Crystal's Closet: Weekly Wardrobe (Ep16)

July 27, 2012 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

There are only few days left to wrap up everything for July, not sure about you but I'm already in the mood for celebration. I can't wait for it to end soon seriously. There were a lot of tear, hard work, pain, patience, encouragement, support and July. 

Everything, you name it! 

It has been so challenging that sometimes I felt like giving up. I couldn't handle it, I couldn't cope with it anymore. But I was wrong. I managed to go through every single challenge and stood still in the end. 

Now I feel like I was such a brave captain who successfully sailed my small boat through a vicious storm in the darkness to the beautiful island. Some friends ever asked me "What is your secret of keeping yourself so strong mentally". There is no secret actually, you just need to constantly remind yourself  "I'm strong. It's ok. I can do it! Things will be fine" everyday. Yes! It's a everyday reminder and I've been practicing that for years every time I have any problem. That inner voice will give you incredible strength to overcome anything in your life. Everyone of us will have choices. Some choose to say "No, I can't do it. I'm weak. I'm gonna loose, I'm gonna die" and that's what defines them as "Weakness". Subconsciously, it becomes their habit in dealing with problems. Habits will become characters, attitudes and so on. So, practice the good, positive energy and thinking everyday and let it change your life. 

Anyway, let me share with you my last week activity, it was pretty fun week I had. Nothing fancy besides spending time with people that I love and attending some memorable events. I was too busy last Monday and I couldn't have time for outfit photo taking. Sorry guys, gonna jump to Tuesday instead. 

I was walking down the street with Mr. Mustache in my favorite chiffon top and skinny pants. Who is "Mr. Mustache"? Oh, he is sitting on my hand lolz. Just kidding. It's actually the gold mustache ring from Accessorize and I love it. Not forget to mention the hair accessories, don't you notice? 

Get this look
Chiffon top: Theysken's Theory (similar)
Skinny pants: GUESS
Hair accessories: Forever21
Ring: The Extra

It was my nephew's 1st birthday. Time flies so fast! I still remembered when I first held him in my arms, he was so tiny and light. Look how big he is getting now and how adorable he is! I wish I could stay at home and hug him whole day, squeeze his fat butt and kiss on his cheeks until he gets mad, lolz.

On Wednesday, I was wearing simple and sleek outfit. Ballerina bare back top from River Island and fringe skirt from ZARA. Red accessories to enlighten the look.

Love this skirt! Whenever I walk or turn, the fringes on the skirt create such a big upward movement and it's so fun to watch. I feel like dancing everytime I wear this skirt.
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Top: River Island
Skirt: ZARA
Belt: Remo Tuliani (similar)
Accessories: Ooak (similar)

Rock the very sexy zip-up dress from H&M or it can be zipped down too. It's such an unique and versatile piece. But somehow, when I wore this skirt, I had the phobia if there is any pervert would pull my zipper down without me knowing it. So I was always on the alert at any guy who passed by or walked behind me, hahahaa. Perhaps I worried too much.
Get this look!
Zipped skirt: H&M
White shirt: Tommy Hilfiger
Accessories: The Extra
Belt: French Connection (similar)

Got my nails ready for the Singapore Blog Award ceremony. What do you think about this nail art design?

Outfit of the day: I was wearing Hi-low maxi dress and covered up with white denim cardigan. This pairing is perfect for work as well as for a casual dayout in weekend.
Get this look
Maxi dress: Gabriel Rocha (similar)
Denim Jacket: Forever21
Shoes: Forever21
Belt: Nasty Gal

Went for steamboat dinner with my colleagues. I haven't been eating steamboat for so long and I miss it. 

It's Singapore Blog Award ceremony day! I was so looking forward to this event for a month and so lucky to have many sponsors for my appearance on that date. Here I'm wearing the beautiful gown sponsored by Zardoze. Make up products by Victoria's Secret, crystal earrings by Swarovski

And this was how I looked last Saturday!

Photos in courtesy of Michael Lloyd. 
He was my "personal driver", photographer and guest, lolz. Talk about multi-tasking person. 
It was really fun event and I managed to meet up with some bloggers who I used to communicate via Twitter only. They are so friendly, so nice and cool. 

I and Andy Lee and his blog Sengkang Babies was also one of the top 10 finalists in "Family Blog"

I and Kevin at Double Image who also the winner of Best Gmarket Shopping Blog. Congratulation! :)

Me, myself and I with my lovely bare back. Photo in courtesy of Andy Lee. I love it!

Though my blog didn't win at this year Blog Award but I'm still very happy and proud to be one of the top 3 most voted blogs during the voting period. That support and love mean a lot to me than any title. Thank you so much for all the sponsors, voters, friends, supporter who have been voting and supporting my blog, you know you will not be disappointed everyday opening this website :) Something new is coming up! I can't promise anything yet but I'm sure it will be exciting. 

Talk about my very beautiful and special dress I wore that day, it's fully handmade by Zardoze, a high-end Singapore based brand that will be launched on 31st August. Their products are fully focused on hand crafted embellishments and high quality fabrics. All the details at the back of my dress were handmade too. Can you tell how much hardwork and patience needed? I'm sure there are tons. 

According to the company, their type of embellishment work is an art form in itself, inspired the name Zardoze, derived from the royal art form of gold embroidery. Each collection foretells an unique story, individually brought forward by their culturally diverse team of designers. I felt in love with all of their designs when I first looked into their lookbook. Amazing stuffs they have. 

Alternately, check'em out at their Website, join them on Facebook for their latest updates, events, and products launch. 

That's all about me! Will talk to you again soon in August :D