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January 06, 2013 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Happy Sunday everyone!

The weather is just so perfect today, it's bright and sunny. Mike and I just went for quick shopping after his acupuncture treatment at Mr. Kuo's clinic. I bought another pair of jeans and shorts today at Cotton On (bought 2 pairs yesterday at ZARA though). I don't know why but recently I love buying skinny printed jeans in loud and bright colors. Will show you in one of my coming OOTD (outfit of the day) posts. 

Mike is so helpful today. He took all of my outfit photos which you are seeing below and they all are so nice. I love it! I know he hates doing this stuff: taking my photos everyday, dealing with the complicated DSLR camera, finding the right angle, right pose and in fact not many guys love doing it unless they are professional photographer. And so they always complain "Why you are so troublesome", "Why do you have to take photos every time, everywhere you go", "Why are you so obsessed of yourself" and bla bla bla....Well, the simple answer is: We are Fashion Bloggers and we commit to our work. So please, don't complain and just be helpful by pressing the damn shuttle button, lolz...

Thank God that my boyfriend is not the type who always complains or even if he does, he doesn't show it to me and he still helps me with photo taking. Having our outfit photo taken is usually one of the toughest challenges for us as a fashion blogger. I wish I could have a personal photographer when I do this full time.

Back to today outfit, I'm so excited to show you what I'm wearing today. It's a simple outfit indeed for a weekend with cotton T-shirt, floral shorts and some accessories. But with good camera, good lighting and a good cameraman, everything can look incredibly pretty.

Are you saying "WOW" right now? I know right! The photos look pretty and my outfit details are beautiful captured. Couldn't be happier when I looked at how the photos turned out on the big screen :).

 ::Outfit details::

Cotton T-shirt: COTTON ON. They are having Sales at 2 for S$30 so please go and grab some. 
Floral shorts: ASOS- (Similar here)
Shoes: Dolce Vita 
Bag: Coach- 
Sunglasses: Coach. -(similar here )
Accessories: ASOS rings - Lane Bryan Belt - ASOS bracelets

Thank you so much for reading and hope you have a nice weekend. 
Talk to you soon!