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About Me

About Me
CrystalPhuong.net is a Personal Style & Travel Blog based in Singapore, written by Crystal Phuong. The blog was nominated FOUR times in Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in the annual Singapore Blog Award from 2012- 2015, voted as one of the Best Lifestyle Blogs in Singapore in 2013 by Hotelclub.com, and Best Travel Blogs in 2016 by Foodpanda.com. Crystal hopes to connect and inspire young women to lead a healthy and happy life. Be confident, be positive, and be kind.
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Showing posts with label dance. Show all posts


Aloha everyone! 

Weekend is here and it's a long holiday for us. "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" to all my Muslim friends. No matter how good or bad your week was, it's time to let it go, relax and stay focus on what's next. 

This is gonna be a long blog entry which combines 2 Weekly Wardrobe episodes into 1 and a lot of photos for you to see. Sorry for delaying though, I was so busy and totally didn't have time to blog. 

Anyway, here are the outfit photos of what I wore the week before last week.

White stripe on black chiffon shirt from Forever21 with white pants. I don't understand why many people don't like to wear white pants. They are so elegant, pure and chic. Most of the time, when I recommend my friends to try on the white pants, they always give me the same objection "It's easy to get dirty", "It makes me look fat" or "It looks gay" (for a guy). That's not true. Believe me! Whether it's "Yay" or "Nay", it really depends on how you wear it, what to mix, what to pair with a white pants that compliments your body and look. But first of all, you must be willing to try it on. 

 Get this look
Black chiffon shirt: Forever21
White pants: Jean Paul Gartier (similar)
Accessories: Forever21 (similar)
Shoes: Forever21

Lace shirt, hot pink pencil skirt and a pony tail hairstyle. When wearing lace, sheer or see-through outfit, don't forget to wear same color camisole or solid color bra with full coverage inside. Remember, you want to look sexy, not slutty. 

 Get this look
Lace shirt: MSGM (similar)
Pink pencil skirt: Forever21 (similar)
Pink belt:  B-Low The Belt

Super-woman! That's what my friend called me when they saw me in this jumpsuit with big bold gold accessories. Like a wonder woman, lolz. 

 Get this look
Black jumpsuit: ASOS (similar)
Bangles: Forever21 
Gold choker: BEBE
Shoes: Forever21

In reality, I think I'm a super-woman who can run and do many things at once. After work, I went for 2 hours heavy dance practice with my partner at Scape. We were practicing for a talent competition on Sunday. Only 4 days practicing for a real show, that's how heavy our practices were. I love dancing but I hate last minute preparing like that and I keep complaining it to my partner all the time. He just ignores coz he knows i will still do it in the end. I'm so soft-hearted, I think. 

 That's my dance partner was trying to feed me some foods after my dance practice. Very sweet of him! 

Cute chiffon top from Forever21 with a HUGE heart shape in front. My size might be small but my heart is bigger than yours :D. 
 Get this look
Chiffon blouse: Forever21
Jeans: DKNY
Earrings: Swarovski (similar)

Went for dance practice and rehearsal again as there was only 1 day left to our competition and I still couldn't remember our routine yet. It was changed completely and I had to remember everything within 4 days. It was crazy. 
 I and my partner on the cab heading to Avalon club for our rehearsal. 

Competition day. I got myself prepared with all the makeup, costumes and accessories. 

 Smokey eyes makeup and red lips. What do you think? 

 with costumes and accessories on. We were pretty much ready. 

 One more pose before getting up on stage. 

In action. 

"I'm flying without wings"

Thanked to all the audiences, supporters. We were selected into final of Avalon's Got Talent- a talent competition organized by Avalon club. After finishing our dance, I quickly left the place and headed home as it was 1.30am. I had to get up early at 7.30am for work -_-

Despite sleeping at 3am, I managed to get up at 7.30am sharp without feeling tired or exhausted at all. A little sleepiness, yes but that's about all. Don't ask me how and where did I get such great energy. I have no idea. 

 Here I was looking so fresh and sweet in my Hi-low royal blue shirtdress from F21 with the butterfly necklaces.

Get this look
Hi-low shirtdress: Forever21 
Butterfly necklace: Target (similar)
Bangles: Need Supply Co (similar)
Shoes: Forever21

Vintage look with a new pair of vintage earrings I just bought, peach color chiffon blouse paired up with beautiful hi-low skirt from Forever21. I super love this skirt because it made me feel extra feminine. It gave me so much movement and freedom when I walked and created such a beautiful picture frame when the wind blew it up. 

 Simple makeup and hair. Notice my ultra-long earrings? :D
 Get this look
Peach chiffon shirt:  Forever21 
Hi-low skirt: Forever21
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (similar)
Earrings: Hot Topic (similar)

Double seriousness with black chiffon blouse and suede circle skirt. It's also a good combination, color- balance between black and beige colors. While black color sometimes makes you look slightly older than your actual age, beige/ nude color usually makes you look younger. Another tip, whenever you want to make yourself look younger or feel younger, try on a full circle skirt. It's a Sweet  Young Thing kinda clothing that you should not miss out. :D

 Get this look:
Black round neck shirt: Forever21
Beige circle skirt: Net-a-porter (similar)
Black pumps;  Jessica Simpson (similar)
Sunglasses: Coach
Belt:  French Connection (similar)

I was too busy on Thursday running around with few meetings back to back so I didn't have time to snap photo of my outfit. And Yes, I was lazy too. 

