This summer, one of the most popular trends in fashion industry is colorblocking. From the runway, on the streets, at the shopping centers, everywhere we see the bright & bold colors running around.

I used to hate striking colors like neon, yellow, purple, orange...because i thought they are too bright, too hot to wear for summer. I didn't like people staring at me on the street because of what I wore, those colors would not compliment my skin color at all and many other reasons. But somehow, I've changed my mind.

I don't know why and how I end up having more bright colors outfits in my closet and I'm loving it. I used to dress up often according to my mood. When I'm happy, I usually choose to wear bright and fun color outfits. It gives me alot of energy, enthusiasm, positive and happy feeling for some reasons. But when I'm down, naturally I will not care much about what I wear, what color is it, I'll come back to the brown, black, grey, dark blue kinda colors outfits. That's not really good because the dull colors can make myself feel even worse so I tried to have less dull colors in my wardrobe as much as possible and filled it up with some happy, fun colors.

Basically, color-blocking is about mixing and matching two to three pop, bold, bright colors at the same time to create a contrast yet complementary color outfit. I've done some interesting pairings on my youtube. Perhaps, for those who have never tried or worn color-blocking before, you'll have an idea of how to start it.

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Besides pairing of my own outfits, I've created a lookbook about this Color-blocking trend. These are basically my favorite outfits on Polyvore website.

Style 1: Similar color blocking
Rock that color-blocking dress. Rule 1: Similar colors

One of the simple rules to pair color-blocking outfit is Similar colors. Basically, they are adjacent on the color wheel such as: blue - green, pink- purple, orange- pink etc...Here I picked the lipsy peacock two tones dress and paired up with Jessica Simpson pumps. It's perfect for dinner, party, prom...and guess how much do they cost? Dress is £19 and shoes is $99. Click on the photo to buy it if you would love too.

Style2: T- Colors Blocking
The colors usually form T-shape on the color wheel like yellow, purple, orange. I love playing with purple-orange mix & match because I find it's so sensual, sexy and elegant. 
She's the one!

In this look, I paired silk purple blouse with lightweight jean from Net-a-porter. Accessories: purple belt, purple watch and ring to match with the shirt and orange earrings, pumps to match with the jean.

Not only me but also many celebrities are in love with this style too. Name it!

Kristen Cavillari, Cheryl Cole, Jennifer Hudson, Kim Kardashian on orange and purple outfits. Summer just gets even hotter!

Style3: Neutral and Complementary Combo
Neon power

All the time, I love neon pumps but this color is kinda picky to wear. Not everyone can rock neon pumps and not every color can go with neon. Pink would be its best match. So I decided to pair up the neutral color-blocking pink-grey peplum dress with neon accessories: shoes, bangles, earrings, etc...Obviously, it makes the entire outfit become so different and so "Wow".

Sometimes, just a small detail can make a big difference in the outfit. Let the colors play a part and experiment the new look in you. Who knows you will become a big fan of color-blocking after that? But make sure, you need to know what colors work best for you, your skin tone, hair color, etc..and learn how to play with single colors one at a time. The most important thing is you MUST feel good and confident in whatever you are wearing. Know your body well.

Color-blocking is easy and fun to play with and is suitable for any body type, age but like I said in the video, it's not gonna work if you don't have the confidence and personality to pull it off. So, let just try it and let me know how it turns out.

I hope you will like it like I do.
Good luck!




YES! This year Singapore Blog Award is back again, louder and stronger. I am very proud and honored to be one of the top 10 finalists of Singapore Best Fashion Blog category. I had an E- interview with right at the beginning of voting period. Hopefully, you can have a better and closer look at my blog, something you might not know about. ;)

1. How do you feel about being one of finalists in Singapore Blog Award 2012?
Absolutely happy, very honored and very exciting. Being one of finalists also gives me a lot of motivation, encouragement and also challenge to blog better, harder, try to be up to date, useful and inspirational blog for my readers. I'm very proud of being one of the 10 finalists.

2. When did you start blogging and what drew you to it? Where do you get inspiration for your blog content?

I started blogging in 2006 mainly about my daily life, relationship, motivational stories and my passion in dancing. Only until November 2011, I started blogging about fashion simply because many of my friends encouraged me to do it. They said "You have good fashion sense, you should blog about it and share with people". So I did and every time I shared a photo of my daily outfit, there are many people liked it.

