March 27, 2014 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

On the busiest day of the week, meetings after meetings, having a quiet moment by myself on the overhead bridge was such a pleasant and sweet surprise. While taking the air from one end of the bridge to the other, I suddenly felt like escaping this reality, running into a wonderland where I would be surrounded by breathtaking scenery, beautiful blooms, stunning fountains, and the sound of nature. Everyone looked happy there. There was no room for stress, worry and sadness in this place. Only love, laughter and care. 

A sudden car horn woke me up and forced me out of my dream. I looked at the crowded road under the bridge where I was standing, all types of vehicle came and went. Everyone was rushing to somewhere and busy doing something. A few thoughts crossed my mind: Where are they going? Where are they from? What is the story behind them? How is their life? Are they happy?
And then, I asked myself: “How am I different from them the moment I walk down this bridge and merge into this life flow?”, “When was the last time I stopped and smelled the roses?”. 

The honest answer scared me.

Like most people, I'm busy chasing my dreams, goals, and targets every single day, one after another. It will never end. I’m not different from the rest, but I’m lucky enough to have five minutes standing on that bridge, to soak in the sunshine, to enjoy the wind and to appreciate what I have in life. 

I guess; five minutes every day is all I need.

Thank you so much for reading! 
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