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It's a shame to say that this was my very first time visiting Universal Studios Singapore after living in the country for so long. I heard about it, friends asked me to go many times but never I had the intention of going. I guess, growing up in Vietnam with not many fairy tale, princess stories has left me with a strange feeling toward all these Walt Disney and movie characters. My childhood was all about some dirty self-created games from sand, soil, rocks, ribbons with the kids next door waiting for our parents to come back home from work. I didn't even know who is Cinderella, Snow White, Tinker bell, Princess Jasmine until I was 15. By then, they didn't impress me much. 

Only after my friend "forced" me to go the third time asked, I had no choice but to say "YES"! Even then, I wasn't sure whether I would enjoy or I waste a day of blogging. 

Now, take a look at the photos and tell me how I felt at the end of the day!

The fun journey wouldn't begin without a photo at the entrance :p

These guys got me so attracted to them. I wasn't sure whether I was attracted to their singing or their look. Perhaps, their *ehem* singing and dancing. 

Surprise after surprise! The further we walked inside, the more I felt entertained and excited. I didn't know where to look. 

I don't look small, this guy looks gigantic. 

Hiphop dance performance on the street. 

Beautiful architect with vibrant colors

Far Far Away castle that I thought I could only see in the movie now appeared right in front of my eyes, for real. All of sudden, the hidden childlike trait in me woke up,  I felt so magnetized that I even stood there for a minute, imagined myself as a princess living in this wonderland. How magical! 

I couldn't say no to an ice-cream on a hot day. 

and frozen margaritas afterward

Even better, the cute kungfu panda drinks to entertain you and your kids.

One thing that we- fashion bloggers, would never miss doing every time we are at beautiful places is having our outfit photos taken. 
Outfit of the day

Wearing all black everything from ZARA, Forever21, Sketchers, Swarvoski & H&M. Comfort is a key, but chic is a principal :D

What do you think how my day at Universal Studios was? I had no word other than: FANTASTIC! I had so much fun watching the Transformer ride, Shrek 4D movie, musical show and Madagascar river boat ride. The fun was beyond my expectation and I couldn't say how much I appreciated my friend for forcing me to come here. Thank you so much! 

If you plan to visit Universal Studios Singapore, these are the must-dos I would recommend to you. It's too entertaining to miss! There are many other attractions which you can easily find on Resort World Sentosa website.

Hope you'll have a great time in Universal Studios like I did! 

Sheer blouse: Forever21 (old)- Similar here and here
Skorts: ZARA - Similar here and here
Bag: Charles & Keith - Similar here and here
Necklace: Dailylook & Swarvoski
Shoes: Sketchers.  
Hat: Forever21

Thank you so much for reading!