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About Me

About Me
CrystalPhuong.net is a Personal Style & Travel Blog based in Singapore, written by Crystal Phuong. The blog was nominated FOUR times in Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in the annual Singapore Blog Award from 2012- 2015, voted as one of the Best Lifestyle Blogs in Singapore in 2013 by Hotelclub.com, and Best Travel Blogs in 2016 by Foodpanda.com. Crystal hopes to connect and inspire young women to lead a healthy and happy life. Be confident, be positive, and be kind.


Hello guys! 

I'm back from Bangkok, finally! It was great if only I wouldn't have fallen sick during the entire trip. Nevertheless, I fought with all my fever, sore throat, swollen mouth (due to the wisdom teeth surgery) to enjoy the very four days in Bangkok. I'm still sick now physically and emotionally, but I'm going to write this post for you guys anyway because I know you've been waiting for it. 

This trip is in the courtesy of Streetdirectory Pte Ltd. I did a great job for the company so they rewarded us with a sponsored trip half yearly. 

Anyway, let's start the whole journey here. We flew to Bangkok on Friday afternoon 2.20pm on 30th March. It was a good timing because It was the end of the month, on Friday and we didn't have to work. Leaving all the stress and tiredness behind, we took 2-hour airplane ride to Bangkok with full of excitement, energy, and enthusiasm. 

Had lunch at the airport after checking in. 

Group photo before boarding. 

While Amber (right) and Ria (center) were giving me, the pouty faces because their seats were too narrow for them. They hardly stretched out their legs...

I was enjoying the luxury of having two seats for myself. Last minute, Amber couldn't stand anymore, and she jumped up to my seat. 

Arriving in Bangkok! Can't forget a group photo at the airport. 
From left to right: Joey, Jaqueline, Nicole, Ria, Alicia, Rene, me, Amber, Polly & Fiona. 

We arrived at the hotel around 8pm; it was super heavy traffic jam along the way, and I got hungry, tired and drained with my empty stomach and the fever hitting me up. Hence, once settling down, we quickly went out to look for foods. Some went to have dinner with their friends; we went to eat Japanese BBQ at Patpong. 

Here we were, the hungry monsters. 

They were cooking the foods; I was busy cam-whoring. 

Patpong street, one of the world's most famous red- light districts. They have almost everything that a guy wanted. The Night market shopping, restaurants, bars, and, of course "working" girls. 

When you walk along Patpong road, very often you will see the guy holding a piece of paper and asking you to watch Pingpong show. Their asking price is standard $100Baht, no extra charge. DON'T EVER GET INTO THOSE PLACES. Because once you get in, you have to pay minimum $1500Baht to get out. If you refuse to pay? That's it, don't know what going to happen next. 

My friends (all girls) wanted to watch ping pong show as they had never seen before so I accompanied them. They were told to pay $100baht each, but it was total $8800 baht in the end for 8 of us. The price was for just one drink and all kinds of weird shows. We felt cheated, but we were helpless as the bar owners asked a few big guys to come and threaten us. We left with 1100 baht short in our wallet. "No more ping pong show for the rest of my life" one of my friend said. We learned a lesson.

We rather spent our money on foods and shopping. 

The next morning, we went to the world largest weekend market called Chatuchak

Group photos of us before we went separate way for "own time, own target."

From left: Jaq, Nicole, me and Joey. 

It was pretty early when we arrived at Chatuchak. All the shops were about to open only. 

Amber, me and Joey. 

Lots of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.


It was super hot that time, and I was tired plus I couldn't find anything that interested me. So I didn't shop that much. We left that place around 2pm and headed to the biggest wholesale fashion mall right after. 

Guess where it was?

YES! It's Platinum Wholesales fashion mall. 

Huge area but jam all the time. 

A lot of clothing here.. I spent like two days in this shopping mall yet I couldn't cover every corner of it. They have three zones, six stories each zone. Each level has five different sections if I'm not wrong. In summary, it's big enough to make your legs numbed at the end of the day. 

