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Time flies so fast! My semester break ended 2 days ago, I still thought it hasn't ended yet. Perhaps, it's because I spent my semester holiday in Vietnam with my family and friends. It was a really good time for me to refresh my mind and my heart after such a long time with hard work and study. Almost 2 years living far away from home, this 3 week holiday time seemed not enough for me as I had a lot of things to do. The only thing I hate is the weather this time was so cold, so it stopped me from doing many things as I was so lazy to go out. However, it's very romantic if you go for a walk with your bf/gf hand in hand in this kind of scene and foggy weather.

Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi in the morning

So you want to know, what did I do in Vietnam and how did I enjoy my holiday?

First week, I was busy to go here and there to search for some materials to make dance costumes, went shopping with my close friends and stayed awake until very late to cut and sew costumes...It was really interesting, if you were there, i'm sure that you would be addicted in shopping like me :d. Let's see...

At the street

Second week, I spent most of my time to visit my relatives of both my mother and father's side. I visited my grandmother and grandfather. They look older and weaker this year because they are already over 80years old. I wish they will be healthier and live longer with us.

with my grandfather

I also spent quite some times with my friends, my brother's friends, my mom's students... Everyday was full of parties and drinks. Very joyful and fun!

Third week, my students kidnapped me. The whole last week, I rarely had dinner at home with my family because my students asked me to teach two of them 2hours everyday. The last 2 days, Sat and Sun, I taught them 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and evening. I felt tired, but their enthusiasm and effort motivated me more to teach them. And i was really happy to see their much improvement. Wish them will get a good result in the coming competition in March!

I came back Malaysia at 10.30pm Monday. I feel really satisfied because I could do whatever I wanted to do and this holiday time brought freshness to me to be ready for next semester with so many things waiting for me to do in front of my eyes.

I believe you also had a good holiday at Xmas, New Year with your family and friends. For those who are my Vietnamese and Chinese friends, Happy Lunar New Year to all of you and your families with many succcess and happiness.


  1. Hi Nancy I came by your blog quite randomly. It is fascinating. I've ALWAYS wanted to go to your part of the world. Many years ago I was due to fly to Thailand (to go Vietman, Laos, Myanmar & Cambodia also) but I ended up in INDIA!! (All my friends were going there so...)

    I do like your blog & I've bookmarked it. Do come by mine. My life is exceedingly different to yours...!!

    All the best

  2. Hello Gledwood,
    I really appreciate what you said and thank you for visiting my blog. I did read your blog but i still can't discover who you are :( because maybe you used a different name to post into my blog, didn't you?
    Your blog is also interesting :)
    Anyway, all the best to you too.

  3. Gledwood, I found you :) Welcome my new friend. How did you know my blog? i'm very curious :)

  4. I found it by pressing the "next blog" button at the top. I do that quite a lot to look for something interesting, see I found it here.

  5. I see, so smart are you :) Thank for your support :)

  6. Hi Nancy I was wondering about what you said "cold" in Vietnam ???

    Then I looked Hanoi up on Google & I see what you mean.

    But south Vietnam is warm in winter, surely?

    And Malaysia is warm all the year round, no?

  7. Hi Gled,
    This winter in north of Vietnam where i live is very cold, but in south of Vietnam, the weather is same as in Msia. Warm and hot all the year round. But i think it's not as cold as in your country, rite? So far, how are u? Where were you last days?