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Hi everyone,

As some of you already knew, most of my nail arts designs are done by Celine Lo's Creation. Read my first blog entry about their service here.
Thank to them, for the past 1 year, I've never had to leave my nails "naked" every time I go out for events, party, or show. The funny thing is: my nails always have people's attention first before I do simply because every conversation starts with a handshake. When people try to shake my hand, they can't help but look at my bling bling nails.

To be honest, I'm a picky person and I don't accept ANY sponsorship just because it's FREE. I would rather pay money to get what I love than have it for free and I hate it afterward. So after 6 months being their customer, I finally started the sponsorship with Celine Lo's Creations with joy.

Why do I love their service so much?

Look at their works and you'll know why. These are all the nail art designs they did for me past 5 months.

From Christmas nail art design

 to New Year 

to Chinese New Year nail art

and Nail art for Spring/ Summer

Celine is doing her thang...

 All these beautiful seasonal creations were done by Celine. She is such a creative and talented woman. Everytime I went to her, I just roughly told her what I wanted (*sometimes, I didn't even know what I wanted) and she just created something that went beyond my expectation. The purple nail arts above is an example.

What do you think about my nails? Do you want to try at least once? Here is the sweet treat especially for you, my lovely blog readers.

QUOTE "CRYSTAL88" to enjoy full set hard/soft gel manicure with full art (like what I'm having here) at only S$88 (Normal price is S$130- S$150). Promotion is valid til 25th May 2013. 

I'm not over-complimenting them but even with their normal price, Celine's gelish nail art price is still so much lower than other nail salons. At least, she didn't charge you on every single crystal on your nail like other salons do.

HURRY UP! This is one of the best offer that you don't want to miss. SMS 9181 2799 and quote "Crystal88" when making an appointment.

There are so many other beautiful designs she created, simple go to her Facebook page, follow her on Instagram and check out the Website for daily nail art update. I'm sure you can find some designs for yourself.

Good luck!