Party time! I went out for dinner and drink with my friend on Friday night at Club street and was wearing my favorite bodycon dress from Forever21. Got this dress for only S$17 and it turned out to be amazingly beautiful...on me *evil laugh*. 

 Get this look!
Bodycon dress: Forever21
Watch: Swarovski
Earrings: Hot Topic (similar)
Necklace: Forever21

Another day preparing for our final dance at Avalon's Got Talent. I and my partner were so stressed out because we had a very difficult dance step that we couldn't get it done properly. It required our great coordination, strength, stamina and timing...Of course many injuries, bruises and pain too. And guess what? We only had 1 day to practice for it. I was so nervous. Luckily, on Saturday, we had a chance to practice at the most expensive, beautiful and luxurious dance studio ever in Marina Bay Sands hotel. The dance studio is huge with spectacular view all around. We danced much better in the studio like that. I wish it was mine -_-

 Can you see how beautiful this dance studio is?

Got ready for the dance competition with my hair done first. I was wearing a cute bare back barbie doll top-dress which soon will be sold in My Crystal's Closet online store :D

With costume and makeup done. 

 I and my partner. We both got so nervous because we were the first contestant who performed. 

Photo taking with other male dancers in the house. 

Another cam-whoring shoot before we went up. 

and here we were doing what we do best. 

 Spinning while audiences were screaming our name. 

My signature pose: Upside-down split. 

Thank God! We did it well. The crowd was crazy, screaming from beginning til the end of the show. It felt so great to be on stage, to perform, to show my passion and love.

We didn't win the 1st prize though, the group of 7 guys who danced hiphop won but we really enjoyed the time, the moment. I still remembered when I finished my dance and was walking down, everyone tried to hold my hand, gave me big smiles and said "You are amazing! It was awesome performance. Congrat". That made me feel so happy. 

The competition ended around 1.30am and I quickly wrapped up everything to go back. Again, I gotta get up at 7.30am for work. Believe it or not? I was so sleepy and exhausted that I dozed off while I was walking to taxi stand. I got home at 1.50am, had a shower, washed my hair, removed makeup and went to bed at freaking 3.30am. 

Now you know why I couldn't blog in the past 2 weeks? Lolz! *just kidding*. Ok! Not gonna give any excuse anymore, I'll try to blog more often because I know if I don't, you will miss me like mad. 

For now, just enjoy your long holiday and don't think too much about work, stress, problem, etc...Your mind and your body need to rest. Give them a favor. 

Me too! Time to zZzzzzz

See you in next post. 

Crystal Phuong

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24th Singapore International Ballroom Dancing Championship

24th Singapore International Ballroom Dancing Championship

The biggest and most awaited competition of the year was finally over. For God's sake, it took so much of my time, energy and commitment to this special competition. I and my partner had been practicing for 3 hours every day without fail during the last 2 months. I can't explain how exhausted I was, how painful my feet and back were, how stress I felt. Sometimes, I even felt like giving up but many encouragements, supports from friends pushed me further, beyond my limit. And at last, WE MADE IT even though it was our very first competition together in Professional Latin category. I'm happy with what I've done.

I still haven't gotten out of the joy and happiness yet for whatever we have achieved. OMG! It's just so amazing. Gotta share with you some photos during the competition.

I at my make up the corner which was the corner of the dance hall :D. 

Beautifying process. The cool thing was nobody found I'm weird because every other girls did the same thing as I did during the competition. It's fun. 

Banana for energy :D

I have fans here!

Taking a photo with a Korean girl (on my left) and Vietnamese girl (my right side) who got so impressed by our dance show. They wanted to have a photo with us. 

So here you go! Don't look at my partner's abs, it's depressing I know. 

I and Michael before our show dance started.

One more. 
Many people said we both look pretty much like brother and sisterr :D

Ok, enough of photos. Now..

watch the videos

Professional Showdance presenation

Professional Latin- Samba

Professional Latin- Chachacha

Professional Latin- Rumba

Professional Latin- Jive

At the end of the day, hard work was all paid off!!!!

We won 1st runner up for "Showdance" category

My beautiful crystal trophy. Welcome to Crystal's trophy collections :D

But that's not the end yet. After the victory, we are now starting our journey of 3 hours practicing a day again for the up-coming competitions: Singapore Open Dance Championship which will be held this weekend 6th November 2011, a day after my birthday and Bangkok International Dancesport Championship on 13th November in Bangkok. It's crazy!

