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About Me

About Me
CrystalPhuong.net is a Personal Style & Travel Blog based in Singapore, written by Crystal Phuong. The blog was nominated FOUR times in Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in the annual Singapore Blog Award from 2012- 2015, voted as one of the Best Lifestyle Blogs in Singapore in 2013 by Hotelclub.com, and Best Travel Blogs in 2016 by Foodpanda.com. Crystal hopes to connect and inspire young women to lead a healthy and happy life. Be confident, be positive, and be kind.

This festival is called "TET"

I kept my promise to update my blog on today!
Chinese lanterns displayed along the road were ready to sell.
You are viewing the small angle of Vietnam during the biggest festival in a year. The New Year in Vietnam is always special to anyone who lives far away from the country. It consists of the cold of winter, the hurries everyone rushing before year ends, the jam in every markets, giving out a lot of sales to clear stock, the warm of each family for reunion after a year. I always miss it and the first thing when i was in Vietnam, i had to go out for shopping. Sometimes not to buy anything, i just wanted to join the moment of the year end preparation with people. But unfortunately! Easier said that done! Everytimes i went out shopping, i would come back with many small bags, big bags, Hahahha! Hard to control! Picture was taken when i was standing at the middle of the road :p People looked at me like one kind, lolz. None of their business!
I put on 2kg! -_- This is the latest update from me after New Year. I bet some of you might be in same case like mine. Hic hic, gotta exercise more to reduce some weights. Just within 2 weeks time, I did nothing besides eating 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) a day and all were heavy, not including those cookies, sweets, junggies etc.... Every where i went, i ate. Not because of I'm big eater, because people invited, thus I couldn't deny. So once a year for whatever excuse, reunion, year end, new year celebration, farewell, welcoming dinner...Eat! Eat and Eat! I didn't have time to take all photos abt the foods as some of you have requested earlier. Just a few! Here it goes! This was the first lunch in my student's house. Reason for the party: New year celebration and also welcoming me back home! Hmmm, so sweet! Don't look at the food! Look at the wine bottle that I was holding! Fantastic, man! It's very uniquely tall and tasty :D
See the size of it!
I love see food and the prawn there was specially cooked for me! :D Am I so special? ;)
The 2nd day, I was having fish- steamboat with 3 dancer friends in the afternoon. Believe or not, only 1 fish but 3 of us couldn't finish it. I didn't know what is the name of this fish and I swear if i could reckon any type fish. To me, they are all same. Just to eat! This one is PINKY fish! Yah, because it's PINK, can? Lolz OK, here you go! I went to 24hours BAMBOO restaurant with my students after dancing class. The specialty of this restaurant is it's made by BAMBOO. Yah! Vietnam is the country of bamboo, so....Take a look at the wall there! Unique, huh? everything is made by bamboo, from the chair, the table to the dishes, etc... Here are their food specialty. I called this one is "Sandy prawn". It was grilled with lemon grass and sea-salt. Very crispy, tasting deliciously buttery and not salty at all! Introduce to you this is the river crab steamboat. I was introduced from my students that this is the only restaurant sell this kinda steamboat. I didn't know how good it is until i tasted it. Just perfect! Phew, done with eating part. I don't want to talk abt it so much or else, all the slaver will be flooding my blog, lolz. Usually, when i go back Vietnam during New Year, there are few main things that i must do: 1st: eating, 2nd: shopping, 3rd: visiting friends, relatives: 4th: going to temple to pray and 5th (occasionally): teaching dancing. But this year, in my plan, there was an Ad-hoc activity! Brought my family for photo shooting on the occasion of 30th ++ weeding anniversary of "this two": My Dad & Mom :D My bride here! And I was just a bride maid :( God, Mom looked so much prettier than me. If only i would look like her -_- Cam-whoring for a while when waiting for my mom have the make up done! Got a lot more nice photos coming up later! I can't wait to show you guys, but i need to get it from the photographer first. He's still doing photoshop for all. Few friends saw this photo of mine, they said it doesn't look like me? lolz, or I looked so much different. Yah, because i changed the hairstyle again, from curly hair to straight hair. I want to hair salon, did some washing, cutting, straightening, treatment... like this: Plus having my manicure done It costed me: RM35 ++ in total You don't laugh! This is the truth. And this is the final artwork after all:
So, that's about it. I was confident with my appearance to start up all friends, relatives visiting during New year. We went for karaoke singing on New Year Eve as usual. I don't know why in here, youngsters like to sing Karaoke so much during this time.
Believe or not? This is real flower bought from the new year market that i snapped photos above? I'm not sure about the pricing. This 2 weeks time holiday, I finally had chance to go with my peeps to ballroom dance club! It was extremely crowded! My gosh, so many of my friends came too just to see me after 3 years plus, hic hic...So touching! You see the dance floor. Was it amazing?
Ok, if you don't know what they are doing. They are actually dancing bachata! :D This type of danceclubs are everywhere in Hanoi. They open 3 times a day (morning: 9am- 11am; afternoon: 3pm- 6pm and evening: 8pm- 11pm) and only play ballroom dancing: rumba, chacha, samba, paso, tango, waltz, slowfox, quickstep, bachata, salsa, disco....Too much huh? Each time entering, you just need to pay RM5- 6 for your drink and you can dance all day long, lolz. Bloody cheap compare to Msia :D I wasn't dancing that much coz I was busy.... taking photos and also too crowded, I just joined them for 3, 4 dances. That's it. It was so much fun there! After all, the last thing i did before i left Vietnam was visiting the temple for praying. It's kinda a traditional custom of Vietnamese every new year. This time, i was with my aunty to visit a new temple near by my hometown. A newly built temple who owned by a 39 years old monk. And surprisingly, all monks there are young, i don't know why. Here you see! The whole view of this temple! I found out that this temple has a wonderful scenes to do out door photoshooting. How i wish i would have had the professional camera. Huh! I used my pinky camera only! So the quality is just like this: (Of course it could be done only after i've done my praying session, okay? I'm still good prayer) The last camwhoring before i left Vietnam, it was taken at the ancient open air market in Vietnam. The market was built in the years of 1945s if i am not mistaken. And also, the last meal before i left Vietnam. It was a small farewell lunch by my dancing friends. And...another 12 hours later, what was I doing? Of courses, i would say "Good evening, Kuala Lumpur". It ended my trip! I'm blessed, i'm happy and i'm very fresh!
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