New Year


There are only almost 6 hours left before a NEW YEAR. I would like to take this chance to make a wish to all of my friends and your families for a coming new year with HAPPINESS, LUCK AND SUCCESS.

Those who haven't got a job will be employed this year.
Those who are still single will have a boyfriend/girlfriend this year.
Those who are in Love will have even better and happier Love life.
Who is having financial problems will gain much money this year.
Who is having health problem will be healthier and stronger.

This 2008 year is Rat year, according to the Chinese horoscope, this might be not a good year for me. But I do believe that, ATTITUDE WILL DEFEAT THE BAD LUCK. So tonight, I'm gonna go to pray. This is my usual routine every year end to wish for a better coming new year.

Career will be more stable. Love will be happy forever. And family will be happy always.

Look back last year, I think I've achieved what I want so far. And I'm happy with all changes in my life.
So i hope you guys will be happy too, and don't ever forget:

A little small talk at the year end with you.




I don't know why lately I received quite a number emails, writing about love stories from my friends. Perhaps, they want to cheer me up when I'm in Love? Or they want to teach me something? Anyhow, I also thank you for all these sweet emails. Some are really very interesting to read. You may say I'm very arrogant or picky or whatever, but my style is:
  • I don't like to receive all those forwarded SMS, the type of 1 sms can send to 10 people. That's why you will see normally, I don't reply those email or sms. (Sorry if I offend your kindness or care for me, I didn't mean that). But if you just write sms by your own to me, no matter how busy I am, I definitely reply it.

  • I don't normally share my own personal story life like love story, love relationship etc.... So don't waste your time asking me "How are you and your boyfriend, husband?" You will receive the answer is always "I'm fine. Happy :) "
But anyhow, I still need to thank you, friends so much for your care. Just want to share with you one of the stories that I've received.


Love is always the most beautiful and splendid emotion in the world. I assume that a Love like a Tree which needs to take care by water, sunshine, and anti-worm treatment every day. There are so many types of worm on the Love Tree.

There is one name JEALOUS. This worm when it is small, its color looks almost like tree color, thus it's very difficult to find. At first, when it's small, it just plays around on the tree, tickling here and there. And the tree just feels nice and comfortable like being massaged. However, the older it grows, the more damage it causes slowly from each leaf to the whole body.

The second worm called COLD worm. COLD worm is very formal and careful in its move because it also scares to damage the tree. However, when time goes longer, this worm will spit out many ICE or even SNOW to freeze the tree and then Love tree will die.

Another one is ANGRY worm. Normally, this worm will hide quietly inside and hardly see it. But when it explodes out, its power can destroy the tree within 1 night.

Fourth worms usually are STAGNATE one. It seems to be the least dangerous worm, but it always injects into the tree the anti-growth vitamin which makes the tree can't grow up but also can't die so fast. And finally, there is no producing by the end.

Last worm is TROUBLE. It's a very stupid worm. It tries to bite every single leaf everyday to destroy the whole tree. When people discover and throw him away, he still tries to come back and do the same thing. And his purpose is only successful when people are too tired to kill the worms, they don't even bother to solve and just let it go.

So be careful with all these worms because no tree can immunize with the worms, can defeat them to survive. However, people can kill those worms because.


So below are the prescriptions for each worm. I will give you with FOC. However, you can't cure it by your own. You need to seek for the agreement and togetherness from your boyfriend/girlfriend as well. Then here you go.

PRESCRIPTION 1: Anti- Jealous worm treatment.

3 tablespoons of TRUST everyday. (Trust needs to build up not only by words, but also by action to prove people to trust you.
5 tablespoons of HONESTY everyday. (There is nothing more terrible than telling lies because sufferers will be both listener and speaker)

5 tablets of FAITH everyday. (If you commit to something or someone, try to keep yourself consistent and loyal)

Make sure you and your boyfriend/ girlfriend remind each other to drink together every day.

4 tablespoons of CARE (caring each other every day to make sure he/she is OK and you are always with her/him. Caring is not only PHYSICALLY (by email, sms, phone call, meeting...) not also just BODILY (health, pain, sick, etc...) but also EMOTIONALLY (mood, feeling, happy, unhappy and so on.... This is the most important, I guess).

3 tablets of ROMANTIC. (Girls are always crazy for it. That's why most of the girls like Korean movies if I'm not wrong). Romantic can be a surprise gift for non-occasional day, a kiss on every morning and before sleeping, having a holiday, taking shower together....and many more.

This prescription must take every day, even though the worm hasn't appeared yet.

