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About Me

About Me
CrystalPhuong.net is a Personal Style & Travel Blog based in Singapore, written by Crystal Phuong. The blog was nominated FOUR times in Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in the annual Singapore Blog Award from 2012- 2015, voted as one of the Best Lifestyle Blogs in Singapore in 2013 by Hotelclub.com, and Best Travel Blogs in 2016 by Foodpanda.com. Crystal hopes to connect and inspire young women to lead a healthy and happy life. Be confident, be positive, and be kind.
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Showing posts with label relationship. Show all posts


For many years, Gregory and I have wondered when and how we’d meet our life partner, where they would be, and if we ended up meeting someone, we started questioning, “Is this the right one?”

Before and after meeting Gregory, I have had a few relationships. Funny enough, they all ended once the relationships hit the 1-year mark. In all those relationships, even at their peak, I kept hearing a little voice in my head saying, "This is not the right one.” It happened repeatedly that it felt like a curse and that this mountain was too high for me to climb. 

When I told my mom, she was worried. Being the superstitious mom she is, she went to look for a Master and asked for some insightful, spiritual guidance. Coincidentally, at least 3 of them said "Your daughter had a past-life lover. That's why all of her relationships would end within 1 year". I didn't believe obviously, but when 3 random people said the same thing, you ought to listen. So, I went to the temple to pray and had some sort of ceremony to break up with the past-life lover whom I didn't even know existed. Anyway, whatever made my Mom happy, I'd do it. If any of these rituals worked, I would have been married a long time ago.

Being a young Vietnamese woman living overseas alone, I had gone through many emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences, both negative and positive. Not to mention having to deal with the society's pressure of being an "old maid,” "leftover woman,” and "expired woman.” 

After so many failures in relationships, I lost hope and didn't believe in True Love. I even accepted the fact that maybe I was dreaming of a fairy tale. True Love didn't exist. It was only in movies and fairytale stories. Even if I could blow all the seeds off a dandelion with a single breath, my Prince Charming wouldn’t suddenly appear the next day.  

But LIFE ALWAYS HAS A PLAN. Sometimes, we must go one big round to find what we are looking for.


One beautiful day in 2009, an ex-colleague whom I was quite close to at that time brought her long-distance boyfriend to the vibrant cityscape of Singapore and introduced him to me. His name was Gregory. My friend seemed to be in love, and I was happy she found someone. On the other hand, I was already in a committed relationship with someone else. I was a third wheel that night, but it didn’t bother me. We had dinner at Clarke Quay, a drink at the rooftop bar at Esplanade, took some fun photos together, and laughed it off. It was a fun evening. 

Shortly after their first meeting, Gregory and his then-girlfriend had gone their separate ways. The distance proved challenging, and Gregory wasn’t ready to leave his career in Europe and move to Asia. I didn’t ask my ex-colleague much. We all three moved on with our lives.  Gregory connected with me on Facebook after the first meeting and occasionally sent me messages and well wishes on special occasions such as birthdays or New Year. We were just each other's friends on social media. 

8 years later, in 2018, Gregory found himself needing healing after a heart-wrenching breakup from a four-year relationship. He chose Singapore as his first stop on his journey of finding and healing himself. Several months before his arrival, Gregory contacted me to check if I would be around during his stay. I said I would. However, I completely forgot about his arrival until a month later when Gregory's message came, "I'm in Singapore.” Fortunately, I had no travel plans and could still manage to spend a day or two with Gregory. Ironically, during this time, I took on the role of a matchmaker and introduced him to two of my close friends, though it didn't lead to anything significant.

Later that year, when my friend Marisa and I planned a winter holiday in Europe, we decided to include a visit to London to see Gregory. By then, Gregory had moved from Barcelona to London to work in a luxury hotel. After bidding farewell to Marissa, I stayed in London to spend a few extra days with him. To my surprise, he arranged a countryside road trip in England, taking me to Windsor Castle. We were on a mission to find my Prince Charming, who might wander around the castle. 

Unfortunately, the castle was closed. He then drove me to visit another castle- Cinderella Palace, joining me on the merry-go-round and playing like little kids.  

