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CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

When I told my friends that I would be going to Perth, the first thing everyone recommended was to visit Margaret River. And I did. After spending our first night in Perth, we hired a car and got ready for our road trip the next day. To be honest with you, I have never gone on a road trip before in my entire life, so I was a little bit nervous and excited at the same time.  

Roger Easton saved our life when he invented GPS (Global Positioning System). We had no idea of the places we were going and how to get there except for a name "Margaret River" in our head. After sitting for a few hours in the car, driving through many rainstorms and sunshine, we arrived at the Pullman Bunker Resort Hotel in Naturaliste, which I already mentioned in the previous blog post. The next morning, we started our journey again as Margaret River was still an hour away. 

It was hard to get out of this comfortable bed in a cold and rainy morning,

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Comfortable hotel bed

but this ocean view made it all worth it.   

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Ocean view at Pullman Bunker Bay Resort

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Ocean view in the morning

If only it didn't rain all of sudden, I would have spent a little bit more time hand-holding my honey bear while walking by the beach. We quickly checked out and started our journey South where Margaret River was waiting for us. It didn't take us much time driving from Naturaliste to Margaret River. Half an hour later, we arrived at our destination. First thing first, breakfast for the champions. 

This was by far the most delicious Smoke salmon eggs benedict I've ever tried. It was so good that I had to order it again the next day.

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Smoke Salmon eggs benedict

This was a true hidden gem breakfast cafe in Margaret River. You'll easily spot them with the "Breakfast on the second floor" signage upon reaching. They not only offer delicious breakfast but also the best view from the balcony that made us feel alive again. I'm sorry that I can't remember the restaurant name, but once you arrive at Margaret River, the first shop house on the left is where you'll see it.

Or maybe, this little view of the interior helps for identification. 

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Breakfast in Margaret River

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Breakfast and strawberry smoothie in Margaret River

Lots of choices for food lovers. 

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Restaurant in Margaret River

As long as our tummies were happy, we moved on. The further we drove, the more beautiful things we saw. Besides, endless rainbows accompanying made the entire journey so enjoyable. 

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- View from my rear view mirror

At last, we had a glimpse of our destination from afar. We stopped our car, quickly jumped outside to catch the fresh (and cold) air, and absorbed the ocean life as much as we could.

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Road trip to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse looked stunning from where I was standing 

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse from afar

and magnificent up close. 

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse up close

"Historic Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is situated at the most south westerly tip of Australia, standing at the point where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet- 8 kilometres west of Australia"- according to their website. After climbing up 39 meters from the ground level, on a narrow spiral staircase, we were completely mind-blown by this stunning blue backdrop of the ocean meeting sky, white waves crashing to shores and another beautiful rainbow in the middle of the ocean.

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- On top of Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- An ocean view from Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Those stairs are not friendly with your legs.

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Spiral staircase inside Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet. 

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse ocean view

Leaving the 39 meters above the ground Lighthouse, we went to the next adventure at 42 meters underground. It's the Jewel Cave- the biggest show cave in Southern Australia with massive chambers, that's what I'm talking about. Suddenly, I felt so important when everyone kept talking about Crystal. And that awkward moment when I realized, they were actually talking about these sparkling crystalline formations, including the Waterfall, the Organ Pipe and the world's largest straw stalactite in a tourist cave. Not me. *so sad*

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- inside the Jewel Cave

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- The Jewel Cave Crystalline formations

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Beautiful crystalline formations in the Jewel Cave

We spent 45 minutes walking to every corner of the cave and feeling a little bit jealous with how generous Mother Nature was to Australia. I was hesitant at first to come all the way from Perth (it was a long drive), but after all, I would think otherwise. I would feel so regretful if I didn't make an effort to be here. Thank you Margaret River Region for your wonderful treats. It's time for us to head back "home" in Perth. Bring on another 300km drive journey.

We came back to the Hyatt Regency hotel in Perth just in time for this delicous dinner before every restaurant was closed. It was only 8pm on Sunday night.

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Dinner in Perth City

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Delicious dinner in Perth city

My last day in Perth, it was raining early in the morning (as expected). Or perhaps, the city was upset that I had to leave? *just kidding*. But it always feels so emotional on the last day of the vacation, don't you agree?.

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Raining day in Perth city

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Peaceful day in Swan River

A morning in the park was a morning well-spent. I forgot the last time I visited a park in the morning to feel the crisp air on my face, listen to a bird chirping and watch people passing by. It's the most peaceful and serene moment yet we often take it for granted. People often think happiness comes from luxury, wealth, and status. But the truth is, happiness is intangible, is simple, and is free.

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Morning in King's Park

To me, happiness was when I bumped into a garden full of fresh roses.  

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Fresh rose in King's Park

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Beautiful rose with crystal nails

It was when we had this whole beautiful park for ourselves. 

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Beautiful King's Park in the morning

It was when I went for a walk with my boo along these beautiful streets in Perth. 

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Adelaide Avenue in Perth

Or, when we listened to the song "Over the rainbow" played by 26 bell Carillon at Bell Tower while looking at the Swan River, King's Park and Perth City. That was happiness to me!

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- A view from Bell Tower

These views will never get old.  

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Perth city view on top of Bell Tower

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Swan River and King's Park view from Bell Tower

CrystalPhuong- Singapore Travel Blog- Bell Tower, Perth

Every time traveling to a new place, I feel like I've grown up a little bit more. I've learned new things about the country that I've been to, the people that I've met, the lifestyle that I've seen. I've learned how to deal with different situations and be grateful every single day.

I wish I could have more time to explore other things that many people recommended in Western Australia like wine tasting or dolphin watching. But every "Hello" ends with a "Goodbye". I don't know when I'll see you again, Australia! But I'm certain that this is not the last. This is just a goodbye, for now.

Thank you so much for reading.
Crystal Phuong
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