Crystal's Closet: Weekly's Wardrobe (Ep9)

June 03, 2012 Crystal Phuong 3 Comments

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a fantastic week. Guess where I am at while writing this blog entry? In Vietnam. Surprise huh? I usually go back Vietnam once a year in New Year only, not in summer. I actually had a super spontaneous getaway trip ever for 1 week to release myself from stress, depress, problem and to find out some solutions for my life. It sounds really big, doesn't it? I learnt few lessons after this trip. Running away is not the right way to solve the problem, we  have to be strong, smart and calm down to face it, deal with it and solve it with positive thinking and energy. Always look at the solution, not the problem. 

Someday when you chance upon any situation that requires you to be strong, independent and decisive to make a decision which might turn your life into another page, you probably will understand what I'm trying to say. I'm in that stage right now. *I feel like I'm a psychologist :D* 

Anyway, let's talk about something more cheerful. Fashion Fever!

I've been missing for 1 week, thus there wasn't any daily outfit post on my twitter or instagram this week. I'm gonna flashback the last week wardrobe together with some updates from this week activities.

Vintage, pure and elegant with this look from Forever21. I've been wanting to get a white dress for myself a while ago but I couldn't find any one I like. There were so many considerations and hesitation involved either the material, the style, cutting, design and comfort. Til I saw the lace dress at F21 store, it was like love at the first sight. It's sweet, comfortable, fitting, and, I had no reason to not to bring it home. I even grabbed a gold pearl vintage necklace to match with the white pearl earrings and charm bracelet I already had.  

 Get this look: Dress Forever21
Necklace: Forever21, 
Shoes: The Island Shop, 
Bag: Michael Kors

Color blocking fashion with chiffon orange blouse and bandage purple skirt and yellow belt. Somehow  the purple skirt in reality becomes dark blue in the photo :(
This is one of the most comfortable and easiest styling for this summer. If you have not watched my tutorial of how to wear color blocking outfit, click it here

Get this look: Blouse & skirt: Cotton On
Pink wallet: Guy Laroche
Watch: Swarovski 
Accessories: Random


 Feminine and classic with floral button shirt and high waist suede skirt. I have to admit this is one of my favorite styles and you see me wearing this very often now and then. I find it so feminine and sweet.
Get this look: Floral button shirt: Brook Brothers
Skirt: Random
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Accessories: Sunglasses: Coach
Others: You mean the car? It's Honda. Not mine :D

First time rocking the leather skirt but I'm super in love with it already. This look is so me! Fierce, sexy, elegant, classic, strong, open-minded. That's what this outfit gives impression to people. I thought leather material will be hot in summer but I was wrong. It's so comfortable to wear. 

Get this look: Ruffles shirt: Mango
Leather skirt: Cotton On
Studded shoes: Guess

I was so busy  that I couldn't have time to take photo of my daily outfit. Til I realized that I haven't posted any picture, I was already home. However, to make up for that, instead of "Todayoutfit", I posted "Tonightoutfit" on my twitter which is this:
Barbie doll dress with nude inner lace dress. Absolutely sweet, sexy and cute.

Floral chiffon blouse and high waist short. It's a popular fashion trend this summer. This photo was taken by my mom when I was already in Vietnam. It's so hot and humid here during summer so most of the time, I wear T-shirt, short because they are comfortable and casual. I usually dress up super casually when I'm in oversea :)

 Get this look: Please go to ZARA store or website. :)

That's all about my weekly wardrobe. Do you have any piece that you really like and would love to share? Feel free to leave some comments below, I might or might not reply because I'm away and busy right now but you know I do read. 

And now, you are wondering what am I doing here in Vietnam? Nothing much! Besides teaching dancing, I spend most of my time with this little angel.

My nephew, the cutest baby I've ever seen. 

Or enjoy facial mask done by my mom. She is super particular about me having a good skin, lolz

Eat lot and lot of healthy and yummy foods everyday. I can never get enough of it 
Spend sometimes to get beautified. Got my nails done at only S$50. How crazily cheap it is over there! And it's nice, please!

That's all about me. I'll be back next week and start the stressful working life again but know what? There will be lot of interesting things going on that I can't wait to share with you guys.

Stay tuned!


  1. You look amazing! Your legs are so nice T__T; /envious/ and your nephew is the CUTEST thing EVER!

  2. You look amazing! These outfits look so good on you!