July 10, 2013 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

My second day in Taipei started at 8am. It's considered pretty early after all night long shopping at night market. I was told that second day in Taipei was going to be full day of sightseeing, hotspring and it's said that Taipei has so many picturesque and beautiful scenery, I thought it's definitely worth the sleeplessness. I wasn't disappointed. 

We arrived at the Taipeil Railway station for breakfast, hopped onto a bus after that and headed to Erziping Trail in Yangmingshan. 

Located between the main peak of Mt. Datun and Mt. Erzi, Erziping Trail was built a long a volcano-tectonic depression in Yangmingshan and ranked as the country's top 10 scenic trail.

 The approximately 2-kilometer trail seemed to be shorter when we were entertained by the beautiful nature and scenery along the way but that's not all yet. What greeted us at the end was way better than I expected to see. 

I lost my words when I looked at this beautiful scenery. I thought I just entered into a wonderland or a dream that I would never want to exit. 

The photos aren't good enough to show you how beautiful Erziping is. I started feeling a little jealous with Taiwanese for living in such an amazing wonderland, weather and nature.  That explains why their skin looks so much healthier and smoothier. Knowing that there's no way I could bring this nature wonder back to Singapore, I just had to grab this opportunity to take as many photos as possible. 

These outfit photos, thus, become very special and unique. 

I was on my most casual outfit ever, ombre denim vest on denim shorts and flat sandals. It's comfortable and effortlessly chic. 

I'm not so sure how soon I would re-visit Taipei but this is definitely my ideal get away place. I found so much inspiration when I was in Taipei, the nature, the people, building, color and life. There were so much for me to take all in during 4 days I was there. 

Ending my day 2 with the one hour private hot spring, it made me fell amazingly alive again after one long tiring day walking around. I could start everything all over again. 

On the 3rd day, I went to visit the magnificent Taipei 101 and I can't wait to share with you what I've experienced. 

Stay tuned to the next blog post.