January 14, 2015 Crystal Phuong 0 Comments

I just realized that I've been wearing a lot of neutral colors lately. Black, white, and gray are what I've been repeatedly wearing since the start of the New Year. First, it was the corporate outfit with black wide leg pants and white shirt, then a casual weekend white on white. Now I'm rocking white again with gray and silver.

This outfit somehow reminds me so much of my high school days, when I used to wear a full circle skirt with a white collar shirt to my classes. We weren't allowed to wear high heels or pumps, only sneakers. No lipstick or mascara either. Those days, I didn't know (and bother) much about styles, color blocks, or designer handbags. Things, which occupied my mind were the numbers in mathematics, science formulas or English Literatures. There were so many things to remember before the exams, but I NEVER felt stressed. No wonder everyone keeps saying high school is the best time of your life. No worries, no pressure, no survival-of-the-fittest situation. Life is like a beautiful dream! 

I'm in desperate need of the high-school spirit right now, to take my mind away from stress and to look at complicated things in a simple way. I guess subconsciously, my mind is telling me how to dress up. I keep going back to basic with monochromatic colors and simple stylings. Not even a single piece of arm-candy (bracelets, that's how we call it), other than my watch and delicate necklace. 

I can't decide what is it that I love about this outfit: the feminine silhouette, the simplicity or the stress-free feeling that the whole ensemble gives me. But whatever it is, I know I will be dressing in black, white, silver or gray a couple of times more in the next few weeks. I hope you won't mind me being overly obsessed with the simplicity, just for a while. 

Are you having the same style obsession with me right now? 

Thank you so much for reading! 
G2000 sleeveless blouse- Similar here
Charles & Keith silver pumps- Similar here
Love Moschino handbag (old)- Similar here
Swarovski watch- Similar here