Hopefully, it all will be good! I'll update you more once I return from the competitions. Stay tuned and wish me luck :D
Crystal Phuong

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Finally, the longest competition that I ever attended "Singapore Dance Fiesta" was over yesterday. It was long, tiring plus exciting competition after all. It took a month for God's sake from 19th February to 19th March with 3 rounds: preliminary, semi- final and final. I bet not only the contestants but also the organizing committee members were tired as well. However, the result pleased all of us and I'm proud to let you know

We have won 1st runner up in Open Dance Category!!!! :D
We brought back home S$1000 cash, 1 set of Xbox Kinect, Media Player and 2 trophies :D
Now talking about money and prizes, everyone is getting jealous with me for sure. But do you know what we have gone through to achieve these? You wouldn't want to try, I bet! 

I and my partner, Michael Badong went crazy practiced everyday like two crazy kids. After bloody tiring 8 hours working, I had to rush back for 2 more hours practicing without taking dinner (sometimes) without fail. Body pain, sweat, bruises, weight loss, tiredness...That's all we went through. To the extend, I wanted to quit the competition because of the stress. Gosh! That was crazy, but somehow the strong mind and encouragement made me to continue to fight

Let me take you to look back at our journey from the start:

1. Preliminary round, 20th February at Marina Square.

It was only three days after our registration! We didn't prepare much and mostly relied on the routine that we have done a couple of times ago. That's it! We went to compete as if we went for performance. Saying this I mean, going for competition is very much different from the performances. Competition is where you are under the pressure of winning or loosing whilst performance is where people cherish and admire you. That's how different feelings they are. However, as we both are "over-confident" in ourselves *lolz* that's why we just went to show what we got. And yes, we made it to semi-final round! 

Getting my makeup done at home before the competition. Most of the time, my dance competition make up, hair do are done by myself. Not sure whether it's good or bad though, but so far, no bad comment, lolz. Anyone wants to learn? I don't mind sharing tips ^_^

From the start...


and spinning

till the end:

Everytime, we perform Showdance Salsa, I realize the audiences get so excited about our stunts, lifting and spinning. Look at my small but super damn strong partner carried me like nobody's business. Believe it or not, he can even lift me up on top with just 1 hand
Watch our dance if the photos can't satisfy you:

2. Semi- final round 5th March 2011 at Power House, St. James Power Station.
We knew that we were in final, hence the semi- final round was just a preview show to the final. Nevertheless, we put effort to give to audiences and judges a new dance: The Rumba. It was a dance of Love, very sad and touching Love. It even took some tears from one of the judges and I just love how the crowd reacted at the end of our dance. Priceless satisfaction and happiness! 

Also, going to the semi- final round, I had many friends, supporters came down to watch and support us. Here they are

Streetdirectory gang

Love them all! 

With my partner: Michael Badong :) I just love dancing and practicing with him even though sometimes I got annoyed because he talks too much, hahaha....But it was fun and Michael is such a talented dancer. 

On the stage

Didn't have many photos during my dance, but I managed to record a very nice video instead.


3. Final round 19th March 2011 at Power House
The party and competition got more exciting as there were only a few contestants to the final. My open dance category left with 5 of us and everyone was guessing who would be the winner. I didn't want to guess anything, headache! Just dance our way. Two days before the final, everyone was texting me, wishing me luck and sending many messages on my facebook wall. It made me so nervous when thinking if I couldn't win. Anyway, thank you to everyone, especially who were there with me on Saturday. 

See the similar faces? Yes, the Streetdirectory gang came to support me again in the final.  

With the boys: Hong, me and Eddie with his funny face, again. 

and the girls: Alicia, me and Jenny. 

Who is this little angel? 
My smallest, cutest, youngest fan, I guess :D. 

She was so attracted to my costumes and kept playing with the tassels. She just wanted to see me dancing and wanted to dance with me too. Want to know how she danced?
Here you go!

Lolz! No other word besides cuteness. 

Wearing my bangles with happiness and acting cute :D

At last, after 2 hours waiting, the result was finally revealed. I got nervous even more because I wasn't sure if I could win anything. There was a small accident with my costumes and my leg got cramped a little, thus the dance wasn't 100% successful as expected. Michael was even more anxious than I was. However, when the 2 DJs announced, we both were thrilled :D
We made it and we didn't let our friends, fans, supporters disappointed. Presenting to you our trophies ^_^, 1 BIG and 2 small ones :D 

Close up of the Crystal trophy. Happy to the max!

The winner took the stage. We look pretty outstanding because of our shiny costumes, lolz.

Last but not least, how could I forget this man

Keef and I. 
He is the best supporter of mine. Never fail in attending any event, dancing competition I have.

With Michael, me and Keef. 

That was it! It's over and the joy, memories are still in my mind. I still thought that I'm going for a dance practice tomorrow, lolz.

Thank you everyone who cheered me up, encouraged and supported me. 
Thank to the organizer for the wonderful event too. Such a great commitment and effort
Also, I must thank to the sponsors of this competition and now we can have Xbox to play and an awesome Media Player with 2TB to store all the files. Love it!

And now, stay tuned for the video of the final dance! I'll post it up soon

29th March 2011: 

There are numbers of photos during my final dance that I managed to get from internet. Pretty cool photos, courtesy of SAFRA team. Love the photos:


And ten, with 2 emcees from Power 98!

And here is the long awaited video :D

Crystal Phuong

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