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About Me

About Me
CrystalPhuong.net is a Personal Style & Travel Blog based in Singapore, written by Crystal Phuong. The blog was nominated FOUR times in Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in the annual Singapore Blog Award from 2012- 2015, voted as one of the Best Lifestyle Blogs in Singapore in 2013 by Hotelclub.com, and Best Travel Blogs in 2016 by Foodpanda.com. Crystal hopes to connect and inspire young women to lead a healthy and happy life. Be confident, be positive, and be kind.


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Hi everyone,
Look what I have for you today! There will be an awesome giveaway at the end of this blog entry, so be sure to read til the end to find out how to enter. ;)

Now, care for some dessert? :D 

Don't be fooled by me. These are more than just cakes: they are SOAP CAKES with many different "flavors" like lemon, berry, raspberry and chocolate for you to choose from. You may be asking yourself: "Where can I find these unique soap cakes from?". It's from no other place than SHEA, a small boutique shop located in Orchard Central, Orchard. It's like a hidden gem in the heart of shopping paradise. 

First things first, posing at the shopfront. The colorful soaps, candles and gifts from the entrance attracted me and many passers-by. 

Once stepping inside, I got lost from so many beauty items, skincare, bodycare, hair care products which I did not know where to look at. They all were calling my name. 

Shortly after that, the shop-owner took me to a tour and introduced to me each and every single product they are selling. 

SHEA offers fine vegetarian handmade body care & aromatic fragrances from France, India, England, Australia and Wales. They carry some of the purest and most moisturizing additive free soaps available. Their products are generally paraben, pthalate and SLS and EDTA free and thus, they are suitable for almost every skin types, from normal to sensitive skin.

There are 5 different brands that SHEA (probably the only company in Singapore) carries:

1. Bomb Cosmetics.
If you are living in or ever travel to UK, you've probably seen or heard about this brand. Besides the great quality, the fun, sweet and unique looking of each products makes it so hard for the customers to resist not to buy.

Bomb Cosmetics manufacture huge ranges of products which are vegetarian, handmade, contain natural ingredients, pure essential oils, have a high glycerin content for ultra skin care and not tested on animals.

From bodycare: shower gel, shower butter, shower scrub, body cream.

to handmade soap slices with many different fragrances: chocolate, fruity, herbal, sensual, floral, perfumes, etc...God! I'm having hard time to type them all here. 

Very unique and cute Bath Blasters look almost like cupcakes. 

Different colors for different smells. I tried the Fruit Fountain Bath Blaster at home once and I got addicted. The smell is AMAZING!

Besides skincare and body care products, I was also attracted to this romantic corner where all Bomb Cosmetics candles are displayed. Their candles contain pure essential oils that will last for hours and hours. This is something that we can't find in normal candle in the super market. 

Want to have candle light dinner or romantic moment with your boyfriend at home, throw away your normal candle and use these instead :D

2. Le Serail (The French Soap Store)
Le Serail is proud to produce some of the purest handmade olive oils soaps on the planet. Their products are vegetarian, handmade, contain natural ingredients, generally fragrance free (some contain pure essential oils), have a very high glycerin & olive oil content (72%) for ultra skin care and not tested on animals.

They do not contain SLS, parabens & EDTA. They are wonderfully rich and moisturizing and
suitable for all skin types especially very sensitive skins. As such, they are suitable for infants and babies.

Some colorful olive oil content soaps. You HAVE TO go to their store to discover all the new and wonderful items they have. There are too many for me to upload all in one blog entry.

Besides handmade soap, Le Serail also develops a very gentle shampoo shower cream that is manufacturered traditionally. 

 3. You're Gorgeous
Another soap product from Wales, also sold in SHEA. You're Gorgeous of Wales have been manufacturing pure cold press handmade soaps for a long time. Their soap are natural handmade to be as pure and authentic as possible, soapmaking from scratch from fine plant oils and extracts, botanicals, organic ingredients, aromatherapy blends and essential oils. 

Here I was slicing the soap bar into small pieces. You can buy one soap bar to use for long time or a single sliced piece. 

