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Are you (just like me) tired of all the commercial soaps that contain a large amount of chemicals that we can hardly remember all their names? Do you concern about you and your family health, skin problems might cause by those soaps especially when you have sensitive skin? If the answers are YES, then I suggest you should spend time reading this blog entry because I’m about to share with you about something GREAT!

Introducing to you, Nature's Spa skincare products brought to you by Origo Creation and yours truly on this blog.

Nature's Spa is the skincare brand manufactured in the Philippines, using the finest ingredients from nature aiming to bring you the best natural products that are safe for both baby and adult's sensitive skin.

I visited Origo Creation store last month in Chinatown point and brought a bunch of products back home to try out.

Aromatherapy soaps, aromatherapy diffuser and the therapy soap. 

There were so many different types of soaps displayed in the store, and I really had a hard time picking the one that I liked most. Citrus, Chamomile, Jasmine, Lavender, Peppermint, Acne, Sports Bar for Men, Sports Bar for Women, Shampoo Bar, Shea Butter, Seaweed Slimming, Skin Lightening, AHA, Green Tea, Lemongrass, Papaya, Coconut Oil, Baby. Knowing myself that I'm not very adventurous when it comes to new fragrances, I always end up going back to the scent that I'm familiar with. At last, I chose four different aromatherapy soaps: Green tea, papaya, lavender and lemongrass soaps and one aroma diffuser.
Now, are you ready for some honest reviews from me? 

First, let's talk about some aromatherapy soaps! 

While Green tea and Lavender soap have a calm and soothing effect,  Lemongrass is meant to soften and moisturize your skin, and Papaya soap helps to control premature aging skin. Chamomile and peppermint work perfectly well for those who have red and itchy skin as they instantly soothe and calm the skin.

I love the fact that these fine handcrafted soaps made from the old-fashioned way from all the natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide, water essential oils, oat meals, TEDTA and BHT. It reminds me of my childhood seeing my grandmother making all these soaps for us to use. The natural soaps have become part of my life and can't be replaced easily by any expensive shower gels in the market. Unlike the commercial soap bars, these soap bars stay as one piece even after a few washes. They don’t turn yucky or “melt”.

I've been using all the soaps for the past month, and I couldn't find anything to complain about.  I love how the soaps make my skin so moisturized, so soft, clean and so refreshing. It does not leave any sticky feeling on my skin and the smells last for hours.

To me, bath time is an important time in a day. That's when I can have peaceful time for myself to relax and relief tension. It's my own private space to take some time to unwind and recharge. That explains why I purposely chose Lavender soap to reduce anxiety, stress, tension and Lemongrass with healing agents for my everyday need.

Taking a bath can never be so much fun like that. 

Besides the aromatherapy soaps, I was also given a special Therapy Soap "No Pain" to try out as I was telling to Origo Creation how painful my neck and shoulders are recently. It was caused by many heavy stuff that I have to carry when I'm out and about. The staff at Origo Creation then helped to apply a small amount onto my neck and shoulder area. I might sound a bit exaggerating, but I couldn't find any other word more appropriate than MAGICAL. 
This No Pain product did really stop my pain immediately 10 minutes after it's applied. No joke! The product with ginger and peppermint essential oils are excellent for shoulder ache, joint paints, (my real experience) as well as muscle cramps, stomach ache, nasal congestion, and headache. This is definitely my recommended product at Origo Creation. A MUST HAVE product for an emergency.

It will be a big mistake if we do not mention about aroma diffuser when talking about aromatherapy products. Like aromatherapy soaps, there are many different fragrances offered in the store that make it so difficult for buyers to control their budget. I just wanted to bring all of them home. In fact, the aroma diffuser is giving my room such a refreshing smell right now when I'm writing this blog entry. :D

Nothing beats coming home to a wonderful, refreshing, organic smell from every corner in the house; that's the reason why I always love buying many reed diffusers to use at home. Nature’s Spa has five variants all together: Believe, Wisdom, Faith, Eden, and Chosen. Nature’s Spa reed diffusers last for quite a long while, even more than a month, comparing to the expensive ones in the market. If your room is big, place five sticks at one time. For a smaller room, three reeds would be good enough. Don’t forget to change the reeds so that the diffuser can last even longer.

For more information about Nature's Spa skincare products, please visit: Origo Creation website and follow them on Facebook to get more updates.

Visit their stores at:
  • International Plaza
10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #02-87, Singapore 079903.
  • Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #01-17, Singapore 238896.
  • Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road, Chinatown Point, #01-37, Singapore 059413
  • The Adelphi,
1 Coleman Street #04-50 Singapore 179803

If you truly love Nature, You'll love Origo Creation. To add more love and excitement in this blog entry, I’m so happy to share with you that Origo Creation is happy to give you (my awesome blog readers 15% OFF on ALL regular items in store (except for tea, accessories, supplements and CD). So hurry up! Don’t forget to quote “CRYSTALPHUONG” when making payment.

Stay happy, healthy and use natural organic skincare products!

***P/s: This blog entry is proudly sponsored by Origo Creation. Products' names, description, and information are provided by Origo Creation. Opinions and feedback are purely on my own.

Photoshoot by me & Carmen Chow. 
Photo edited by me.