May 21, 2008 Crystalicious 10 Comments

I'm back! I know you guys are waiting for me after my trip to Ho Chi Minh. I wanted to blog, but I was too busy to catch up with work after my holiday.

Here you go! This is the first time I've been to Ho Chi Minh (you believe or not) but I could say it was GREAT TRIP! You should go there one day. I went there for some company works plus my personal things. So excited but also I was a bit nervous because I didn't know anyone there, and I was not familiar with the roads there. But at the end, things turned out so well. One of my friends who I only met online before came to air port and picked me up. He sent me to the hotel and brought me out for dinner. If you guys ever heard about very famous Vietnamese food which called "Pho" (beef noddle), then here you go!
Sooooo Yummy! Delicious! It's totally different from the noddle that I've tried in KL

The hotel I stayed was in the area for tourists. It's the most happening area in Ho Chi Minh, thus pricing here is lightly higher than other places. For instance: a bowl of beef noddle and an orange juice cost me VND 60,000 (~ RM15). They are only at RM7- RM8 in some other places. This time in Ho Chi Minh, it is raining season. In the morning, it gets very sunny until 4pm and starts raining then stops at 8pm something. At night, the weather is very cool and windy. It's great to go out with your boyfriend or girlfriend hand in hand.

I thought traffic in Hanoi is already bad but in Ho Chi Minh, it's even worse. I didn't dare to take any photo during rush hour because I was scared of being snatched. It's better for you travel to Vietnam and experience it for yourself. Anyway, it's very COOL. Showing some photos I've taken in some famous places.
Louis Vuttion is HERE! :D Ben Thanh market!
This is a very famous market in Ho Chi Minh. Inside, there are thousand stores sell many different types of products: cloths, shoes, accessories, food, souvenir, etc...

A selfie in the hotel room.
My hotel room was quite neat clean and tidy. It's a cheap 3-star hotel that cost only RM60/ night. If you travel to Ho Chi Minh and look for a good hotel. There are many choices for you to choose from here.One of very famous food in Ho Chi Minh Sorry! I forgot its name :p This is the friend who accompanied me during the time I was staying there. He was the one who brought me to all the places and tried all the nice food in Ho Chi Minh. Thank you so much for that. I think most Vietnamese teenagers know him because he is actually a famous singer, composer in Vietnam now. Some friends asked me why I knew him. Well, it's a secret. 


  1. Jacky8:32 AM

    You must be enjoying so much there. Want to go back HCM again?

  2. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Your "boy friend" looks handsome but not as handsome as me, kekekeke
    Someone seems tobe famous soon. Got paparazzi followed to take photo or not

  3. @Jacky: Yeah Jacky. I was so much enjoying that trip and I feel like going there again. Probably I will go there more frequently once my company opens an office there :)

    @Anonymous: Who are you? Are you one of paparazzi as well :D

  4. wow....nice food,nice place....and handsome guy acompany....u r so lucky ;-)

  5. You go to Vietnam then I introduce handsome man to you hihihihi :p

  6. SnOwAnGeL7:53 PM

    Choy, so envy you, can take photo with Bang Cuong. >:< Sao wen anh? zi chi

  7. How interesting.. Vietnam looks a great place to go.

    Without those pic, I'd thought that half of the country consist of forest and the like.

  8. Then you should go there one day Seizhin :D

    @Snowangel: That's the long story, girl :)Thanks for your comment

  9. Anonymous7:55 PM

    oh my god. singers and song freaking bad

  10. Wow, someone gets angry. Who is this lolz? :D