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About Me

About Me
CrystalPhuong.net is a Personal Style & Travel Blog based in Singapore, written by Crystal Phuong. The blog was nominated FOUR times in Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in the annual Singapore Blog Award from 2012- 2015, voted as one of the Best Lifestyle Blogs in Singapore in 2013 by Hotelclub.com, and Best Travel Blogs in 2016 by Foodpanda.com. Crystal hopes to connect and inspire young women to lead a healthy and happy life. Be confident, be positive, and be kind.


I was so busy that I almost forgot to blog about this. The most important day in a year to me: MY BIRTHDAY, which was more than a month ago.

Last year, I had the most memorable and meaningful birthday celebration ever as my parents were able to celebrate with me in Singapore. After ten years of living far away from my family, this simplest thing is sometimes the most precious thing to me, and somehow I forgot about it.

This year, I wanted to fly my parents to Singapore to celebrate with me, booked a yacht to party with my group of close friends and my parents. In the end, nothing happened as I was so uncertain whether I would want to do anything on my birthday. I was in the roller-coaster mood, happy & unhappy kind of mode. And I let it passed as if it was like many other normal days.

But when I didn't do anything to celebrate my birthday, people DID IT for me. And that's when you know you are loved, cared by many people around you. I felt extremely happy and blessed!

Thank you so much everyone whom I'm going to call you by name here. You guys are amazing, and I'm so thankful for your Love, Care, and Support. I really am!

Thank you for the countless Facebook messages, emails, Twitter messages on all the social network sites from my friends and fans. They are almost up to thousand of them, and It took me days to reply each and every one of you. I love reading those messages; they make my day!

Thank to people who bought me lunches, dinners even before and after my birthday. It wasn't my expectation, but that's really sweet of you! :)

Now, let's me take you to my birthday celebrations arranged by these amazing people:

Friday 2nd November, three days before my actual birthday, my friends took me to one of the beautiful Chinese restaurants at Harbourfront for a group dinner. There were so many foods on the table: prawn, fish, shark fin, pork, beef, chicken that we didn't know what to eat. I ate so much that I could barely walk after.

We ate, we talked, we laughed, we took photos. It was a fun night.

Kris, Hong and Me. 

Camile and Kris with their prawn competition "Whose is bigger?" :D. Looks like Camille's prawn won.

A group photo of us! Standing row from left: Carmen, Hong, me & Kris. 
Sitting row: Alicia, Xiang Yin, Sara, Camile, Nicole. 

Thank you guys so much for the love, presents and laughter. I love you guys very much! 

Also, very coincidentally, my sponsor gave me this sweet gift exactly on my birthday. A COACH bag sponsored by Warmth Luxury Collection.

Another surprised gift from FANCL came to office in the morning with a personal message from BrandStory. Thank you so much! I love FANCL products very much now not because of all these stuffs because their products are really good for my skin. My skin is combination skin type in case you are wondering. I'll blog about it later when I have more time, I promise!

This HUGE soft bear was delivered to the office

                               together with this bouquet of flowers.                                                   

Flood of gifts, flowers, birthday card on my working desk. 

Photo taking time with everyone....

With Eddie Chua- my silent Blog reader, Twitter follower, fan, and friends.

With Carmen- my crazy fan and PA.

With Hong, love him! He is the best manager I've had. 

with Lily, soon to be my office roommate. 

With Yong, my big boss and my great supporter too. 

with Jacqueline, my shopping buddy.  

With my cute little girl Nicole. 

With Camille whose age and horoscope are same with mine 

Hopefully, wishes will come true next year :)

With Carmen! She bought me a rose bouquet too, and she was trying to hide it at her back because she was so afraid that I would be able to see what it was. 

Alicia, Nicole & me. Loving these girls very much!

Finished cake cutting and group celebration, I went to have another little private candlelight dinner with the boyfriend. He arranged all these! Booked a private dining room at Absinthe, our favorite French restaurant. 

We both had very yummy Wagyu steak for dinner.

and I had special Happy birthday fruit platter for dessert. 

When it comes to present, I feel like I'm a small kid no matter how old I will be. I love receiving gifts regardless big or small, cheap or expensive. Sometimes, just a personal postcard can also make me happy. Like many other years, I never expected any present from anyone. Even when Mike asked me "What do you want for your birthday?", I had no idea what I want, and I kept giving him a vague answer "Anything. I don't know". But I think he did a good job in the end because I loved everything he got for me. 

A teddy bear. 

A rose bouquet sent to the office. 

And a beautiful Swarovski watch. I love Swarovski watches. 

A jewelry holder from Swarovski too :D

And here are some birthday presents from my friends. 

Sweet, personal and lovely! Thank you to all of you. 

A cup cap in pink from Nicole. Very practical and sweet especial when it's in pink, I double love it. 

I'm a Miss Popular. 

GUESS necklace brought from New York by Amber. 

Earrings from Accessorize. Looks like my friends know my style well! 

Body care set picked by Alicia. 

Special wristband with my name engraved on it from Camille. I love it! 

Sara's present to me and her personal message. 

And lastly, another beautiful closeup shot of my Swarovski watch. How beautiful!

Thank you very much to everyone who loves and cares about me. I'm very grateful to all the amazing people in my life. We come from many different parts of the world, walk from all different parts of life but somehow at some points, I'm lucky to meet all of you, and we become friends, brothers, sister.

Not forget to mention my wonderful fans, blog readers, followers or even my haters. You guys are my true motivation every day. And I hope you will still read this blog when I blog about my sexiest 30th birthday party ;)

Til then, I'll talk to you again soon.
Crystal Phuong
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