The final night of our road trip brought us to a charming gin bar in the historic town of Bath. We enjoyed our evening, and after he walked me back to our hotel room, we exchanged sweet "Goodnight" wishes before he headed to his own room. It was a quiet moment until, within just a few minutes, a soft knock on my door interrupted my thoughts. As I opened the door, Gregory took me by surprise with a spontaneous kiss on my lips. Surprisingly, I didn't pull away. I didn't feel any spark either. "It must be the gin that played tricks on me"- I thought. 

The next morning, we continued our journey, exploring Stonehenge and cherishing our time together at one of the world's most famous historical sites. It was cold and windy that morning. Greg tried to keep me warm with his tight hugs and held me close the entire time we visited Stonehenge. I didn’t push him away because I was really cold. We had a delicious lunch at the French restaurant before he sent me back to the airport. Right there, he asked, “If you wanted me to be in Singapore, I’d leave London for you.” I quickly shot that crazy idea down before he even finished his sentences “No, if you wanted to relocate to Singapore, move only if you have a job offer. Don’t leave your life here for me. I can’t take that responsibility. What if it doesn’t work out?” - I saw the disappointment in his eyes, but I had to draw the line. I didn’t want to lose our friendship. What if it didn’t work out?

We bid each other goodbye, uncertain when I'd return to Europe. But, we managed to stay connected through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, always checking in on each other's lives.

We were both deeply engrossed in our busy lives, chasing our dreams, focusing on work, and making plans. I couldn't be sure when or where I'd meet the right guy, but I had this persistent feeling that he wouldn't be in Singapore. Where exactly he'd be, I had no clue. All I knew was that the right time and place would eventually bring us together. Interestingly, Gregory shared a similar sentiment. He believed his ideal partner was out there, hailing from a different culture, country, and religion. It was quite strange that we had never discussed our love lives when we were just friends.

The global pandemic in 2020 brought us closer, and our talks became more frequent. But, the real game-changer came early in 20023 when I got a promotion at work. It was around March that year when I got a sudden work opportunity to travel to Barcelona. Unsure if I could secure a visa in time, I decided to inform Gregory of my plans anyway. Without hesitation, he applied for leave to be in Barcelona and meet me. When the visa arrived on Monday, April 18th, I quickly booked a departure flight on April 23rd. Gregory wasted no time and booked his own flight to join me in Barcelona for three days from May 3rd to 7th. After my work week in Barcelona, I took a few days off to explore Madrid while waiting for Gregory to arrive. 

Here I was still wondering when would I meet my real-life Prince Charming while visiting the Royal Palace in Madrid. I didn't know my life was about to change. 

I vividly recall the moment when I went for a morning stroll through the streets of Madrid, my mind was swamped with countless questions racing through my head "We shared a kiss in London 5 years ago. What if he kisses me again? How should I react? Should I pretend the kiss never happened? What if he booked only one hotel room instead of two?" Eventually, I made a decision to go with the flow and see what would happen.

As I stepped out of the train station in Barcelona, my eyes met a tall, handsome man with a radiant smile, and suddenly, it felt like I was HOME. Reuniting with him was akin to meeting a long-lost family member. It was at that moment I wondered: "Could he be the one I've been searching for?"

We hugged. There was no kiss this time. Greg graciously took charge of my luggage, ensuring my comfort as he opened the car door for me and took his seat on the other side. I discreetly observed him behind my oversized sunglasses, curious to see if anything had changed over the years. Upon reaching the hotel, Gregory went to the reception desk to check us in. Returning to where I sat in the lounge, he handed me a room key and said, "I've booked two rooms—one facing the street and the other overlooking the pool. Let me know which one you prefer." At that moment, I realized it was time to open up and address the reasons behind my past reservations. We had a long, heartfelt conversation, reminiscing about old memories while discussing our hopes for the future. The more we spoke, the more we discovered our striking similarities in friendship, family, love, career, and life principles.