6 tablets of RESPECT (When we are angry, normally we won't care about other's feeling. Respectfulness means we can't offend each other while we are in anger)

3 tablets of CONTROL. (Learn how to control not to be angry to live healthily. Even if you are very angry, try to avoid talking and only solve problems when you are calm down back)

3 tablets of CREATIVE. (Think of something new for both to do to boost up the feeling, go for a holiday...)
5 tablespoons of SEX. There are many cases that the husband/wife can't find the interest in SEX with their partner and slowly they feel bored and then no feeling for other things. This is extremely important. And you need to learn how to have a good sex life.


5 tablets of SHARING (Without sharing, your bf/gf can't know what you want and feel because he/she can't read your mind. Instead of sharing with other people, why not with him/her to settle your own feelings. The person from outside the story can't know exactly what going on to give you the best solution, it's two of you yourself)

Caution: Sharing to the third person might be very dangerous. Because the third party is always sweet and caring, slowly will "switch player". Third party replaces a main one. There are many TRIANGLE stories come from this.
3 tablets of ENCOURAGE. (Always encourage each other to overcome difficulties in life. Let her/him know that you are always there to support).


4 tablets of ACCEPT. (Learn how to accept him/her weaknesses because no one is perfect)

So I hope these prescription really can help you and your boyfriend/girlfriend stays happy together. Love and challenges are always together. Challenges will judge how strong your love is. So don't be afraid of it. If you can overcome all this, your Love is going to be eternally. However, remember.


Do take these prescription everyday to make sure your Love Tree is growing up healthily and rapidly. It needs PATIENCE AND CONSISTENCE too.

I think I also need to take "medicine" for my Love before it's too late :D

Happy all!




"...Good night" <~Message sent~> but I still couldn't sleep. Turn off then turn on the computer again, but I don't know what to do...Ok, then I write blog.

Tonight, I'm headache. Tonight I'm tired. Tonight I worry. Tonight I'm scared. Tonight I miss home. Tonight I feel lost. And tonight I'm sleepless.

Perhaps, BECAUSE....

My final exam really makes me headache. Not because it's difficult, but I can't concentrate on it 100%.


There are too many things, too many works to do. People say because I'm so greedy. I have no explanation for this. Sometimes, I ask what if I quit one? But the answer is IMPOSSIBLE because it's life and I was born with it.


The newspaper came out today was talking about foreign workers in Malaysia without working permit, including Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietnam. They are now under the strict supervision of police and been suffering the pain from the body to the soul, even more than that. I feel so much worry them and for someone.


I'm trying to be so tense to overcome everything. I'm trying to be strong girl to face whatever shit happens in life. That's why I'm tired. Actually, I can cry anytime If I can't take it anymore. And this moment, I just want to go home. Suddenly, I feel lost my interest of everything. EVERYTHING.


I don't know whether the way I'm going is right, but I haven't seen any exit yet. Where will I be in next spring? I'm supposed to know what, how, where my life would be. However, it's funny that I couldn't answer this question now.

Maybe I'm a too complicated girl. Maybe I worry too much. But at the present, I couldn't control... I couldn't help.




Lately, there is nothing new in my life to talk about. I totally run out of idea what to blog and I guess so do you. Perhaps, year ends, everyone seems busy with your own things. To me, nothing to complain ^_^ even just for fun. So bored! However, there was a memorable event for me at the end of the year.

Maybe some of you know that I will be graduating very soon (1 more week to enjoy my studying time while it lasts). And this final year, I had an honor to represent my university among thousands of students to attend a big conference of the year: NATIONAL MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE in Mandarin Oriental hotel on 5th Dec. I didn't know that I was chosen to attend this conference until last minute 4th Dec in the morning, my faculty staff called me to inform that. At first, I was so angry because of this last minute informing (you guys know that I hate doing thing at the last minute notice because I don't like to be arranged by people). At first, I wanted to say no because I had to work on that day. However, they said "It's compulsory". What to do?

Next morning, I woke up so early at 6.30pm to prepare, to make up, to dress up... and tried to reach the hotel at sharp 8.30am. Wow! So many people there and I felt that I was so small girl among all of the big managers, CEO, M.D of so many companies, a thousand of people I think. Luckily, that day I was wearing a formal suit. It made me feel a bit more confident because at least I didn't look like small girl in the adult event :D even though I'm working now. You see!

The event started at sharp 9a.m after we had breakfast served by the hotel. So yummy the food there!.  The conference took place quite long, from 9am until 6pm. However, we had a lot of breaks in between. Perhaps, this conference was organized for the BIG BOSSES of the companies (of course including me) thus, every time during break, we were served so nice foods and drinks. I couldn't remember how much food and drink I had but overall, I had a chance to travel from Japan with sushi king to western countries with all western food, Vietnamese food as well. The conference seemed to be shorten and not boring because of that.

