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Crystal's Closet: Bright and Bold.

January 14, 2013 Crystal Phuong 1 Comments

Hi everyone,
Happy brand new week to you!

There is one thing I always like to do on Monday is to wear something really bright and bold. Why? There is a reason for it. I'm not sure about you but I believe in such thing called Chromotherapy in our daily life.

I like to apply color therapy especially when it comes to fashion  i.e what color will make me feel relaxed, which color gives me more energy, motivation and what color will make me feel moody etc... As such, I always wear bright and vibrant color on Monday. 

Very often you hear many people say "Blue Monday" when they feel lazy, demotivated, stressful, moody on the first day of the week after a long weekend. I'm not an exception. I do feel blue sometimes, and that's why I like to wear red, fuchsia, make myself more energetic, optimistic and motivated. And realistically, those warm colors do make an impact on how I feel in a day. Whenever I look at myself into the mirror, I see something bright, vibrant, fun on me. It gives me the positiveness and washes all the negativeness away...Today outfit is an example: 

Orange bodycon dress, orange pointy-toe wedges, orange bag. Don't you feel fun looking at those bright colors on the street?

 Orange accessories with some black details on dress to neutral my outfit so that it won't go "overflow"

Bodycon dress: Crystal's Closet (Similar here)
Accessories: Forever21 bangle - Swarovski watch - Forever21 ring (Similar here)

Have you ever applied any color therapy in your outfit? What color do you have most in your closet? If you have too much black, grey, brown, olive, etc...time to get some sunshine colors to brighten up your  closet. If you are not used to vibrant colors just yet, take one color at a time and pair it up with neutral colors like black, white, beige until you are completely comfortable. Let's see if you feel any difference by then. *wink*

And Oh, don't forget to share with me what is your experiment here. Good things meant to be shared. 
Stay sexy and good Luck!

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  1. GORGEOUS, Crystal. LOVE the orange.