I knew right then and there "I've been looking for the right man in all the wrong places." I confessed to Gregory "I wasn't ready for a long-distance relationship and didn't believe it could work. I didn't want to jeopardize our friendship if a romantic relationship failed. But now, I understand that if I don't give us a chance, I might regret it. So, if you're not seeing anyone and you're interested in a relationship with me, perhaps we could take it slow and see where this journey leads"

Being the gentleman that he is, Gregory gave me a warm hug. We shared another kiss. This time, I was fully present. We spent the next 3 days in Barcelona together as a couple. Everything was so easy with him. A few years ago, we embarked on a road trip as friends. We didn't expect to see a change in our friendship. But, destiny seemed to have a hand in our reunion in Barcelona. 

After the trip, we were in a long-distance relationship for another year. Gregory called me every day. We talked about our day at work, our plans, and even our challenges. We made it a point to see each other every 3-4 months, wherever possible. In July 2022, we went for a first holiday in Dubai as a couple's holiday. 

On my birthday, November 5th, Gregory flew to Singapore and surprised me with the birthday decoration in the hotel room of The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore. He planned all of these surprises while still working in London. 

Subsequently, I invited Gregory to join her family on vacation in Phu Quoc, Vietnam, marking his first meeting with my loved ones. Gregory wanted to officially ask my parent's permission to date me. My family knew of our story only in May after I came back from Barcelona and they were so happy and supportive. In December 2022, Gregory turned 40. He celebrated his 40th birthday in Bruges, Belgium, and officially introduced me to his family and close friends. Everyone made me feel at home and treated me like a family member from the first day. Everything felt right. By the time 2023 arrived, we knew for sure that we wanted to spend our lives together and we couldn't wait to begin. In March, we spent another week at his home in Bruges. He proposed to me on one of the most scenic spots in Bruges, Bonifacius Bridge (Lover Bridge), built in 1910 that has a reputation for its romantic atmosphere. 

After 14 years of maintaining a long-distance friendship, we finally tied the knot in both Singapore, where we first met, and Vietnam, my birthplace. Our wedding ceremony and celebrations took place on 27.07.23 in Singapore and 23.09.23 in Vietnam, following the Vietnamese wedding tradition with our friends and families from all over the world joining us. 

Reflecting on it all, we feel incredibly fortunate to have found each other in this big world despite thousands of miles and years of time. Just like many other people, we were all out there searching for love, hoping one day we'd find what we were searching for. But sometimes, love surprises us when we least expect it. That's how our love story began. Sometimes, what we are searching for is right in front of us. We just don't see them. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about our real-life fairy tale story. I've tried to summarize our long story in a 5-minute short film, if you'd like to watch, share, and subscribe, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Crystal Phuong

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Today's blog post is going to be a lengthy one, but I'm sure it's worth reading :)

So, everyone is talking (or at least heard) about Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes divorce these few days. Some got really shocked "OMG! Really?". Some sympathized "So sad! They are such a great couple" and some even commented in a mean way "Well, Hollywood couples are all like that".

In my point of view, Yes! They look good together. Tom is handsome, Katie is pretty and both are rich and famous. They have everything they want except...a happy family. I assume it's not a happy family because if it was, they wouldn't have to divorce.

Every break-up is SAD so don't say something like "Well, they have a lot of money, they can even hire a circus to entertain them". I don't see how money can relate to a broken heart.

Also, it's going to be so unfair to judge if it's Tom or Katie's fault that caused the divorce because we know nothing about them, what they have gone through, how they felt about each other. People should stop commenting and let them sort it out themselves.

Talk about the relationship, TomKat's story is like one of millions breakup stories nowadays. The only difference is that they are celebrities, so people will talk about them more, and that makes it harder for them to deal with.

Many people say Relationship is hard. I think it's not true. We make the relationship harder than it's supposed to be. Look at our parents' generation, they can live together for so long yet are very happy and loving each other till their hairs turn grey. Why can't we? Is it because we demand too much, expect too much, ask too much and give too little?

Instead of saying "He doesn't care about me anymore", why don't you ask "Have I cared about him enough?"- "Have I done anything wrong?", "Have I put much effort into this relationship?"