4. Nyassa.
This Nyassa of India has been in existence for about 7 years. They manufacture purely vegetarian soaps, shower gels and other essential oils in their products. This results in fragrances that stay on products leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized without dryness.

Again, this is vegetarian, handmade, contain natural ingredients, pure essential oils, have a
high glycerin content for ultra skin care and not tested on animals. We all can be beautiful and not hurt the earth :D

 Last but not least,

5. Specialty Soap 

Specialty Soap Shoppe of Australia handmade soaps are designed for those with gentle or sensitive skin using a special blend of vegetable oils that have been tried and proven over the last 9 years! Specialty Soap Shoppe products use pure goats milk and natural Australian honey for the two top selling special ranges.
 All handmade soaps are hand cut and allowed to dry for a period before wrapping. This ensures that the final product we bring to you is gentle on your skin and forms a nice firm, long lasting bar.

I was told that this product is perfect for people who have skin, agnes problem. So if you do, why not try their vegetarian, handmade soap once and see how it can help?

Ok, enough with products talk, now it's time for TESTING! SHEA let me pick any product that I like in their store to try and here are my picks:

 I know, they are so many and I'll try to give as many reviews as possible. 

 Shampooing Douche from Le Serail. I tried the big bottle and I love the natural jasmin smell it leaves on my hair. My scarf is pretty sensitive and it does not like normal shampoo with high chemical. Apparently, it seems to LOVE Leserail shampoo and I've been using it daily without any problem.

 Soap, soap and soap in different sizes, shapes and smells. Can't complain much as my bathroom has great smell even for 5 hours after my shower 

 Bath blasters. 

Natural sea sponge is truly from the sea. 

Oh, love this Bombshells Cosmetics! I took 1 set but in different fragrances: Vanilla Shower Butter, Rose Body Cream, Shower Scrub, Raspberry Shower Gel. I'm going to show you the up-close of each individual product. 

Body Scrub

 Raspberry Shower Gel. It smells exactly like Raspberry :D

Vanilla Shower Butter. 

 Rose Body Cream. I've been using it everyday after shower and I'm super in love with it: lovely smell, fine texture and non-sticky. 

 Here comes the Facial set: Face Mask, Face Scrub, Face Wash. 

What is your facial routine? I'm going to show you mine using the Bombs Cosmetics products since some of you have been asking me: how do I take care of my skin, how my skin can be so smooth and flawless. 

Here is my secret. 

1. Face Cleansing. 

 2. Facial Scrub
My skin is combination skin type and so I recommend to do it once a week only. 

3. Facial mask (once a week)

How do you take care of your skin? Do you do facial mask and scrub often? If you don't because you don't know what products are good to use, here is great chance for you to try out SHEA products.

I'm so happy to announce that SHEA is giving away to one of my luckiest blog readers 1 FACIAL SET as below

There are many other fragrance choices, you can change it to whatever you like.


All you have to do is:

1. Like me on Facebook & Follow me on Instagram
2. Like SHEA Facebook page.

3. Leave me a comment and let me know "What facial products are you using?" with hash tag #CrystalSHEA. Also, let me know what is your instagram username so that I can check. Remember, you MUST follow me on Facebook & Instagram & SHEA Facebook in order to be qualified. 

I'll select a random winner and announce it on my blog on 15th March 2013. This contest is open to Singapore residents only.

Doesn't matter you are male or female, if you care enough for your look, health, beauty, it's time for you to do something. JOIN MY GIVEAWAY NOW!

Thank to SHEA Singapore for sponsoring this giveaway, check out their shop at:

 #B2-47/48, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896
web : www.shea.com.sg
Phone : +65 62381690 
Email : sales@theoldfactory.org

Thank you for reading, my loves!

I'll talk to you again soon!

***26/2/2013: UPDATE:

EVEN GREATER NEWS! SHEA is giving away FREE 50g bar of hand made cold process high glycerine soap to my FIRST 100 blog readers only (til 31st March 2013) and 10% OFF total bill to ALL my blog readers. 
Simply go to their shop and tell them that you read their story on Crystal Phuong's blog to get your freebie and discount. 
Happy shopping my loves! :D
Crystal Phuong
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