April 12, 2012 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

IT'S TIME AGAIN! The new episode of Crystal's Closet is here! It took me 2 weeks to get this done because I was busy traveling and "busy" getting sick.

This week Crystal's Closet is all about Collars. 
So what with the collars? 
We used to think collar is just a part of the shirt, dress, etc...but not anymore. Nowadays, it plays a very important role in making the entire outfit stand out. It's considered accessories. Exactly! Collars necklace that's what i'm talking about. 

Now, you often see all these types of collars necklaces in many accessories or clothing stores. This is my collection I got it in polyvore. 

DIY Collars inspiration

Not sure about you, but I don't like to wear something that is too common, something that is worn by too many people. But I really like the style and the trend.  So what is the solution? Well, I thought of creating my very own collar necklaces that nobody else has the exact second piece.

So here is what I want to show you. DIY- Your own collar necklaces. Watch the video to know how I made my own collar necklaces.

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What is your favorite collar so far? Do you think you can create some awesome collars for yourself too? Spend sometimes this weekend to make one for yourself, it's actually pretty fun process and I enjoyed myself alot during the making of as well as the filming process. And don't forget to subscribe my video to watch more fashion tutorial, leave me som comments to let me know what collar you create or tweet me the photo, I'll feature your collar on my blog :)

For now, here are some of screenshot photos:

Have fun and stay chic always.