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About Me

About Me
CrystalPhuong.net is a Personal Style & Travel Blog based in Singapore, written by Crystal Phuong. The blog was nominated FOUR times in Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in the annual Singapore Blog Award from 2012- 2015, voted as one of the Best Lifestyle Blogs in Singapore in 2013 by Hotelclub.com, and Best Travel Blogs in 2016 by Foodpanda.com. Crystal hopes to connect and inspire young women to lead a healthy and happy life. Be confident, be positive, and be kind.


Back from Bangkok 2 days ago and now only I have time to blog about it while I'm having a real bad sore throat plus sneezing non-stop. I'm going to fall sick for sure this holiday.

My trip was short, only three days two nights and the purpose of going there was to pray the super powerful four faces Buddha in the center of Bangkok. I've never been there so I was very excited and looking forward to it a week ago.

I even went to do manicure a day before for Bangkok and also it will look more presentable to Buddha. That showed I was serious in what I did, right?

Ok, start with manicure session. Swear to God, if all the ladies in this world were like me, then all the nails salons would close down their business. I could even count how many time I've done manicure, pedicure in my life. I'm just rather too lazy and busy to sit there for 2, 3 hours for nothing so it will be very rare to see me in the nail salon. Anyway, last week I did it in my client's place, so it's a different story :D

My 100% real nails after cleaning, shaping and massaging.

The nail artist is trying to shape up my nails :D
Make it short, here is the last result!

Pricing for a basic manicure is just S$19.

That's all my preparation plus the super last minute packing because I didn't have much time to do it earlier. I was like quickly pack everything at 11am and left the house at 11.30 so that I could catch my flight at 1pm. I managed to do it! Not once but many times. I'm sSo proud of self for making it happen :D

I was here on the airplane waiting to board! Camwhore on the plane to start my whole journey is a MUST. :p

Keef and me.
He was playing games and didn't look like interested in taking photo that much. That's why his face looked so funny. Nevermind. 

After 2-hour flight, we quickly checked in our hotel- Arnoma, locates in the heart of Bangkok, very close to the temple we went and also close to many markets, shopping centres here. Awesome! ^_^
Our hotel room, sorry a bit messy because I took it in the next morning when we just got up :D

Hotel service was good, nice and clean room, convenient and most importantly, hotel staffs are so friendly and helpful. I like! rate 7/10.

After checking in, we quickly walked to the temple and prayed. Less than 15 minutes, we reached there.

The super powerful four faces Buddha that everyone comes to pray.

One corner of the building which was burnt due to the protest last time :) Retouching is in the progress :D

Oh, this is the happening one. Along the street, when we walked pass, we saw this dark river with many boats. I was wondering such a small and polluted river, what are these boats doing? They are not there for fishing; they are there for transportation purpose.

And look at this crowd!

Everyone was trying asap to hop on the boat once it arrives, some almost fell down to the river. You wouldn't want to believe it! Good God! I think they are just so used to it until they don't realize how dangerous it is

Pink taxis on the street.

Me! Sitting in front of our hotel after praying session.

We got back to our hotel, took a rest, and when we finished showering, it was just right time for the dinner. Keef's friend took us around the city and to the most delicious seafood restaurant. 

After waiting for approximately 45 minutes, Food served!!!!!

My favorite: Grilled cockles. Yum! But I like steam more

Grilled squid! Another favorite of mine but this time, i couldn't finish it. So wasted! -_-

Fried mantis prawn with garlic. So yum *_*

The evil mantis prawn! 

Eating so much grilled, fried stuffs, and now my throat is painful like mad. I was sick for a few days.
Ok, now it's time for the most happening thing. I'm sure girls are so excited to know, what did I buy in Bangkok?


Did my shopping at Platinum Plaza, which is famous for wholesales, retail shopping center. Six floors with loads of stuffs: clothing, shoes, accessories, undies, makeup, bags.

Shoes heaven. S$30- S$40/ pair. Where to get in Singapore????? I didn't buy any pair because no time to try them all. Regret -_-.

Here are what I bought from this trip!

Accessories! Necklaces for only S$6- 7/ piece. :D

My favorite and unique ring.

Clutch bag for mama, umbrella and manicure- pedicure set, less than S$10 each

Polka dot swimwear! Only S$13

Cotton casual dress come with satin black flower and belt. Mad cheap S$10 :D

T- shirts! Only S$5/ each.

White shirt for work or casual wear with jean! Less than S$10

Jeans and pants. S$10- S$12/ each. Don't get jealous of me. I'm just a good bargain.

Shorts! Only S$6 each

Sexy black dress! So comfortable and soft material, I love.

Love the bareback too :D

Bodycon tube dress! So fitting

Black lace dress. An idea for a night out or party! :D

Bareback with a cute ribbon behind :p

How the dress looks on me :)

And know what? All together for three sexy dresses cost only S$24. I couldn't believe when I heard the sales she-male told me. Unbelievably cheap, I just took any 3, wanted to buy more but it was too crowded for me to go inside the store and choose.

But that wasn't the cheapest thing I bought! Keef took me to one open market with no air con, I was reluctant but then when I stepped inside. The whole market is selling dance and performance costume. *faint*. I managed to get this dress!

How beautiful! It costs from S$300- S$400/ piece in Singapore and u know how much I paid in Thailand??????

I was so happy to get such a good deal. I'm totally in love with Bangkok man except for the protest, the red and yellow fight, bombing, Bangkok is awesome!

Brian (Keef's friend) and his girlfriend even took us to watch some hot shows in Bangkok, and this is Bangkok all about!


Last one, group photo from left: me- Keef- Brian and Ae. See the girls dancing at the back :D

I'm completely satisfied with my short trip! Mad awesome! Girls should go there to shop, and guys should go there to watch a live show because, in Singapore, it's hard to find.

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