Crystal's Closet: Spring from my balcony!

February 17, 2013 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Hi everyone!

It's so sad that my holiday in Vietnam is ending very soon and I'm still not getting enough of it yet. It's so peaceful and relaxing to live in here but then I realize: it's time to get back to work, to the busy life and to start everything fresh again. I hope you've had great Lunar New Year & Valentine celebration with your loved ones. 

Today, the location for my outfit of the day shoot is very special: on my living room balcony at night. While I was having trouble to find a decent place in my living room (with bright lighting) for a quick photo-shoot, my dad came to offer me a help. He suggested to have all the photos taken at the balcony area which is also his most favorite place for chilling everyday. To my surprise, he even offered to be my photographer :D. It took me 15 minutes to explain & show him how to use my camera features, where are the zooms, what type of photos I wanted to achieve. Because Daddy's eyesight is not very good and it's difficult for him to keep his hands steady or perhaps my camera is pretty complicated for him to use, thus, some photos turn out to be quite blurry. But I still decided to upload all photos up because I love all of them. It's so sweet of my dad indeed!

Here are my dad's pieces of art! :D

Layering my polka dot shirt with sweaters and a bib statement necklace. 

I can't go a day without an armcandy. 

Wedges sneakers are the new obsession. They are so comfortable to wear and so chic. 

Beige pants: Michael Kors
Polka dot shirt: G2000 (Similar here)
Sweaters: ZARA (Similar here and here)
Wedges Sneakers: Blink (Other colors blue, black purple, brown, brown-yellow)
Accessories: Forever21 necklace- Forever21 spike bracelet

I love how supportive my family is even though sometimes they don't understand what I'm doing, why I'm weirdly taking a photo of my hand, my feet, my butt instead of my face :D, they just help and support me. 
I hope you love the photos my daddy took and sorry if they are not clear enough. No matter what, these are still my most memorable and favorite photos because not everyday I can ask my dad to take pictures for me.  Perhaps, it's once a year only!

Thank you for reading my blog and don't forget to click onto the links of "Outfit" items that I featured above, you may find something you love there ;)
Stay chic!