I get inspiration from many random stuffs in life and from my readers too.  But there is one thing I have to say is I'm pretty much influenced by dancing. And I make my own dance costumes, so it's not very difficult to relate to daily fashion.

3. How do you feel about the other finalists in your category this year? How do you think you will fare compared to them.

I've read their blogs all actually and I can say they are very strong, experienced and pretty popular while I'm like a new kid on the block *laugh*. Some bloggers even have 10,000 to 80,000 followers on their social network so they will have a great support and stand a very good chance to win. However, I think my blog is strong too in terms of content and layout and it's very different from others. It's purely my own fashion style in my daily life. I create different looks for different days, which accessories should go with which outfit, how to have DIY (do-it-yourself) fashion, etc...on my blog or even on my Youtube channel. I think that is more personal and useful to my readers. Whoever read my blog can expect something simple, easy to achieve. At the end of the day, my message to my readers is "You don't have to carry a Dior dress, Louis Vuitton bag, Christian Louboutin shoes to be stylist or classy. It's the matter of how you wear your outfit".

4. Give a reason why readers should visit your blog and vote for you? 

Even though I started blogging about fashion not long ago (6 months since Nov 2011) but I'm very happy with what I have achieved so far. Being selected as finalist of Singapore Best Fashion Blog this year and being featured on Polyvore's Editorial Blog (It's one of the most popular fashion community websites) are my great achievement, encouragement and motivation so far.  That's the solid reason why you should read my blog
Besides, I love inspiring people and making them feel confident, beautiful and I am delivering that message through my blog. As professional Latin dance instructor for more than 10 years, I have trained many people to look good and to feel good about themselves and I feel motivated every time I see their improvement. I guess, that makes people come back to read my blog because they find it  useful and interesting. Plus, I'm a super friendly person to talk to *big smile*.

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Thank you so much for those who have and have been voting for me from the start. I don't know how to express my love, happiness and appreciation toward you guys. You are my truly inspiration and motivation.

Btw, in case you don't know, Voters will get chance to win some prizes too. Check it out HERE
Thank you! Voting will end on 30 June so we will have 1 month to fight for the trophy. Let's do it!!!!




Sponsored event

What is a Good Life to you? Having a lot of money, nice car, nice house, eating nice foods everyday, traveling to different places at first class ticket, considered good life? Well, I agree to certain extent.
But that sounds like a dream to me more than a reality (at the moment). In many years to come, I dream to have a comfortable life like that.

But what I am talking right now is Reality. When your average monthly income is around $3000 - $5000/ month, what is a Good Life to you?

Anyway, to cut the long story short, I'm gonna share with you something interesting that can make your life more eventful, joyful and beautiful. This something is called:

It's an iPhone application by Standard Chartered Bank: The Good Life! 

I and Mike were invited by Standard Chartered Bank to their special dinner last week to experience their special product. Now, after browsing through their apps, I think I'm sold and I'm jealous. Why my banks applications are not like that? -_- . I feel like I'm going to apply for Standard Chartered Credit Card next week already. And no, they are NOT freaking giving me $500 or $1000 cash for signing up in return for this blog post, I'm going to apply for their credit card just to use this amazing app. I'm going to tell you why now.

But first and foremost, I will feel guilty if I don't talk about the awesome dinner that I went. Thank to you, the Standard Chartered Bank (a.ka SCB) team for having me at your event. It was an exquisite dinner specially prepared by the award-culinary team of Stellar @ 1- Attitude. It sounded so inviting already and I couldn't say No when I received an email from Wild Interactive.

When we arrived at the event, everyone from SCB was so friendly, warm welcoming us. We were seated at the best seats, at the middle row,  right next to the big window looking at Singapore skyline. 

The view is spectacular. Took this photo by my iPhone. 

Many other bloggers were in the room too with SCB team, we talked, we drank, we ate. It felt like a family dinner rather than a formal event dinner.

One of the yummy foods served on that night. I will surely come back again another time to enjoy more the foods here. 

I and Clara took a photo together. It was a first time we officially met. 

After dinner, we were invited to go to 1- Altitude at rooftop for a drink and social networking. 

Guess who is this handsome man "flirting" to me? ;)

Honestly, I enjoyed the event more than I thought I could. The people were nice, foods were awesome, atmosphere was fantastic. But all of the above, the product they introduced is amazing. 

So, what's so good about Standard Chartered The Good Life app?

