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Hi everyone, 

I bet many of you have already seen this on TV as it has been aired 4 times since last week. To those who really made time to stay at home to watch, thank you so much. Honestly, I didn't expect there would be many people watching as I thought this was just a short documentary TV show, nothing was interesting. Only after many people told me that they watched my TV show, I knew I was wrong. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

In fact, this wasn't my first time acting with Mediacorp. The first drama I did with them in 2011 was Point of Entry as supporting role in one of the episodes in season 2. Surprisingly, the highest-rated one hour drama did not give me as many compliments as the 30 minutes TV show did. I received so many positive feedback from my friends, my clients and my fans about how natural my acting skill was, how well I acted...That really means a lot to me!  

In Point of Entry, I acted as a Vietnamese prostitute, whereas in Crime Watch, I played as a mama-san (commonly used to describe a woman who manages the female workers in bars and brothels). In a way, I got promoted in my job.

 Shooting Crime Watch was much easier and faster than shooting for Point of Entry. I managed to remember the script faster and I only had to retake 3 times for each scene. The only problem was I had to speak in the Vietnamese language throughout the show, specifically in the Southern accent (Ho Chi Minh). This might sound weird but for a girl who is originally from the North (Hanoi) and has been living abroad for almost 10 years, this was, indeed a challenge. So, my dear Vietnamese friends and fans, please pardon me if I didn't sound like a Ho Chi Minh girl in the show. 

Now, here are some "Behind the scenes" photos I would like to share with you, I know you wanted to see this. 

Getting hair and makeup done at 6am at Mediacorp make-up unit as our shoot started at 7am sharp. 

First day at the shoot. 

Shoes, bags, sunglasses are mine. Clothes are from Mediacorp. 

Photo bombing with the crew. I was so happy to see the same old people that I worked with during Point of Entry time. 

This camera was so much heavier than I thought. Salute the cameraman! 

I know how it feels to have your hands handcuffed. 

How could a mama-san look so cute like that? :D

Finally, here is the video that you all have been waiting and asking me for. 


Part 1
Part 2 

Please watch and let me know what you think in the comment section below. 

Thank you so much for watching and reading my blog. 

Enough with actress job, I'll be back as your favorite fashion blogger in the next blog entry.