Crystal's Closet: Weekly Wardrobe (Ep11) and an awesome VERSACE bag to win!

June 23, 2012 Crystal Phuong 33 Comments

Hi guys!

another brand new episode of Crystal's Closet is here. I know I've kept you guys waiting quite long for this blog post. To be honest, I was literally so busy last 2 weeks with my works and getting prepared for my 1st giveaway ever on my blog. So stay tuned at the end of this blog entry to find out what you are going to win. ;) It's a great stuff. I'm so excited!

First of all, let me share with you guys what were the amazing outfits I wore 2 weeks ago

I wore the beige embroidery shirt from G2000 which I bought long time ago and I've only have chance to wear it like 3 times so far. But I love it! Actually I love every pieces of cloth in my closet and I just don't know which one to wear *womenproblem*. 

I also just bought a very sexy and pretty fringe skirt from Forever21. I ever made 1 skirt like that for myself before but it's mainly for dancing and I sold it away already -_-. Would you be interested in watching a tutorial of how to create this skirt?

Get the similar looks: Shirt: James Burse
Fringe skirt: Forever21 
Layered necklace: Forever21

Click on the link if you want to buy any piece that I feature. 

I got chance to rock the lime green jeans for the first time and it's coincidentally match with my summer fruity shirt from Dolce & Gabbana. I don't see this unique shirt sold any store in D&G here in Singapore so I assume that mine is the one and only piece here :D
Get this look
Jean: AG Jeans
Fruity shirt: Dolce& Gabbana

I love this photo. I was wearing chiffon ruffles neck shirt and print bodycon skirt from Forever21. Talk about the pink brick background, I and  my manager were heading to my client's office for a meeting and we saw a very old red brick wall at their area. My manager told me this background was not nice but I insisted him in taking one photo for me. It turned out to be so beautiful after being edited by me, pinkish and pretty. 
Get this sweet look:
Bodycon skirt: Forever21
Ruffles neck shirt: Stella McCartney
Pumps: Le Silla
Handbag: Pachelbel

Took this beautiful photo of the sky when we were on the way back. This photo keeps reminding myself of being positive, hopeful and faithful to whatever dream you have in your life. No matter what obstacle comes along, there is always the solution for it. We just gotta believe in ourselves, keep hoping for the best and look out for more options. Don't give up so easily in your life! Success only comes to those who know how to be patient and to wait.

Weekend was near, I decided to go simple on Thursday with simple earrings, accessories and dress. One of the color-block white-grey dresses which I bought sometime ago and I couldn't remember where I did buy them. I happened to find the earrings and the ring which match exactly with the dress. Shopping power!

TGIF! However, Friday is usually the busiest and most productive day for me. I usually have to run around to different  places. So here goes, my running an errand outfit for Friday. Chiffon sleeveless top and wedges.
Get this look:
Chiffon shirt: Forever21
Shoes: Nine West
Accessories: Forever21

At night, I and my girl friends chilled out at Holland Village. It's always good to gather with your besties once  in a while. We talked about many random things in life, we got tipsy :D

I and Alicia.

Sun-tanning by the pool and swimming. It's like a stress- released therapy to me. 

I like sinking myself underwater and staying there for 10- 15 seconds to feel my own breathing, floating movement. Things seem stop just right there: the speedy time, worry, stress, sadness, frustration and etc....It always makes me feel good after that. Have you ever tried that before?

Yes! That's me 2 years ago. 

Casual look with floral shorts and cute T-shirt "I may not be perfect but parts of me are pretty awesome" :D

And now, this is the most awaiting moment. I shall not let you wait any longer. It's GIVE AWAY time!
To celebrate my 10th weekly wardrobe episode and to thank you for your continuous and hidden support, I'm going to give away this beautiful Summer handbag from VERSACE.

"What? Versace? Do I read it wrongly?"- No you don't. Here it is!

Versace is one of the premium fashion brands in the industry. With this bag, it's gonna be one of your best friends for summer. So, how to win this awesome handbag? Here are the steps:

  •  Leave me a comment at the comment section below (either blogger comment or facebook comment is accepted) and let me know "What would you want to see more on my blog? Video tutorial, DIY, fashion pairing, weekly wardrobe, etc..."

OPTIONAL. To double- up your chance of winning, you can:
Share this blog entry on your Facebook wall or twitter. Don't forget to tag me on @ncrystalicious (Twitter) or Crystal Phuong's community (Facebook) so that I will be able to check. 

Winner will be randomly selected and announced on 14th July 2012. One entry per person only. Giveaway is open to Singapore and International readers. So hurry up! 

Lastly, thank you so much for being here with me for almost 6 years. By September, my blog will be 6 years old already. I know it's freaking long. How fast the time flies. 

One last thing I would like say: Please do not forget to VOTE FOR ME at Singapore Blog Awards- Best Fashion Blog 2012. There are exact 7 days til the voting is over. I need your HUGE support. Click HERE!



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