October 22, 2008 Crystalicious 0 Comments

The first two days in Hochiminh was wonderful. On the third day, we headed to the Dai Nam Tourist Park, located in Binh Duong, an outskirt area of Hochiminh. It was exactly like another image of China in Vietnam, from the way in, they built up as the Great Wall of China. It was raining during the time we came there, so I just could took the picture from inside the car The total measured area is 450 hectares. We couldn't finish visiting them all as it would take at least 1 day if you want to visit every single temple. I just managed to visit few:
The main gate of Dai Nam from behind
From here, we got a "mini bus", I called it a bus because it's combined by many beautifully painted small cabins together.
The man behind was looking at us is bus driver, lolz...
Not only using this mini train, we had to use another bus same like KL bus to go from one temple to another. It's really huge. This was another gate led to the main big temple. I don't really know which one is the main one, which one is the biggest one because they all are enormous. My neck was sore from heading up to have an entire view of the building.
A man-made lake from the side of the bridge!
This is another "wonder". This house is built to describe the High Court of King Dynasty. I just took a picture from outside, no time to go in. I was more interested in discovering the next stop which was "18th level of hell". It's here!
This picture taken where I was standing under the neck the dragon. From other angle. How big!
Side angle. And inside! When we went inside, we were not allowed to take any picture or to turn on any light. All were dark and suddenly the ghost from nowhere fly up to you. Luckily we went in as a group so that we could protect each other. It turned out that none of us could even protect ourselves. Scary but it was really fun and amazing the way they did. After done visiting with all the dynasty, high court, temples, hell, we went to the zoo by another bus. This zoo is still belong to Dai Nam, you can imagine how big it is. Crazy tree!Beauty and the beast. That's a real tiger right there After the zoo session, it was about time to go as the clock pointed 6pm, we needed to drive back Hochiminh because my friend had to prepare for his show the next day. This construction has not been completed. I heard that they have been building up this for 10 years til now. And the very special point here is: This whole Dai Nam construction doesn't belong to government. It's private property invested by a rich millionaire who is 60 years old man.