Also, our tolerance level is decreasing while our bad-temper level goes all the way up. Last time, I used to think of giving up whenever I and my ex-boyfriend quarrelled. My mom kept telling me to tolerate, to be calm, to learn how to adjust, and she gave me her real life example of how she has been tolerating my dad for more than 20 years to have a happy family that I and my brother are having now. I salute her!

Look at us! We are swept away by our speedy, busy life. We put up so many goals, targets to achieve: buying a big house, nice car, having lots of money in the bank account, but I'm very sure that very few of us actually put a happy family or relationship in our lifetime achievement list. Do you?

So when it comes to choices: Career vs. Relationship, Travel vs. Relationship, Money vs. Relationship, etc...Relationship never gets chosen. Of course, I'm not saying or advising you to put Relationship at first because there are too many things revolving around our life everyday that need our attention, commitment, but there will be certain time in life you need to find out "What is more important", "What really makes you happy". Some people ever told me they would rather choose Career because stable Career will make them feel secure and it's permanent. Really? What about thousand people got retrenched unexpectedly during the economy crisis a few years ago? Did they feel secure before this happened? I'm sure they did.

I have failed 6 times in my Love life. I know it's a lot, I wish I could turn back time to reduce the number.

First relationship: when I was 18, I broke up with my ex because I wanted to pursue my dancing career and he didn't allow me to.
Second relationship: I wanted to go overseas to study so I broke up with my 2nd ex.
Third relationship: we had too many differences, arguments and conflicts. I didn't feel secure in that relationship.
Fourth relationship: I wanted to pursue my career while my ex wanted to get married and to settle down.
Fifth relationship: my ex didn't want to get married and he wanted to set me free while he was suffering major stress from his business downfall.
Sixth relationship: he wanted to break up because he didn't want to have any kid. He let me go because he couldn't give me what I want.

As you can see, most of the time it's because I chose Career and Myself over my Relationship because I thought good opportunities are hard to come by but relationship can be found anywhere, anytime. So I didn't mind giving it up. After I achieved what I wanted, I was happy. People were praising me "Wow! You are so good, successful, talented!" but they have no idea that deep down inside, I feel lonely sometimes. I need to be loved, to be well taken care of, to be pampered more than any trophy, title I've got. They didn't mean anything after a while. You know when we don't have a car, we dream about it everyday. But when we have it, it's like nothing to us. Then I realized it's easy to find someone to love, but it's damn difficult to find someone you love who can really connect to you from the heart to the mind and truly loves you. That connection is rare.

In our life, we have a few balls in hand. Career is Rubber ball while Relationship is like Crystal ball. No matter how many times being dropped, Rubber ball can bounce back by itself. Unlike Rubber ball, Crystal ball will break down once you drop it and that's it. So it's the matter of which is more important and which needs to be more taken care of. People can change 5- 6 jobs in their life, but I hardly see anyone change 5- 6 different wives or husbands. There might be people in this world have had 5, 6 spouses in their life time, but if they were to choose, I'm very sure they would rather want to have just 1 life partner.

One of my exes ever asked me to come back and said "If I was to choose between 10 million dollars and You. I would rather choose you. It's not the matter where you live, it's who you live with". It was so nice to hear and I appreciated it, but I couldn't understand because I wasn't in his shoes to know exactly how it felt when loosing somebody you truly love. Now I do and I keep telling myself that I will never give up on someone I love and someone who truly loves me.

So my dear friends, if your relationship is getting sour and you are thinking of breaking up? Think again! Ask yourself these 3 simple questions:

1. Do you love her/ him?
2. Does he/she still love you?
3. Are you happy when you are with her/ him?

If all the answers are YES, I would sincerely advise you to stay and fight for your relationship. However, this will not apply to all the cases like your boyfriend, girlfriend are cheating on you, they are taking advantage of you, they don't love you, but your house, your money, love having sex with you etc...To those, just tell them to get lost! Don't waste your time. I'm talking about true love cases that are having obstacles, challenges and they are struggling to find their way out.

You know when we are getting angry or upset, we always do stupid things, make stupid decisions, and then we will feel regret after that. We speak the ugly thing to hurt the other party too as a punishment. It's all about EGO. But if you think carefully: What's the point of doing that?

