Best Fashion Blogger for NokiaLVK Challenge (part 2)

December 13, 2012 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

There are only 3 days left before the NokiaLVK Fashion Quest is over. Things are getting crazy. Everyone is trying to show what they do best and so do I. I've seen many mood boards from other bloggers and they are amazingly beautiful and inspiring.

55 of us from all over the world, only 1 winner will fly to London. Honestly, I'm hoping Nokia & Leila would pick my mood boards as I hear London is calling my name :p. Who doesn't want to be a winner of such big contest, I'm just being honest and thick-skinned here :p

Back to my mood board, I've created another 3 new ones so far and each of them is totally inspired by Leivankash Skullmania collection. I'm so excited to show you:

Notice on Leivankash's website banner? She uses black & blood red as main theme to feature her jewelry collections and I think these are the best two colors for edgy and gothic (sometimes even creepy) look yet still so stunning and eyes-catching. I love it!

And so it goes, my THE SKULL FASHION Stylebook:

My second Stylebook ROMANTIC SKULLMANIA is somehow different. It's sweet, it's romantic, sexy and magical inspired by the Skullmania Amethyst pieces. This is one of my favorite stylebooks so far. The amethyst skull earrings gave me so much inspiration and freedom to portray my feeling, creativity into this mood board. I find myself when I created this set as if the whole set is made just for me. It is my style!
Last stylebook is actually my outfits of the day (OOTD) paired up with Leivankash Skullmania collection. See what I got!
So far, I've created 5 different mood boards and I love all of them. What about you? Which stylebook or mood board do you like most? 3 days, only 3 days left. I'm so excited to know who will be the winner chosen by Leila and Nokia team. And of course, before ending this blog entry, I'm gonna say: Pick me, pick me, pick me, lolz....
 Pardon me, I'm just having fun! :D
 Will talk to you guys real soon.