January 25, 2015 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

Hi everyone, 
I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. As usual, I spent most of my weekend doing nothing but work. On Saturday, I went to the office at 10am, did training with my team, went for a lunch meeting, and had a photo shoot. At night, I went to watch a movie and had dinner. Then, I came home to work again until 3am. I woke up at 11.30am on Sunday, had my brunch, and started working again until now 11.30pm. It is surprising to me that no matter how many hours I spend in a day, I'll never finish what I'm supposed to do. 

Blogging is like a marathon but has no Finish line. There is no final stop, but we (bloggers) just keep running because we love it. 

People always ask me how I manage my time between a full-time job and a blog. Here is the answer for you. Monday to Friday from 9am- 6.30pm, I focus on my work as a Sales Manager. Saturday, Sunday, and weekday evenings, I wear a hat of an entrepreneur to work in the blogging business. Can't believe that I've been doing this for three years without fail. Have I ever felt tired of doing all this? Of course, I have. There were many times I felt lost as if I was in a dark forest. The further I went, the darker it seemed. I was exhausted, hopeless and frustrated. This weekend was an example. I was annoyed by the issues with my Google Adsense account. I spent two days working on it, but found no solution. I tried to search for some answers on the internet, but the more I searched, the more negative stories I found. It's so time wasting and demotivating. You wouldn't believe if I say things like that happen all the time. How do I get over it? You ask. I'll try to look for some inspirations or do something that I love. Today, I took my mind away from this messiness by practicing my fashion sketches and looking at this beautiful pastel outfit I wore last week. The blush pink blouse and blazer cooled me down, and this colorful printed skirt reminded me that not all forests are dark. I feel much better now and I can do it all over again. 

Do you have any tips to keep yourself productive and motivated at work? How do you deal with negativity? 

Thank you so much for reading! Wish you have a wonderful Monday at work. 
:: Outfit::
H&M Rossy pink blazer- Currently obsessed with this one (on sale)
Charles & Keith cut-out sandals- Similar here