January 09, 2014 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Whenever I'm wearing a midi skirt, it always reminds me of my mom for some reasons. I remembered that I saw many midi skirts (in all different colors, materials, styles and prints) in her closet when I was a kid. My mom loves any outfit that makes her feel feminine, ladylike and sophisticated, and so do I (now I understand where is my style influenced by). That also explains why I completely and immediately felt in love with this classic silhouette when I first saw it on the runway. 

It's time to bring it to the real way!

When my mom was in town 2 weeks ago, I brought her to my photoshoot and let her see what her daughter's day look like at work. I purposely wore this midi skirt as I knew she would be happy looking at me wearing one of her favourite wardrobe staples. I asked her: "Mom, did you see your younger self in me?" and I received the answer that made me laugh: "Yes! But I didn't wear hat". 

Fashion always comes back around. It's amazing to see some basic items in our closet can live through time and generations. All we need is just a simple twist to bring it back to the present and to make it alive again.

Writing this first outfit blog post of 2014 makes me feel like raiding my mom's closet when I'm back home. Who knows what hidden treasures I might find. :D

Forever21 striped blouse
River Island midi skirt-  Also love this one and this one on sales
Forever21 Clutch- Also love this one
Forever21 hat- Also love this one
About Color necklace
Valentino studded heels
Lovisa rings

Hope you enjoyed this blog entry! 
Thank you so much for reading!