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About Me

About Me
CrystalPhuong.net is a Personal Style & Travel Blog based in Singapore, written by Crystal Phuong. The blog was nominated FOUR times in Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in the annual Singapore Blog Award from 2012- 2015, voted as one of the Best Lifestyle Blogs in Singapore in 2013 by Hotelclub.com, and Best Travel Blogs in 2016 by Foodpanda.com. Crystal hopes to connect and inspire young women to lead a healthy and happy life. Be confident, be positive, and be kind.


Last week, I  was invited by Omy.sg and Marie France Bodyline to attend Audi Fashion Festival in Orchard, It was such a memorable event after all, I had a great time watching Francis Cheong's collection and hanging out with some other young, cute and lovely bloggers. My God, I feel so old standing among of them. -_-

So, that was my first time attending fashion show and lucky enough, all the designs that Francis made are what I'm totally in love with: Spring/ Summer couture. At least I didn't feel bored during the show. Thank to Omy.sg and Marie France Bodyline for the invitation :)

Beautiful thing comes from a small envelope :) That's my invitation card for me. 

We reached there at 9pm but the event wasn't started, I and few bloggers have chance to do camwhoring shoots. Girls can never stop camwhoring, anytime, anywhere. :D

Isabella, Tsuriki and I

Check out this chic, *weewee :D 
Can't stop myself from posing with the backdrop

and one more...Sorry lor, it's one year event thing, so I gotta terror the camera abit, hehehe

Ok, these two are hotter than the chic above I guess. The beautiful Audi displayed at the main entrance, love the car

getting inside.
Everyone was busy looking for their seats and settling down before the show started while I was busy snapping the photos, lolz. 

I haven't heard or noticed much about Francis Cheong until I attended his fashion show and I must say this was really impressive and it hit my interest. There were so many designs shown, but generally I most prefer those dresses below:

Gorgeous chiffon blue with white deco. Simple yet sophisticated! 

Long and flowy green gown. Not too bright, not too dark, it's just nice green tone to attract attention. I'm a big fan of such design. I love the soft, flowy and smooth feeling that the gown has.

Not too much about the dress but perhaps the hairstyle and accessories come along that caught my attention. Just perfectly match. Hey, but this is for show only hor, don't go out with this hairstyle, unless you want people keep staring at you or end up with a bird lying on top. The bird might mistake your hair with her nest.

Black and white combination with a very well deco flower embroidery along the dress. The black flower made the white dress less boring, indeed it looks classy and sexy at the same time

Simple yellow tube gown with a big flower on the waist. And again, a big "wing" to create the wind when you walk :D Feeling like an angel when you wear such dresses.

Did i mention I love this particular design? I did!

I love this gown too because it's rosy pink and it's pretty creative when Francis combines the Chinese traditional clothing style with the modern one in this dress

Purple rocks the catwalk :D Simple but hot

All of sudden, it's Irene Ang as a model on the catwalk. You gotta be kidding me? No I don't. I was very surprised when I saw Irene in this show as a model. I thought she would be doing MC job or something like that. When she walked out, i got shocked. Hell sexy and gorgeous with her pony tail hairstyle, fitting dress with blue dragon printed on. Plus she looks so sexy. I then found out Irene was actually one of Marie France Bodyline successful clients. That means this slimming company is not bullshitting. They have the products and methods that work!
Anyway, talking about slimming and losing weight later. 
I was communicating with Irene over twitter for few times and to my surprise, she was so friendly til death, lolz....You all should follow her on twitter too. For that, I show you one more photo of her :D

Super models on the catwalk. Hate them, why they are so beautiful and tall -_- So jealous! 

Guess whose back is it?
That's her
Who else but Christy Chung- international actress and also an ambassador of Marie France Bodyline. No need to write much about her already, she is so famous. Just google her name, tons of websites will be shown.

Last but not least, the man behind the catwalk:

Francis Cheong
He looks so much younger than I thought, good looking too. So young yet so talented. I don't know how old he really is but to me I think he looks quite young and I admire people who are successful at young age. I'm sure he is gonna come out with many crazy and brilliant designs.

Last shoot before we left.

The show was short but not disappointed at all. I guess everyone was happy especially the ladies with gentlemen with them coz they can just point to the model walking on the catwalk and say "Oh, I love this dress"- "Oh, this one is even better"....next day the dress will be in their wardrobe already. 

So the tip is: when you go to watch a fashion show, remember to bring your boyfriend/ husband/ fiance/ admirer along :D

At least, if you don't get a dress, you also get some free stuffs from t he organizer, not one but TWO. How awesome! 
No joke! This is what I got after attending the event:

Body contouring treatment and facial treatment worth S$700. Thank to Marie France Bodyline and Bella Skin

Perfect serum for body from Marie France Bodyline too. They are so generous

Eye cream. I tried and it's awesome. The smell is super damn  nice

That's about it and I'm kinda looking forward for more fashion shows coming up :D It's pretty fun  and interesting. Thank to Omy.sg again for the awesome invitation, they always manage to get some good stuffs for bloggers. Jealous with what I have? You might want to start blogging now and join their blogger community at www.omy.sg
Now thank God I managed to finish this blog entry before heading out party tonight. It's Friday!!!!! 
Happy weekend to everyone! xoxox
 Photo courtesy of omy.sg and zimbio.com. Plus some are mine too :D
Crystal Phuong
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