March 12, 2007 Crystalicious 0 Comments

Hi guys!

Support me! I'm starting my small business now. If any of you or your friends are looking for a dancing costume, dance dress, outfit for practice, you can contact me. Here are some costumes that I made myself, some are new one (never worn before), some are second hand (worn 2,3 times) but it still looks because I've already added in few gross of crystal. 

 Accessories go together with each costume will bring to you a brilliant and outstanding look on the dance floor. I have total 30 Latin costumes and dresses all together so you can choose what you like most and most suitable for you. I also receive a customer's order base on measurement, but only tailor for Latin costume :). If you want to try out, don't hesitate to contact me. Let's take a look at my collection:


NCDF Dance Fashion

For new arrival outfits, please check it out the website NCRYSTAL DANCE FASHION