If you love someone so much, you will want them to be happy. Throwing your anger to them doesn't make you feel happier. Instead, you are making the person you love sad. It doesn't make sense. Trust me, it took me almost 10 years to practice this thinking and to apply in my daily life. I'm nowhere near perfect, but I can see myself improving everyday. It makes my life happier and easier. I noticed every time I quarrelled with my ex boyfriends, the longer I held on to it, the worse I felt. Once I quickly settled with him, I was happy instantly. So indirectly, I was doing my heart a favor to make it smile again.

I don't think any relationship will last if we insist on putting our ego, ourselves first. The relationship is a lifetime give and take commitment. You win some, you lose some. You can't expect everything will fall into place perfectly for you. So if you are confused and don't know what to do with your relationship, ask YOURSELF 3 questions above!

Saying "Yourself" I mean You don't have to ask for anyone's advice because they don't share the same heartbeat with you, they don't go through what you have gone. It's easy for them to say things, but do they know what you feel inside? Your heart will know exactly what to do when comes to relationship. But don't get me wrong, I am not against any family or friend's advices because I know they want us to be happy, they want the best for us. The funny thing is they are actually very neutral and usually support whatever decision we make. Don't you think so?

When we are happy in love, friends and family are happy for us. They say "You guys look good together"
When we break up, they advise "One door closes, another one will open. Life goes on"
And if we happy to fall in love with the same person again? They congratulate "I'm so happy for both of you"
Why they seldom say "Don't give up! Please fight for him. He is a good one you should not let go. You guys are meant to be"- WHY? WHY? WHY?

Yes I know because our family will support us in whatever we do and they just want us to be happy, but again, we have to make decisions on our own at the end of the day: what is more important to you, what make you happy? Who will make you happy?

Talk about all these advices, it makes me feel bad. One of my best girlfriends (15 year friendship) fell in love with a guy who is so ugly and totally incompatible with her. He is 35 years old, but looks like 20 years old. My friend is 8 years younger than him, but she looks like 8 years older. He is so ugly that all of my friend's family members didn't like him. I didn't like him either, I blamed his weird look. When my friend decided to marry this guy, I got shocked and I told her "If you marry him, I will not come to visit your house". Her parents didn't approve their wedding at all. She insisted on having a wedding even without her own parents' blessing. 

Now, after 4 years of marriage, her family slowly started accepting him because they kind of getting used to how he looks but most importantly, that guy makes their daughter so happy. She is glowing with love every single day and she proves everyone wrong, including me. And I felt regret. If she obeyed and pleased her parents and everyone else, she wouldn't have been happy as what she is right now. 

Bottom line, True Love always finds the way. Sometimes we are put into a dilemma between our mind and our heart. We think this is good, but our heart is commanding us to do something else. There is no right or wrong answer, you just gotta follow what makes you happy. Life is too short to be wasted with too much burden, calculation and worries. I have a friend who passed away one week after her birthday turning 20. I bought her dinner to celebrate her 20th birthday and she was so happy telling me about her future plan, her love story. She couldn't make it. What does it mean to you?

Now you can ask me: "I have been trying so hard to salvage the relationship, but she is still leaving me, what else can I do?". Well, there is nothing else you can do besides waiting. If it's meant to be, it will be. I've seen 2 persons from total different parts of the world somehow ended up meeting each other and living together. It's about being at the Right time, in the Right Place with the Right person. No matter how far they go, they will still come back to you one day. But if they don't, you know you have tried your best. 

However, don't give up even though you know there is a 1% chance left. Miracle does happen sometimes, I believe! The question is: How far can you go for Love?
Crystal Phuong

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I don't know why lately I received quite a number emails, writing about love stories from my friends. Perhaps, they want to cheer me up when I'm in Love? Or they want to teach me something? Anyhow, I also thank you for all these sweet emails. Some are really very interesting to read. You may say I'm very arrogant or picky or whatever, but my style is:
  • I don't like to receive all those forwarded SMS, the type of 1 sms can send to 10 people. That's why you will see normally, I don't reply those email or sms. (Sorry if I offend your kindness or care for me, I didn't mean that). But if you just write sms by your own to me, no matter how busy I am, I definitely reply it.

