Crystal's Closet: How to wear a jumpsuit

April 22, 2013 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Hi everyone,

Today, I'm going to share with you some of my personal styling tips when it comes to the all-in-one outfit. It's none other than the jumpsuit that I'm talking about. 

 Do you know when did the jumpsuit make an appearance in common and high fashion? It's somewhere around 19080s. Since then, it's been always one of the most favorite outfits of many celebrities whether for casual occasion or red-carpet appearance. 

I fell in love with jumpsuit since I was 6 years old and I can still remember that I asked my mom to buy for me many different types of jumpsuit whenever we went shopping. Now, I can't wear it everyday like I used to even though the love for it has never changed. I have to say jumpsuit is such a sophisticated, sexy and picky piece. Many people love it but not everyone can pull it off. 

If you are in love with jumpsuit and want to try it on yourself, here are some rules for you

1. Go for All Black. 

Black is the safest choice for everyone especially when you try to hide your actual weight and body size, it gives you an instant slimming effect, trust me.

2. Proportion is a key:

With jumpsuit, you can cover your weakness on the body. For instant, if you have beautiful legs but a big tummy (unfortunately), opt for a slouchy top with slim fit legs. Want to add on extra hotness? Plunging neckline would be my recommendation (*same like what I'm wearing here). On the other side, if you have broad shoulder, find the jumpsuit whose pants are wide leg and flowing.

3. Less is More.
Keep everything else simple as jumpsuit is already a statement piece itself. And please don't add too many colors into it. It will not work.

4. Let your waist speak! 
If your jumpsuit doesn't have a drawstring midsection, a belt is a MUST to flatter your body figure. Like what I was wearing here is a medium size silver belt and even I was wearing a lose jumpsuit, my waist didn't get lost :D

Jumpsuit: Oasap (Similar here and here)
Heels: Jessica Simpson 
Accessories: Forever21 bracelet- 
Alexander McQueen Skull Bracelet
ASOS ring- Forever21 necklace
Sunglasses: RayBan
Belt: ForeverNew

These are my most simple and standard rules to wear the jumpsuit outfit.  After all, if you love wearing it so much but are still reluctant and hesitate to wear,  I would say "Just try it but don't forget to layer the jumpsuit with a blazer to make it look more subtle. It works like wonder!"

I hope you like this fun outfit and please leave me comment, Tweet me or Instagram me a photo of you wearing a jumpsuit, I would love to see how you wear it :)

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Thank you so much for reading once again.