All day long, I also had a chance to learn so many management experience from so many managers, CEOs of the big company. They came to share their ideas and knowledge. We had free books, free gift, free meals, free drink. Everything was free because my classmate had sponsored me for that. It worths almost RM1k to attend that conference. In conclusion, I felt happy and proud of myself for what I've gained during my study here.

Open ceremony, I don't know how they did that. They managed the ball to fly from outside to inside and stop right away on the stage for the Chairman of Public Bank to get the key then open the door. It was very interesting and creative.

Do I look like a young CEO in the future? Pretend to be serious a bit because everybody is so serious now. Hehehe

We had a chance to talk and learn from the Managing Director, Robert Herbold, formerly Bill Gate's COO of Microsoft. He had delivered such an excellent speech on that day. I got a Free book Seduced by Success from him, worth RM111. ^_^

Overall, everything was great! But I what I love the most in the hotel is....the toilet. It's so nice. 

So if you guys have any friend wants to book a room in the hotel, do recommend this one. When you there to visit your friend and by the way......hi.hi. lolz...

That day, my day ended at 10pm because after that conference, I had to rush back to teach in a studio. I was too tired to teach 2 classes, so I have to cancel 1. Tired, but overall, it was a good and meaningful day.

And today is.........Saturday :D. So happy weekend to all.




Don't get me wrong here :D What I want to say is the differences between when I'm single and when i'm couple :D. I don't know whether you guys have the same thinking like me.
No Single Couple
1 When I was still single, I wish my guy has to be a handsome, rich, romantic, loving prince When I'm couple, I realize that all those dreamed guys are not for me, they are for….someone else. It's not because I'm not good, but just because I'm not a princess either.
2 When i was single, I don't like those girls everyday suffer from love, just know how to cry because those boys, and complain a lot. Why they are so weak? So silly? Why can't they go out to look for any guy In fact, nobody wants to be weak emotional. Sadness and argument are always the characteristics of LOVE. It's like the ocean has to have waves. No matter how strong you are, you still need to cry one day for someone that you truly love them.
3 Sometimes, I feel annoyed with those couples standing at public like cinema, park but doing all the weird actions to show off their Love such as: feeding each others, kissing, etc… But now, I'm afraid if there is anyone cursing behind me if my action annoys them, hahaa…However, in conclusion, LOVE HAS NO SIN and only the member inside "the Show" will understand how sweet is the kiss and how happy they feel. ;) as long as they are not out of permitted limitation.
4 I dream about the lifestyle in which I will cook for my Love every good meal everyday when i was single. Still pending (but it's not my fault, lolz :p)
5 I don't need anything( money, house, car, etc…) from him as long as he loves me by his heart, only Me in this world. Oops, living expense is raising up higher and higher. (Did you see toll fee increase 40cents at least? lolz.....). In fact, I can't just drink water and eat air to survive. I need to find my own money to support myself but in the meantime, I want my future hubby to be stable in everything so that I feel safe…for him, and for me. Then we both can stress free.
6 I always dream that I will have a Love story as sweet as it's in fairy tale. The prince and the princess will live happily until they both are very old, their teeth want to fall down, and their hair turn grey…Forever love! I think everyone also wishes that. Because fairy tale never come to life, so I rather back to my real life. Happy with what I have and try to protect it. I don't dare to think until the hair turn grey coz nowadays, people dye their hair a lot, lolz..... Truth and lie are very difficult to tell. I just wish to live until 70s and my love still love me as the beginning. That's too sufficient already. :D
7 Sometimes I think that Love needs to be challenged by many different ways and by the end my darling can overcome everything to come back to me. That's will be a true Love. And Love will be stronger and it will last forever. "What a crazy thinking! Does life not bring enough trouble to you?" and now, I just wish and wish everyday I can be happy together with him. I just want peacefulness.
8 He loves me then he has to be love whatever belongs to me now matter how ugly I am, how bad my personality is. The fact is, trying to improve myself is one of the ways to protect my love. Love means everyone has to become better and better. I don't want him if he is so ugly and bad characteristic and perhaps, so does he too.
9 He has tobe a perfect man, never do anything guilty toward me at all and I can trust him 100% because he will never hurt me. If you've ever hurt, you will know how difficult to forgive people. Actually, there are some mistakes that can never be forgiven. But destiny is giving each other one more chance. No one is perfect even God and I won't trust anyone 100% because I want to protect myself from disappointment.
10 He only loves me, not anyone else. He will never change his love to me. And I only love 1 person in my life. If cannot live together with him, I will never get married. If your love to him can be changed, why not his? Nothing in life is absolute. I need to build up my feelings, my love everyday if I want it to grow up stronger. Or else, It will die. And in order to find a real love, sometimes, we need to pass through few one so that we will respect the last one we have.