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About Me

About Me is a Personal Style & Travel Blog based in Singapore, written by Crystal Phuong. The blog was nominated FOUR times in Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in the annual Singapore Blog Award from 2012- 2015, voted as one of the Best Lifestyle Blogs in Singapore in 2013 by, and Best Travel Blogs in 2016 by Crystal hopes to connect and inspire young women to lead a healthy and happy life. Be confident, be positive, and be kind.


Hey guys! Get ready for my explosive blog post about my LA trip! Tons of photos, OMG! It took me 4 hours to photoshopped 200 photos.

This is so exciting! I've been urged by so many friends to post up about this entry especially girls who want to know what did I shop :D. So here you go! I'm combining 2 days in 1 post. Get set? And go!


*Photo from Scott Stullberg Photography. Such an amazing picture! 

What is this? 

Oh yeah! It's LA cab. The Yellow Cab company has some kinda protections to prevent the cab driver from robbery. Damn! The social crime rate here must be high. 

Got into our hotel- Sofitel hotel which is located in Beverly Hills. I was super excited about thinking of "OMG! I'm staying in celebrities residency area"- I know it's kinda lame but so what? Right? Look at the cozy hotel room 

and a beautiful bathroom with a transparent glass which allows you to see through the bedroom and vice versa. 

Beautiful view from our hotel room to the Hollywood.  

Here it is, I'm not bluffing. 
We landed in LA around 12.30pm local time, the weather was super gorgeous, a little dry but sunny and cool. Temperature was around 16- 17 degree Celcius, it's perfect for a day out. We quickly settled our stuffs and went out for lunch and shopping :D

Mike and his sun-glasses I bought for him for Christmas, stylish looking! Look at the Macy's store at the back, oh man! That's in Beverly Shopping Center just in front of our hotel. 

Shoes! I love those heels but not the Lady Gaga's wedges. 

Guess where I was standing at????

 It's Hollywood Blvd. So crowded and happening!

Taking photo with Kenny G star. I love his music! There are many other stars along the road but all look the same so no need to show more photos of it.

 The Hollywood & Highland center- a small shopping center from outside!

and how it looks from inside. Beautiful lighting deco during Christmas!

In front of Hollywood Guinness- World of Records Center.  

There are tons of activities and fun things going on at Hollywood Boulevard but I'm gonna just come back to it later. It was the first night there and I was literally tired after a flight, thus I didn't stay very long there. I got back hotel at 9.30pm, took a rest to prepare for full day activities the day after. 

Morning: second day in LA, we took a cab to Santa Monica Pier
It's a  is a large double-jointed pier located at the foot of Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica, California and is a prominent, 100-years-old landmark. 

There is no word besides breathtaking. I love this beach so much. 

Ok! This is just some random shoots but the beach is here.

 I told you, it's beautiful! The sand is so fine, the water is so blue and the wave is so calm. 

What was Mike pointing at? 

Oh, he pointed at this one. There were some entertainments going on up there. 

Pacific Park!

Some street musical performances. It's so fun to watch him and the kid playing drum.

Woohoo! Camwhoring time! Seriously, I could never stop myself from taking photos of...myself at such beautiful places. 

Self-camwhoring was not enough, I became so "terrorist" that I asked Mike to be my photographer. Poor him! :D

Look at the awesome ocean behind me. 

 Playland Arcade! So colorful

 The shore view from the ocean. 

 and with a model in it. :D

A beautiful of us taken by a LA policeman. :D 

Guess what the place with a beautiful and confusing photo is? I thought it's a shopping mall but it's actually a car park. Damn! The car park looks better than my house. 

 Took a random shot looking at the beach from the street. 

Afternoon: We took a cab to the most expensive shopping paradise at Rodeo Drive- Beverly Hills. It's a high class shopping street that you can find any brand, every brand here from Versace, Gucci, Prada to Guess etc...

 Me at the start of the street. 

Louis Vuitton is here. 

Hey! It's my family fashion brand here. :D. Just kidding but honestly I was so happy to see somebody whose surname is same as mine is a famous fashion designer. How proud!

Catch this baby along the street! Bugatti Veyron- the second most expensive and famous racing car today with a base price tag of $1,700,000 and its speed is about above 400km/h. Close your mouth, people! You are drooling all over my blog.  

Beautiful deco along the street with many crystal blinking everywhere. You can't see it in the photo but in real life it is. 

Salvatore Ferragamo! 

Just random shoot at the street. It's clean, nice and bright street. There were many people around but it wasn't chaos at all. 

Love this Christmas decoration. I guess, I visited Rodeo Dr. at the best timing of the year. 

Having my late lunch (2.30pm) at Pacific Seafood Grill. Very yummy foods they made there.


and wine. Valentine came early for us. <3

After Rodeo Drive, we headed down to Hollywood Boulevard again for some souvenirs shopping as this was the last day we were in LA. 

You might be wondering why my outfit was changed here. I got it from Forever21 for 2 minutes when I first got there. The true reason was funny! While I was so enjoying my seafood spaghetti, the stupid prawn shell was cracked while I was biting it and the sauce splashed all over my face, neck and cloths. 

It was so embarrassing yet Mike kept looking at me and laughing. >.< So I had to buy new top to change later on. I told Mike "Ok! Give me 2 minutes, I grab a cloth to change"- 15 minutes later, Mike walked into F21 to look for me and saw another 3, 4 pieces of cloths on my hands, he said "I thought you only get one top to change. I didn't know you were shopping"- I said: "Oops! It's just by the way" Hahahahha! Who asked you to laugh at me earlier :D. In the end, instead of just 1 top, I bought extra 1 leather jacket and 1 dress and he didn't know about it at all til we got home. :D

Also, we managed to buy some souvenirs for family. And last thing we did at Hollywood boulevard was visiting Madam Tussauds Museum.

I went to  Madam Tussauds Museum once when I was in Hongkong and it was pretty fun. This time I wanted to see how it would be in Hollywood. I expected it would be very much bigger, more interesting and exciting and it wasn't. I think the one in Hongkong is still better. Slightly different from the arrangement, in Hongkong, all the figures are arranged according to themes: Historical, Music Icons, National Heroes, etc...In Hollywood, they are arranged according to the movies. Something like this:

I don't know what movie they were. Must be horror one. 

And some scary faces displayed along the entrance 

Twilight prince & princess: Kristen Steward & Robert Pattinson

"Shanghai Noon" stars. I know, the guy at the left doesn't look like Jackie Chan at all. This movie is funny, have you watched?

Mr. "Benjamin Button" :)

Jennifer Garner- I have big ass too, look!

That's all about the museum and sightseeing journey. We went for dinner, went back to hotel and got ready for an evening shopping after that. ^_^

A beautiful photo of the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood taken by Mike in the sunset. 

Mike asked me "What else do you want to do now, sweetheart?" I said "Shopping" :D and here are what I got from the shopping haul. 

Wanna know what's inside? Wait for my next blog entry, I'll reveal what I bought ;)
Crystal Phuong
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