March 30, 2015 Crystal Phuong 3 Comments

On Monday, let's talk about a peplum hem skirt! It is by far my most favorite skirt silhouette as it's not only classic but also very feminine and elegant. I have quite a few peplum skirts, but this peplum hem (or people call it "pephem") skirt is the first one I've owned. The frilly bottom makes me feel like having a mermaid tail whenever I walk. It's so enchanting and whimsical!   

Because of how sweet and romantic it looks, this skirt will be a perfect outfit choice for a date night. I bought it a few months ago and wanted to reserve it for a candle night dinner occasion. But then I broke my plan and wore it to work instead. It seems to work very well when paired with a draped blouse, a blazer, or even a button shirt. Besides, I need a color-pick-me-up therapy from this outfit to get me through the sadness I had over the weekend.  

My heart is still filled with emotion after watching Lee Kuan Yew's State Funeral Procession on Sunday. It was a dark and heavy week for all Singaporeans as Singapore lost it's Founding Father. Not only did the sky cry for him, but also millions of people were crying out his name. I couldn't hold my tears either. 

I didn't have the honor to meet Mr. Lee when he was alive, but I heard so much about him, especially these past few days. How much effort, sweat and tears he had to build Singapore from a third world country to the first. How amazing he was as a father, a husband, and a leader. I'm so incredibly grateful and fortunate to live in a country in which he sacrificed his whole life to build up. Thank you so much, Lee Kuan Yew! May your soul rest in peace! 

We are back to our normal work-life today, and I'm sure many of us still have his image, his memory, and his story in our heart.  I read most of his quotes and found this one impacted to me a lot: "I'm very determined. If I decide what something is worth doing, then I'll put my heart and soul to it." It reminds me to keep chasing after my dreams. Never give up. Do it with passion or not at all. 

Thank you so much for reading! 

Photos by: Evelyn Lee

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Metal Bangle- Thanks to Swarovski


  1. Thank you @idu! This peplum skirt is so sweet. I think it'll look great on you too! :)

  2. my bubbly zone12:06 AM

    I love everything about this outfit especially the skirt. Transparent shoes are to die for! In love!


  3. Thank you so much @my bubbly zone Are you getting a pair of transparent shoes for yourself? :)