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Jul 28, 2014


Many people have asked me the same question via online or in real life: "Where did you get that?", whenever they saw me wearing something new. I told them: "I bought it at home", and they thought I was joking. I wasn't.

The truth is, I'm an online-Shopaholic. I enjoy shopping on the websites while having a glass of Moscato at home, eating my fruit platter, and feeling like a Queen. With the help of technology nowadays, it becomes much easier for us to shop in the US, UK or Australia without having to travel to all those places. 

Shopping on many different websites gives me enough experience to share with you: What is the best online shopping portal that you should go to, which website is safe to shop for luxury items, etc.... The website that I'm about to share with you is not only a trusted website, but also one of the best luxury online shopping sites, in my opinion. Introducing to you, luxury shopping heaven: SHOPBOP

Take a look at the website, browse through some items, or better still, try to buy something, you'll experience the same things that I'm about to share with you. Let me tell you why Shopbop could be your best online shopping destination too. 

1. FREE Express International Shipping and Return (Return within 30 days). 

This is one of the many reasons why I love Shopbop. They take care of the most important issue when it comes to shopping from a thousand miles away, at our finger tip. Before knowing Shopbop, I used to pay approximately $60- $100 for shipping fees every time I shopped on certain US websites. Trust me, I know how painful it feels to pay for shipping fees, which (sometimes) cost more than the value of all the items combined. When I first visited Shopbop website, I almost screamed when I saw their offer, not only free, but express delivery service. Your favorite item will arrive at your doorstep much sooner than you expect. It feels like Christmas comes early.

Besides Free express shipping, Shopbop also offers Easy Return within 30 days via DHL so that you don't have to worry if your purchased item doesn't fit you.

2. Best Customer Service.

I have experienced the worst customer service in one of the luxury shopping websites, and I truly believe, good Customer Service is everything we need. How fast they respond to our questions, how efficiently they address our concerns and solve our problem (if any), etc.... These are what matter most, and I appreciate Shopbop has a 24/7 customer service hotline and email in all languages to serve customers from different parts of the world. You do not only pay for a luxury item, but also for the luxury customer service standard.

3. Super convenient and user-friendly. 

From looking for an item to the checkout process, everything is done so easily and efficiently. I love how Shopbop categorizes all the items so conveniently for their customers to browse. Secured payment and checkout is processed as quickly as possible to save you time. It's all about speed in this era, you know?

4. Huge range of products.

With stock of over 600 brands that range from Havaianas to Giuseppe Zanotti, from Kate Spade New York to 3.1 Phillip Lim, no matter what piece of clothing, shoes or bags you are looking for, you name it, Shopbop has a version of it. I get lost for hours on the website every single time I visit.

There are many great things about shopping on Shopbop that I would like to share with you, but I guess, you have to experience it yourself to create your own story and share it with others. I am extremely honored and proud to announce that I'll be partnering with Shopbop for the next 3 months to introduce to you the latest products, fashion trends, and style tips from Shopbop. At the same time, I would like to invite you to join me in the weekly online shopping journey, to experience the luxury shopping at your finger tip on my most favorite website: Shopbop.

Thank you so much for reading!
Till next time! 
Photo credit to: Shopbop

P/s: This blog entry is written in collaboration with Shopbop to promote for their products and services to my blog readers. All the opinions and feedback are based on my true experience shopping on the website. Please feel free to drop me or Shopbop an email should you have any clarification or concern. I personally love Shopbop, and I have been shopping on the website for more than a year. I hope you'll love it as much as I do. Happy shopping! 

Jul 24, 2014


Having to dress up in high heels, pencil skirts or dresses for work from Monday to Friday always makes me crave for a casual outfit whenever I'm off duty. Unless I'm going for a photo shoot or attending an event on the weekend, I try to dress down as often as possible. Even fashion bloggers get tired of dressing up all the time, you know? With many maxi dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, and mini skirts in the closet fighting for my attention, I find myself coming back to the same piece over and over again. The cute denim shorts is the piece I'm talking about. They are so adorable, versatile and chic. I can think of a hundred ways to wear them, and none of the looks would be repeated.

Besides the simple T-shirt, booties or sneakers, I love pairing the denim shorts with the button down shirt and gladiator sandals for a chic and edgy look. It's so appropriate for brunch, shopping, or even a casual date. Knowing that I'm going to walk a lot during the weekend, especially when I travel, I purposely look for a pair of gladiators that are so comfortable and chic. After searching high and low for so long, I have finally found a perfect pair of shoes.

If you don't have a pair of gladiators, I strongly suggest you should look for one! Do it now, and you can thank me later ;). Shopbop and Nordstrom have spoiled me with so many choices, I hope they'll spoil you too, in a good way of course! ;)

Thank you so much for reading!
ZARA boyfriend shirt- Also love this one
ZARA denim shorts- Also love this one
Valentino Studded Crossbody bag
BCBGeneration Gladiator sandals.
Lionette by Noa Sade necklace via Revolve Clothing
Marc Jacob sunglasses
Cuff bracelet- Thanks to HerFashionBox


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