  • I don't normally share my own personal story life like love story, love relationship etc.... So don't waste your time asking me "How are you and your boyfriend, husband?" You will receive the answer is always "I'm fine. Happy :) "
But anyhow, I still need to thank you, friends so much for your care. Just want to share with you one of the stories that I've received.


Love is always the most beautiful and splendid emotion in the world. I assume that a Love like a Tree which needs to take care by water, sunshine, and anti-worm treatment every day. There are so many types of worm on the Love Tree.

There is one name JEALOUS. This worm when it is small, its color looks almost like tree color, thus it's very difficult to find. At first, when it's small, it just plays around on the tree, tickling here and there. And the tree just feels nice and comfortable like being massaged. However, the older it grows, the more damage it causes slowly from each leaf to the whole body.

The second worm called COLD worm. COLD worm is very formal and careful in its move because it also scares to damage the tree. However, when time goes longer, this worm will spit out many ICE or even SNOW to freeze the tree and then Love tree will die.

Another one is ANGRY worm. Normally, this worm will hide quietly inside and hardly see it. But when it explodes out, its power can destroy the tree within 1 night.

Fourth worms usually are STAGNATE one. It seems to be the least dangerous worm, but it always injects into the tree the anti-growth vitamin which makes the tree can't grow up but also can't die so fast. And finally, there is no producing by the end.

Last worm is TROUBLE. It's a very stupid worm. It tries to bite every single leaf everyday to destroy the whole tree. When people discover and throw him away, he still tries to come back and do the same thing. And his purpose is only successful when people are too tired to kill the worms, they don't even bother to solve and just let it go.

So be careful with all these worms because no tree can immunize with the worms, can defeat them to survive. However, people can kill those worms because.


So below are the prescriptions for each worm. I will give you with FOC. However, you can't cure it by your own. You need to seek for the agreement and togetherness from your boyfriend/girlfriend as well. Then here you go.

PRESCRIPTION 1: Anti- Jealous worm treatment.

3 tablespoons of TRUST everyday. (Trust needs to build up not only by words, but also by action to prove people to trust you.
5 tablespoons of HONESTY everyday. (There is nothing more terrible than telling lies because sufferers will be both listener and speaker)

5 tablets of FAITH everyday. (If you commit to something or someone, try to keep yourself consistent and loyal)

Make sure you and your boyfriend/ girlfriend remind each other to drink together every day.

4 tablespoons of CARE (caring each other every day to make sure he/she is OK and you are always with her/him. Caring is not only PHYSICALLY (by email, sms, phone call, meeting...) not also just BODILY (health, pain, sick, etc...) but also EMOTIONALLY (mood, feeling, happy, unhappy and so on.... This is the most important, I guess).

3 tablets of ROMANTIC. (Girls are always crazy for it. That's why most of the girls like Korean movies if I'm not wrong). Romantic can be a surprise gift for non-occasional day, a kiss on every morning and before sleeping, having a holiday, taking shower together....and many more.

This prescription must take every day, even though the worm hasn't appeared yet.

6 tablets of RESPECT (When we are angry, normally we won't care about other's feeling. Respectfulness means we can't offend each other while we are in anger)

3 tablets of CONTROL. (Learn how to control not to be angry to live healthily. Even if you are very angry, try to avoid talking and only solve problems when you are calm down back)

3 tablets of CREATIVE. (Think of something new for both to do to boost up the feeling, go for a holiday...)
5 tablespoons of SEX. There are many cases that the husband/wife can't find the interest in SEX with their partner and slowly they feel bored and then no feeling for other things. This is extremely important. And you need to learn how to have a good sex life.


5 tablets of SHARING (Without sharing, your bf/gf can't know what you want and feel because he/she can't read your mind. Instead of sharing with other people, why not with him/her to settle your own feelings. The person from outside the story can't know exactly what going on to give you the best solution, it's two of you yourself)

Caution: Sharing to the third person might be very dangerous. Because the third party is always sweet and caring, slowly will "switch player". Third party replaces a main one. There are many TRIANGLE stories come from this.
3 tablets of ENCOURAGE. (Always encourage each other to overcome difficulties in life. Let her/him know that you are always there to support).


