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Since I started this topic on my blog, I felt like time has gone by too quickly. I don't know how other bloggers have so much time, effort and patience to do "Daily outfit" post and they manage to bring out the big camera, find the right location, bring all the outfits, accessories, shoes, makeup etc..., strike a pose, change the cloths and strike another pose again. I salute them. 

Not that I'm lazy though, I just can't have extra hands and legs to do this -_- and most importantly, I don't have that much time to do update my blog daily (even I really want to) with my daily outfit changed, hence I summarize the entire 1 week outfit into just 1 blog entry.  And fyi, all of my photos here were taken by my iPhone and modified by its awesome photography apps. I'm pretty happy with that except for my photos are not super sharp like a DSLR one. But hey, I think it's gorgeous enough for you to see all the details of my daily outfit.

So let's start with Monday again.

First time wearing peplum skirt, I kinda loved it. Peplum is always the best piece for you to wear at work. I love how classy and feminine it makes me feel at the same time. Here I paired it up with a lace shirt from ZARA and an orange wedges. Vintage star ring and one side braided hairstyle. It's sweet-young girl look. 

Light rose lipstick, I'm super in love with this color. So light, so natural and sexy. 


Decided to go for bold and dynamic look, I grabbed this solid striped pants (super comfortable and cool) and paired it up with ruffle collar white shirt from ZARA. 
Apparently, this type of pants is always giving very strong statement to the entire look as well as great compliment to...your legs. Yes I'm serious! It will make you look taller and your legs look skinnier. If you haven't tried out this style yet, you'd better. 
Some accessories to go along with it: Rain drop necklace, silver bow ring, black bangles and a pair of hot pumps. Yeah! You want to look taller so a great pair of pumps or high heels is definitely a Must. 

I went back to classical and sophisticated look with floral peplum dress, updo hairstyle and closed toe sandals.  Everyone said I looked so different from normal day. I think they meant i looked old, lolz. Well, honestly, this outfit made me look a little bit mature but I just loved how elegant it made me felt. I loved the floral details, the texture, the material of the dress, I couldn't express it. 

Ok! This gotta nothing to do with fashion but I just feel like sharing it. On Wednesday night, I went out for a dinner with an old friend. We had Japanes buffet and that's half of the amount of foods that I consumed. Unlimited sashimi, omg. Super yummy and satisfying. 
Sweet + Young + Vintage + Flowy + Soft, you name it. This look has it all. I pulled up my favourite chiffon floral shirt with high waist suede circle skirt, covered it up with satin belt and completed with a pair of brown sandals. What do you think of this? Does this look familiar to you?

Actually, for this look, I'm kinda inspired by Kim Kardashian and I think she nails it. The look is so feminine, elegant, soft and sweet. 

OK! That's all for the celebrity, now back to reality. 
Last outfit for this week. 
It's my modern chic look. I styled my long dress i bought a while ago from Cotton On  and I haven't had time to wear it anywhere yet so I decided to go wilde with this H&M blazer. I love this blazer so much, the color, material and cutting are so nice.  Basically, with this look, you can wear it to work and you can wear it to party later. It's 2 in 1 kinda look :D 

Super casual in the weekend with short, camisole and cardigan from ZARA. I know, I'm kinda ZARA addicted lately. Can't help. 

Went to have my nails done. 

and this is how my new nails are now. Loving it.  

That's all about my awesome week. Did you have a great week yourself?
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I'll talk to you soon.