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Summer is here! Besides working on your wardrobe, what else do you have to rock this summer? I've got my own checklist and I think these are the most essential items every girl should have
  • Summer dress (long or short)
  • Short, T-shirt
  • Sunglasses
  • Big hat 
  • Sunblock
  • Tanning lotion (for those who love sun tanning)
  • Bikini
  • Long lasting make up (which brand is the most recommended?)
  • Slimming. You probably ask "What summer got to do with slimming?"

I'm telling you now. 

Last week, I received this lovely basket from Maybelline and The Body Shop at my office and it simply made my day. They are going to have their new awesome products sold in store in July. What are they? You are gonna love them after reading this post. 

Maybelline Clear Smooth B.B Stick

I'm given two different shades to try out and both work perfectly on my natural skin tone. One is natural color and the other is slightly brighter. I have been using it for 2 days already and I must say: IT'S SUPER AWESOME!

These 2 little sticks at S$17.90 each make my Dior foundation which costs me S$70++ cry in jealousy craving for my attention. Why? 

10 reasons why I am in love with this B.B stick

1. It's super affordable. Don't tell me you don't even have S$18 to spend on your face.
2. Super lasting oil control. Oh yes! I've been using many different foundations, most of them are quite expensive ones but NONE satisfies me when comes to oil- control. When I started using this B.B stick, I thought it would be the same. I was wrong! 
3. Hydration. Nothing to complain about.
4. As smooth as silk. That's exactly how I felt after I applied B.B Stick. Because it provides matte, shine free finish ( I strongly recommend you to use matte B.B cream during summer especially for oily skin), it gives you the most velvet smooth skin ever. 
5. Pore size reduced. You'll see the amazing result later to believe in my after make up photo.
6. Reduce redness. 
7. Comes in 2 natural shades that don't leave behind grey cast. It leaves behind wearable color that stays the entire day and doesn't oxidise

Two natural shades that are so close to your natural skin tone. Love it! 

8. Super convenient to use and easy to carry around. 

9.  Blend well into your skin. I would recommend you to use brush instead of sponge or fingertips. You can see the difference on my left and my right face, how bright and smooth it is.

10. Not forget to mention, B.B stick also gives you a very glowing and healthy skin. See to believe!

Other than this awesome B.B stick, Maybelline also sent to me their 2 latest lip balms to try out. Baby lips.

Mango and Cherry smell. If you are going for a date and craving for a kiss from the guy you admire, wear this lip balm *wink*. 

Yes! This is my dry lips (on purpose) before putting on the lip balm. 

Forget about the normal basic lip balms, this has SPF20 formula to protect and moisturize your lips for a full 8 hours. 

I'm gonna apply it everyday because it's said to renew and reborn our lips after 4 weeks. But honestly, I didn't have to wait that long, my lips instantly shined right after I applied it. Don't believe it?

Here you go! Light make up face with just Maybelline B.B Stick and Lips Balm. 

You like it already, I know and I'm sure you will not regret buying this product. Remember to visit Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, hypermarkets in July to grab these awesome stuffs.

Enough attention for the face. What about our body? 

Don't forget when we talk about summer, we'll talk about swimwear season, sunbathing, beach vacation and so on. What is worse than not being able to fit in your favorite swimwear because you are out of shape?  Prevention is always better than cure.
Introducing to you the one and only product that helps you to firm and tone your body up: 
Spa Fit by The Body Shop.

From left: Intensive Toning Concentrate, Skin Perfecting Toning Massage Oil, Smoothing Refining Body Scrub, Tea Tree Pore Minimiser, Toning Body Massager.

The Spa Fit formulas are packed with orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit oils. These super effective, super fragrant naturals smooth and soften your skin and revitalise your senses day after day. Also, 74% of women said their skin felt smoother. Smoothing & Refining Body Scrub (picture above) and Spa Fit Massager are used to stimulate and exfoliate on your arms, legs, thighs, hips and buttocks areas. To get the best result, try to run a cold shower over your legs from ankle to knee.

Toning Massage Oil is used on your legs, thighs, stomach and arms 

together with the Spa Fit Toning Concentrate to get the best result. 
Don't forget to jot down your before- after measurement to see the difference. I'm sure you'll be pleased to see the result. 

This summer, I've had 3 new things to add in my beauty check list already and I hope you found yours too!

Stay pretty always!