4 tablets of ACCEPT. (Learn how to accept him/her weaknesses because no one is perfect)

So I hope these prescription really can help you and your boyfriend/girlfriend stays happy together. Love and challenges are always together. Challenges will judge how strong your love is. So don't be afraid of it. If you can overcome all this, your Love is going to be eternally. However, remember.


Do take these prescription everyday to make sure your Love Tree is growing up healthily and rapidly. It needs PATIENCE AND CONSISTENCE too.

I think I also need to take "medicine" for my Love before it's too late :D

Happy all!

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Don't get me wrong here :D What I want to say is the differences between when I'm single and when i'm couple :D. I don't know whether you guys have the same thinking like me.
No Single Couple
1 When I was still single, I wish my guy has to be a handsome, rich, romantic, loving prince When I'm couple, I realize that all those dreamed guys are not for me, they are for….someone else. It's not because I'm not good, but just because I'm not a princess either.
2 When i was single, I don't like those girls everyday suffer from love, just know how to cry because those boys, and complain a lot. Why they are so weak? So silly? Why can't they go out to look for any guy In fact, nobody wants to be weak emotional. Sadness and argument are always the characteristics of LOVE. It's like the ocean has to have waves. No matter how strong you are, you still need to cry one day for someone that you truly love them.
3 Sometimes, I feel annoyed with those couples standing at public like cinema, park but doing all the weird actions to show off their Love such as: feeding each others, kissing, etc… But now, I'm afraid if there is anyone cursing behind me if my action annoys them, hahaa…However, in conclusion, LOVE HAS NO SIN and only the member inside "the Show" will understand how sweet is the kiss and how happy they feel. ;) as long as they are not out of permitted limitation.
4 I dream about the lifestyle in which I will cook for my Love every good meal everyday when i was single. Still pending (but it's not my fault, lolz :p)
5 I don't need anything( money, house, car, etc…) from him as long as he loves me by his heart, only Me in this world. Oops, living expense is raising up higher and higher. (Did you see toll fee increase 40cents at least? lolz.....). In fact, I can't just drink water and eat air to survive. I need to find my own money to support myself but in the meantime, I want my future hubby to be stable in everything so that I feel safe…for him, and for me. Then we both can stress free.
6 I always dream that I will have a Love story as sweet as it's in fairy tale. The prince and the princess will live happily until they both are very old, their teeth want to fall down, and their hair turn grey…Forever love! I think everyone also wishes that. Because fairy tale never come to life, so I rather back to my real life. Happy with what I have and try to protect it. I don't dare to think until the hair turn grey coz nowadays, people dye their hair a lot, lolz..... Truth and lie are very difficult to tell. I just wish to live until 70s and my love still love me as the beginning. That's too sufficient already. :D
7 Sometimes I think that Love needs to be challenged by many different ways and by the end my darling can overcome everything to come back to me. That's will be a true Love. And Love will be stronger and it will last forever. "What a crazy thinking! Does life not bring enough trouble to you?" and now, I just wish and wish everyday I can be happy together with him. I just want peacefulness.
8 He loves me then he has to be love whatever belongs to me now matter how ugly I am, how bad my personality is. The fact is, trying to improve myself is one of the ways to protect my love. Love means everyone has to become better and better. I don't want him if he is so ugly and bad characteristic and perhaps, so does he too.
9 He has tobe a perfect man, never do anything guilty toward me at all and I can trust him 100% because he will never hurt me. If you've ever hurt, you will know how difficult to forgive people. Actually, there are some mistakes that can never be forgiven. But destiny is giving each other one more chance. No one is perfect even God and I won't trust anyone 100% because I want to protect myself from disappointment.
10 He only loves me, not anyone else. He will never change his love to me. And I only love 1 person in my life. If cannot live together with him, I will never get married. If your love to him can be changed, why not his? Nothing in life is absolute. I need to build up my feelings, my love everyday if I want it to grow up stronger. Or else, It will die. And in order to find a real love, sometimes, we need to pass through few one so that we will respect the last one we have.

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