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Singapore Fashion Week- Dion Lee Fall 2015

On the second day of Singapore Fashion Week, one of the shows I was most looking forward to was Dion Lee, an awarded and influential fashion designer from Australia. If my memory serves me well, I first discovered Dion Lee when I saw this interlock top in his Spring 2014 collection on some websites and I was mesmerised by it. I followed him since then and have always been amazed at every single design he brought to life. 

What I love most about Dion Lee's design is that there are always quirky twists on the fabrics, interesting mix of colors, and unique details that make the audience go "Wow" every time watching his show. But no matter what, his clothes are always about elegance, sophistication, and sexiness. The Fall 2015 collection that Dion Lee brought to Singapore last week was not an exception. 

Drawing from the world of science, the collection creates concepts that communicate the perspective of a designer responding to his unique surroundings. There were a lot of sexy high slit, cascading cutting, and sliced cutout effects in various skirt and dress forms, transitioning from creamy white to mysterious black and rich emerald.  It was a sumptuous feast for the eyes of the audience that night. 

You may say that I'm biased, but the truth is, Dion Lee has outdone himself in every single collection. 

White cascading skirt and sweater- Dion Lee Fall 2015

White silk blouse and pants- Dion Lee Fall 2015

Dion Lee cutouts dress and skirts- Fall 2015 collection

Singapore Fashion Week 2015- Dion Lee Fall

Emerald dress and skirt- Fall 2015

Dion Lee Fall 2015- Little Black Dress

Asymmetrical cutout black dress- Dion Lee 2015

Thank you so much for reading! 

Photos courtesy of and Navian Photography

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  1. Sharon Pate12:44 PM

    Outstanding collection! Thanks for sharing the photos, Crystal.