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Last weekend, when my parents were still around, I had a chance to drive them around the city in a new four-wheeled baby called Volvo S60 T5. It was the first time mom and dad sat in my car and I'm so glad I made their first experience memorable and sweet.  My experience was beyond perfection, not only did I have mom and dad with me, but I also had the comfort and safety that this Volvo baby offered. 

I'm not going into details about the car's specifications, as I believe you can easily find that information on the internet. There was something extra added that made me impressed with Volvo S60 T5. These are security, preventive and protective safety features that give me a strong sense of protection whenever I'm behind the steering wheel. That's extremely important for me.  Although it was my first time driving a Volvo, I had the feeling like we had known each other for a long time. It's like meeting an old friend in a new place. That's how comfortable and easy driving this baby was.   

While I was still thinking of how to introduce a car to my fashion blog, my mom helped by pulling out this Lipsy printed dress from my wardrobe. Then, she continued: "Now that you have the car as your best accessory, it's time to put on a perfect dress and be the successful woman you always wanted to be." That's my mother. Now you know where I get my strength and determination from. Thank you mom for always encouraging, supporting, and motivating me to achieve my dreams!

 Thank you so much Volvo Singapore for partnering on this blog post! The fact that you picked my favorite car color (white) with my favorite number (07) in a car plate, without me telling you in advance, really amazed me. What an interesting coincidence! One last thing, if only this car belonged to me, for real! 

#DreamsDoComeTrue #NeverStopDreaming


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Photos by: Navian Photography

Volvo S60T5 Car- Thanks to Volvo Singapore


  1. Outftip by P.9:14 AM

    Great post I love your photos and the dress

  2. Thank you @Outftip by P. I'm glad you love it. Please do come back again :)