Dear Dad, 

Today, the whole world is celebrating Father's Day but I'm sure this time,at home You never notice what day it is. Definitely because Vietnamese people especially old generation like Dad are still very new to this date :( ....Suddenly, i miss you so much. Looking at my friends who are celebrating and giving best wishes to their fathers, i'm jealous and sad because this time, nobody gives any wish to my Dad (I don't know whether my brother knows this Father's Day). 

Each time, missing your daughter, You only can see her through the very small photo in your mobile phone which is not big either. :( This letter I'm writing to you is also unable to reach you because "each time, looking at computer, I can't see anything clear and feel tired. I rather go back and call to my daughter. Much better".... 

  If only this time I were at home, I would love washing your hair, giving you a massage, cooking a good meal for you....I love hugging you so tight and kissing on your cheeks even now I'm no longer a 5 or 10 years old little girl. I still remember every single memory between You and Me. The first day I entered school, learning how to write initial words in alphabet, Mom was busy at work, You sacrificed your work to stay home just to teach me how to write nicely. Until now, if there is anyone gives me compliment like "Wow, your handwriting is so nice" I feel thankful and proud of you so much. 

Memory of the time, you stayed up whole night to help me answer my difficult math exercise and woke me up at 3am just to explain to me the answer. And even the time that I was on first day of my period, you advised me what to do to protect and to take care of myself. I also remember your tears at the airport when seeing me walking out from the arrival hall, waiting for me so long made you feel scared of bad things would happen to me just because lately you heard so many news about airplane accident or something like that....Muackkk, love you so much... 

Now, I've grown up, I can make money on my own to survive, can go out to teach people...but in your eyes, i know, I'm still a very small, little daughter. On the other hand, I also can feel that You always respect me, talk to me as a friend regarding any important issue within our family. You give me the feeling of being mature woman in family and I really thank you for that. 

Dad, but you know, sometimes, I've had problems in my life when I'm living far away from family, I always dreamed about you. Each time dreaming was a time i was full of tears and tears keep dropping even when I already woke up. Why like that??? Don't know whether at the same time, you had feeling of somebody calling your name? People said we look alike like 2 drops of water, from finger, toe to the diseases in our bodies, from the way we are thinking to the way we are speaking...then there should be 6th sense between us. Is it so? 

On the occasion of Father's Day, I only want to wish you a good healt. Recently few years, I and my brother have been stable in our career, our family is happy, your mentality stress and emotion are released too much. You look younger and more handsome, you know that? 

Happiness is shining through your eyes, i can see it :) I will try to make you happy always like that. I promise. But you also have to promise me: Don't ever cry when you feel miss me so much...:) 

I'm going to call you later when I finish this letter to you.

I love you!..




Finally, after for so long choosing and waiting, Crystal has found a man in her life. He is just a normal man like others in this world, but he is special because he loves Crystal so so much, more than everything in his life.

Their house they are staying just a small house, but equipped and full of flowers surrounding.

Every morning wake up, if not a rose, then it must be a kiss, he sends to Crystal to wake her up...Wow, how sweet he is! Weekend, Crystal and husband like traveling, especially go to the beach because Crystal loves beaches so much. She loves to walk along the beach with her hubby hand in hand and saying sweet words to each other... Life is so wonderful!

This is the car that hubby gives Crystal on her birthday with her name shining bling-bling. The is no second one in this world ^o^

Traveling is a common hobby of Crystal and husband to enjoy their life. Every time traveling, Crystal feels their love is refreshing and renewing and she also loves her husband so much. This is the airplane that Crystal and husband normally use to travel

Appreciating at what her husband gives her, Crystal tries to treat him well by good meals in a day with healthy and nutritious foods... So delicious, isn't it?

And above all, she presents the husband, two beautiful angels, the most beautiful children in this world.

Crysta's husband is a successful man. They don't have to think of money in their life, but they also never forget to help the poor people around them especially the poor children to help them have better life.

This makes Crystal happy. She is really thankful for her life that it's too lucky for her to have a good husband in her life. And she wishes everybody could be lucky and happy as she is.

P/s: This story is written based on my own imagination and dream. What I'm trying to say is  "never give up on your dream because they can become true one day"