Crystal's Closet: Keep Calm and Dress Up Cool!

January 31, 2013 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Hi everyone! 

Don't you realize that January is ending very soon? The first month of 2013 was gone just like that. Where did my month go? It seems our time is getting shorter and our life speed is getting faster and faster everyday. Sometimes, we are too busy to chase for things and are swept away by all the stress, worry, problems in life. We never have time for our self to relax, enjoy what we are having. 

In fact, I was driven crazily last month and this month due to my work load, commitments and targets. I felt so stressful in beginning of the month that I couldn't have good sleep for few days. Sometimes, I wish January could last a bit longer. On the other hand, I wish it could end really soon so I could call it a month and relax. Anyway, I'm almost there. *counting down*.

Back to my outfit of the day, I decided to put on the "Relax" sweater which I bought a while ago and layered it with a floral shirt underneath. In fact, Sweater- Shirt- Jeans pairing is very popular trend that is favored by many fashion bloggers and I'm not an exception. I find it so effortlessly stylish and cool yet comfortable and relaxing. 

 Unique location for our photoshoot today :D

 Accessories are always a MUST but don't go overflow. A fancy arm-candy and simple necklace would do the job.

Floral shirt: Brooks Brothers
Colorblocked sweater: Forever21
Heels: Jessica Simpson 
Accessories: Forever21 bracelet- 
Alexander McQueen Skull Bracelet- 
Crystal's Closet leaf necklace.

How do you find this outfit? I know Singapore weather is too hot to wear this but you can always find very light material shirts and sweaters every where. I love this outfit and I'm going to rock it again when I'm in Vietnam next week. 

I hope you enjoyed some fun photos we took today. Thank you so much for reading my blog and always remember: RELAX!