1. It's the most downloaded application on iTunes- Finance category. 

2. It has more than 1000 exciting dining, lifestyle, shopping, travelling deals for their cardholders. Something like this:

3. Something FREE on every Monday. So, don't worry if you have Monday blue, The Good life will make it pink for you. 

4. The application is so smart, it helps us to find any deal available near by us. Tell me, which app could do this? 

5. You don't have to hunt for good deals, The Good Life will notify you. I know, Life is getting easier isn't it?

6. You can order the foods from application once you are at the restaurant. We did it on the event dinner, it was pretty awesome. 

7. Share your favorite deals with your best friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, family member through social networking like Twitter, Facebook, Email, SMS. 

8. Unlike other deals only give us 10%, The Good Life finds for us up to 50% OFF total bill or 1 for 1 deals. What could you ask for more?

9. Application is so user friendly and fast loading. You don't waste your time. 

10. It's FREE on itunes app store. 

I've shown you 10 reasons why you should download The Good Life application NOW. If you are already using SCB cards, congrat! You can enjoy your good life immediately. 

For me, I'm going to call the bank tomorrow to apply. Excited! :D

I'm gonna end my blog entry with a question that I asked you earlier: "What is a good life to you?". 
Now, I hope you've found the answer ;)

P/s: Thank you once again Wild Interactive & Standard Chartered Bank for having me at the event. Thank you for creating such a great application for us. 




Hey guys, I have a HUGE announcement to make! 

This year, I'm very honored to be one of the 10 finalists in the Best Fashion Blog category of Singapore Blog Award. It's a very big surprise to me because I didn't expect myself to be in the final at all. Look at many other nominated fashion bloggers, they are all very good so I decided to join just for fun. But I didn't just stop there. Well, thank you so much for encouraging me to follow my passion in fashion and for selecting me to be part of the award. Now, all I need is YOUR VOTE

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Now, back to our weekly wardrobe episode again, I have few new clothes that I would love to share with you.

You know this year Spring and Summer season, fashion is crazy about floral prints, pastel colors and all. I'm so in the mood for those light and sweet colors, print outfits. Got this floral print top and white trousers from ZARA on Saturday before last week, I couldn't wait any longer to try it on and I love how it made me feel. Super cool, feminine and sweet!

If you would love to check out the actual items, visit Zara's website


Another outfit from Zara. I must say, I've become ZARA addict. I love most of their collection because they are so creative, sexy and elegant. I bought this tulip skirt at the same time I bought the 2 items above. The white ruffle-collar shirt is from ZARA too which I bought long time ago.

Anyway, ZARA is love. When you start wearing their stuff, you'll get addicted like I do.

Oh, fyi, the shoes are not from ZARA. They are from GUESS which were bought by Mike :D


When my wardrobe starts running low, I need to be creative to create a new look. So this outfit is about layering my 3 different old pieces, a circle skirt, a tank top and a butterfly cardigan. One important tip to share, when layering your outfit, you need some signature accessories like belt, necklaces to go along etc.... I find it useful most of the time because it can change the outfit into the entire new look. Like how I styled it here, without the black belt, the entire look could have been be a disaster.

Attempting H&M! I got this cute red dress when I was in Hongkong in July last year and I only wore it once ever since. It's not because I don't like it, but somehow, I don't wear it very often. And later on when I have a bunch of color-blocking belts, I then slowly try them with old dresses of mine. This is one of them.

Super love these blue wedges from ZARA because it's soooo comfortable! 


Forever21 baby! I paired the one shoulder chiffon dress with white denim jacket, both are from Forever21 and are new. 

I even managed to create a Lookbook for you and if you would like to buy the item, simply click at the link below. 

I love Spring


I went to attend the Canon Blogger Workshop organized by Canon & the Audi Fashion Festival in Orchard. It was an interesting event which I had a chance to listen to some story and experiences sharing sessions from celebrity photographer, fashion photographer, bloggers locally and internationally. I felt so inspired and I talked to myself, I will make it there one day. Yes! Always chase for your dream!

I and Russell James, international photographer at the event. 

And that event also ended up my whole busy working week. Mike came to pick me up after that and we went for lunch, went for a walk, had a drink at Clarke Quay. It was so relaxing and happy! 

That's how my week went. How about yours? Do share with me your favorite moment of the week or any fashion tips, trick at the comment section below.

I'll talk to you soon.