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Hi everyone,

If you can still remember the first blog entry I wrote for Glossi Eyewear to share the business women look, you can probably guess what I'm about to share next especially with a big sunglasses "sitting" on top of somewhere in the middle of the blue sky that gives you a big impression from the first look. Well, I hope!

You got it!

The semi- casual look is what I'm going to share with you. But first and foremost, please allow me to give huge credits to my team of 3 pretty girls: Alicia Toh, Sherlene Cheng & Faith Chua who helped me to finish this photoshoot at 12.30pm on sunny Saturday on the rooftop. Look where did I stand to have this photo taken?

On the edge of urban rooftop building!!!!

 I don't know where did I find so much courage to do this but there is one thing I'm pretty sure is that I never regret doing it. Thank to many years in modeling that give me experience to do so. 

Doing a photoshoot under the sun at 12pm on the rooftop wasn't easy especially with no shelter at all but I had my life saver with me: Glossi sunglasses. 

Unlike an ordinal pair of sunglasses, Glossi frames are made of a strong, flexible nylon compound that is glossy, super light weight, durable and comfortable to wear. The frame front is hand-stitched to the top bar of a different color using nylon string. This dual color combination creates a third visual dimension to the eyewear with unique see-through overlapping color effects at the top bar. 

Besides the special material, I absolutely love how the glasses fit my face perfectly without having to adjust anything. 

Exclusive coating technique applied to create reflective frame-front with patterns, giving a unique design which no other eyewear has. 

Every time wearing Glossi out, I never fail to get the attention from people whom are attracted to the shine and stylishness of the glasses. 

Aren't you attracted to my shiny sunglasses too?

Glossy sunglasses with glossy heels. They seem to make a perfect match!

If grey isn't your choice, there are still many different colors and patterns available at Nanyang Optical store. All you need to do is to visit Glossi website  to find your favorite eyewear and follow them on Facebook to get their latest update. 

Thank you so much for reading! Please do come back this blog again as I'll share with you another new look with the same pair of glasses. I know you'll love it! 

P/s: This blog entry is proudly sponsored by Nanyang Optical and as one of the requirements for Singapore Blog Award 2013. My blog is in Top 10 of Best Fashion Blog , Glossi Best Modeling Blog and is waiting for your support.  Please VOTE FOR ME! Click HERE to find out how to vote. 

Blazer: ZARA - Similar here
Jeans: Levi's 501 
Blouse: ZARA - Similar here
Heels: Aldo - Similar here
Accessories: Glossi sunglasses- 
Aldo necklace (Similar here) - Forever 21 bracelet (old)- Similar here