Writing this blog entry reminds me of Spring season so much. I miss Spring time in Vietnam coz there is no Spring in Singapore, only rainy and sunny season :(. 

Spring a beautiful season of rebirth, renewal and regrowth. And when we talk about Spring, we MUST talk about flowers. Many kinds of flower blossom in Spring. That's also the reason why in many fashion designs for  Spring collection, you see flower prints, colorful dresses are always the main focus .

So, what about you? What are you wearing for Spring season?

I've just created few looks for Spring season on Polyvore website. Gonna show you some styles that I like.  Feel free to leave any comment, let me know which one is your favorite. And the best is, if you like what I style over here, you can simply click on the link to purchase the products. Best!

1. Spring Kiss.

Spring kiss!

In this look, I'm pairing The Harper Print Chiffon Asymmetrical Maxi Dress with some matching accessories like bangles, earring, bag and straw summer hat. I know some items are quite expensive to purchase here, but I'm sure you can find similar items else where, as long as it matches the color, style etc....

2. The magical power of Purple
The magical power or Purple!

People used to think Purple is such a old, dull color. It's hard to match with anything and it's not suitable for young girls. I don't think so. Purple is such a romantic, sensual and magical color that can go with any age. It's all about how you pair it up. Here, I'm choosing a bodycon floral printed dress with a purple belt, purple & blue clutch, purple blue shoes and some red accessories to match with the red flower on the dress. Look at how pretty the outfit is!

3. Green is Spring best friend

Green is Spring's best friend.

When I first looked at this dress, I was completely in love. It's so sweet, fresh and youthful. So here, I'm styling a Vintage look for this outfit with a big hat, green wedges, green bangles and vintage accessories. 

4. Bohemian Floral Girly Look.
Bohemian floral girly look!

Bohemian look is also one of the most favorite looks this Spring season. I love this floral strapless maxi dress, super flowy and light. Using opposite rule, I'm pairing  a pair of simple sandals and focusing more on accessories like bangles, big statement rings, earrings, necklace and headband. What do you think?

Do you like any of the look above? Leave me some comments to let me know what you think of these styles or if you want me to pair up any favorite items of yours i.e a skirt, jumpsuit, a short, blazer, dress or anything. 

Til then, see you guys in the next post. For now, here is the sneak peek of the next episode: "Crystal's Closet", can't wait to share it with you guys. Stay tuned to watch! 





Hey everyone!

It's TGIF! I hope you guys had a great day so far, time to shut down your laptop at work and head to dinner or party tonight. 

I have few events need to attend tonight, but unfortunately I just had my FOUR wisdom teeth removed this afternoon. So tonight, I'm going to just stay home and "enjoy" the pain :(. On the flip side of it, I have more times (7 days medical leave) to write my blog, do a new video tutorial or whatever I want. Think positively, nothing is better than people pay you to stay at home BEST! 

Anyway, I've uploaded a 3rd episode of Crystal's Closet which was completely shot, directed, edited by me. Amazing, huh? And I'm super excited to show to you guys. I've uploaded it few days ago on YouTube, so if you follow me on Twitter or YouTube, you've probably watched, but if you have not followed me yet, pleaseeeee

So, the 3rd episode of Crystal's Closet is about "Pairing a blazer". 

In those days, blazers were used to be blamed as "Boring", "Serious", "Formal" outfits which are only worn on the big days with big important events, meetings etc... We hardly thought blazer can be sexy, cheeky, playful & stylish looking. But now, that concept isn't appropriate anymore. We can wear a blazer almost everyday if we want to (*make sure you have few different blazers in your closet though, if you know what I mean). 

So yeah, I love blazers. I have at least 5-6 different styles in my closet and I was thinking "I don't want to wear a blazer with pants like others. I want to wear it with short or dress, can I?". I then started pairing up my blazer with most of the outfits in my closet. Amazingly enough, it worked perfectly well together, from a dress, circle skirt, short, maxi dress to a jumpsuit... Everything. So in this tutorial, I'm going to create 3 different looks from a blazer which are most commonly worn and preferred. 

Enjoy the video!

I'm sure there are many different ways to wear your blazer, you just gotta be creative and open up your mind to try out. Some certain looks are good for others might not be good on you. Just keep trying until you find your own style. 

I've got mine! What about you? Feel free to share with me your style in the comment section below or link me up to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram post, I would love sharing your unique style on my blog. 

For now, please take a look at some photos from the shoot.

1. The "Double- S" Look

Simple & Sophisticated it is! 

Super love these heels I got from Charles &Keith. Perfectly match with my GUESS dress too. 

This is how you style it. 

2. The "Forever21" Look 

I absolutely love this pairing. It's so convenient, especially on Friday night. With blazer on, you are professional at work, with the blazer off, you become a sexy party queen at night :D 

A belt is definitely a MUST have for this look, it gives a statement to the entire outfit. You can choose a contrasted colored belt or a shiny crystallized belt like mine. It works perfectly. 

Sequin earrings that have the same colors with the dress. 
For accessories, there are 2 rules to follow. Either you choose matching color earrings with what you are wearing or contrasted color accessories with the outfit. i.e black dress goes with red/ white earrings or vice versa.

The blazer I featured above is from ZARA, i love it. Super fitting, can you see?

Glam shoot of myself. 

3. The "Chic- Girl" Look. 

I called it The Chic Girl look because this look makes you look so young, dynamic, energetic and sexy too. 

Here is my long necklace with... Crystal. Yes, I know, you see me every where in your life. :D

Pair it up with short shorts to show your legs. However, this look is only suitable for the girls who have long, nice, hairless and firm legs. Mine is not long but firm and hairless (thanks to 10 years of dancing). If you have big, hairy legs and countless scars on your legs, work on that first before rocking this look. You want a guy to say "WOW" instead of "EWWW" when they first meet up, don't you? I'm just being honest, no offense. 

Multi-colored metal earrings, from Forever21. 

And that's it for today's post, I hope you enjoy my video also my blog post. Again, if you have any cool idea you want to share, drop me a comment below. 

Stay Sexy, Healthy and Keep Rocking a blazer.