Shoes, bags, accessories, all kinds and they are super cheap too. 

That's level 4 when I was heading down. 

My shopping bags on the 1st day. The 2nd day, I bought even a bigger bag to store all the stuffs I bought.

Spending like 6 hours shopping until the mall closed, we all left to have dinner in Chinatown. It was super funny because whichever taxi we got, they refused to take us and kept saying "Oh! Chinatown closed". Close? In the weekend? Lolz! We knew the trick and, what they were up to so we said "We went there to meet friend, it's ok, just take us there." Lastly, we got a taxi. 

So here is another trick for you whenever you happen to travel to Bangkok! If the taxi says "Chinatown is closed", just tell him you go there to meet a friend, not to eat. Coz if you are fallen into their trap, they are gonna "recommend" you to some places to eat very nice seafoods. You might end up paying a super high price for lousy foods, and the taxi driver laughs his ass off coz he gets commission for bringing you to the restaurant. Get it? 

So here we were at the seafood restaurant in Chinatown waiting for our Shark fin and bird nest. 

Oyster omelet. Seriously, it's like an orgasm in my mouth! The foods were so delicious, and I couldn't stop eating. 

Alot of vegetables

And the hungry monsters were fighting for foods after a long tiring day. 

That's how "Chinatown at night was closed" as what our dearest taxi driver said, lolz. 

Pink cabs every where on the road. 

Third day! 
We went to pray at Four face Buddha Erawan Shrine. I was so looking forward to come back and pray to him. 

To what many people said, he is super powerful Buddha that have answered many prayers. I did pray something to him and promised to bring someone back to see him with me if he really answers my prayer. I hope he does. 

Polly, Nicole and me at the entrance. 

Praying time 

Hopefully, my wishes will become true. 

Holy water is provided to worshippers to wash their hands, tap some to their hair, cloths to get some lucks. 

One last photo of us before we left the place and headed to MBK Shopping Center. 

This is also another huge shopping center that sells many clothing, accessories, fashion, handbags and especially IT stuffs. 

MBK from another view. 

Got some fresh orange juices along the way. Polly recommended me to try this and it was really yummy. 

I finished the bottle within like 4 minutes, lolz.

Inside MBK Shopping mall. 

Cute broken English you see almost everywhere, lolz

Tons of customized, blinked iPhone cases here. I got myself one, and I'm gonna blink it up myself and show it to you. 

I got really flooded by all the shoes over there, why they are so gorgeous? And why must they be so cheap. I felt like buying all of them home but unfortunately, my luggage is small, I couldn't fit them anymore :(

Evening time, we went for another round of seafood, shark fin and bird nest at Chinatown. Again, "Chinatown is closed" but we still managed to find great foods. Unfortunately, I got really sick and had serious allergy from no where, I couldn't enjoy that much. 
We went to have Thai massage after that, headed back to hotel and packed our stuffs for the next day flight back Singapore. 

I think I got luck again coz on the way back, while all my friends were separated from each other or squeezed in small seats all the way at the back of the airplane, I myself enjoyed the privilege of having 3 seats at the emergency exit row. I lied down the entire time, listened to music or slept all the way home. That was simply awesome! 

So that was my 2 time visited Bangkok, and somehow I got sick both time either during or after the trip. Both time were serious sick. Until now, I'm still not recovered yet from my allergy (4 days already), now getting sore throat and fever :(. But somewhat, I really enjoyed the trip, the shopping experience in Bangkok, the great foods there. 

Now, the next question is: "WHAT DID I BUY IN BANGKOK?" Well, I brought 2 luggages with me, 1 was empty, and both were super full on the way back. I spent like S$1200 in total for shopping (I know, it sounds insane). Definitely, there will be some great stuffs I bought and I'm gonna show you in the next post.
Stay tunned to find out! ;)

Crystal Phuong
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