HongKong or even Taiwan fashion is they use a lot of cute, girly accessories to decorate onto the outfit. Like the one I was wearing, I love the lace details decorated on the shoulder, the neck line & sleeves together with some pearls on top of it. Very vintage feel. Also, the strong wavy ruffles at the shoulder is a best idea for whoever has small shoulders. 

I paired up this girly shirt with a basic straight-cut pants in nude coz maroon red is such a strong color, so I want to keep the bottom neutral. 

Vintage accessories to complete the vintage look. 

It's barbie doll time! I was wearing polka-dot classic dress with attached tiny belt at my waist line. I love the square neck and bubble skirt design. The material is chiffon, thus it's so comfortable and soft to wear. 
And a crazy pairing up, I chose a pair of red wedges to go along with this black & white dress. 
What do you think of this look?

Not to forget some super cute rings and earrings I wore on that day. 

My caption for this photo was "Everyone needs to smile and chill no matter what happens to us"


Sweeter than a candy look! I wore blue chiffon dress with very cute pink heart shapes printed on it. Many of my girl friends love this dress because "It's too cute" they said. :)

Heart ring and vintage bracelet to match with the dress. 

Dress again! I know, I love dresses! I wore a simple circle fitting dress and focused fully on my statement accessories. Look at the awesome necklace I got. Love this piece! 

It's time for party! Unfortunately, I didn't go party on Friday night even though all of my friends were going to dance at the club. I just didn't have mood for that. So I wore a very simple black bodycon dress. Saying simply, I meant the dress design but the cutting is phenomenal. It fits to the body so perfectly and the padding on the shoulder give extra credits to this edgy and sexy look. 

When wearing a basic dress, we should draw a lot attention on the accessories. I followed the instruction! 

And that how my wardrobe was for last week. What did you wear for last week? Or at least, you posted any photo of your daily outfit online? Share with me at the comment section below or tweet me the photo, I'd love to see them. 

For now, stay tuned til the next blog entry where I'll reveal about my Shopping haul in Bangkok, excited yet? 
I'll talk to you real soon.

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