November 21, 2008 Crystalicious 5 Comments

I'm less busy compared to last time due to some projects have just ended, the studio anniversary was over. Right now, I'm jobless (*just kidding). After the party, everything is back to normal. I've been busy for a few months with teaching, practicing and practicing until I felt I couldn't have enough time to breath. So tired but I'm glad I could do something that I love. Happy! Then when everything ended, it gets back slower pace. Felt a bit "falling down" ( don't know you guys understand what I'm saying). Anyway, things will get better soon. Now I'm busy with tomorrow schedule: my convocation day! Just tonight, I had a dinner at Holiday Villa Hotel ballroom. Splendid! It's the biggest event in life, I bet. I'm a bit excited! After tomorrow, I'm officially an adult working people even I've been working for a year plus.
Ok, just show you some of the photos to view back the event that I have gone through. It's memorable; I could say! My pretty gals! The sexy couple with Rumba. This blue fringe costume was the first one that I made and I don't like it that much now.The sexy samba girl, the pink dress I did it few day before the event. Every night back home from teaching, I spend a couple of hours sewing and cutting. I'm so tired. But luckily, the result comes out not so bad at all.The Chacha couple, this dress will look so much nicer if it's attached to a big flare bottom skirt, I think.TThis sexy golden fringe costume is my favorite. It came from my idea on the day I was shopping with Cassandra. We both saw the materials, and three weeks later, the dress was done. And this is the result. Paso dance, I just love the expression on Yvette's face.
And here you go, my performance. It was my first time dancing with Jonathan for this anniversary. At first, I thought, it's going to be a bit difficult for us because Jon seems a quiet person while I'm very talkative. Prior to this dance performance, we didn't have time to know each other more, plus his dancing style and mine are pretty different. Surprisingly, everything went well. We had a great time working together. He is young but very discipline and very punctual. That's what I like! In the end, we managed to give to our audience this result. Here and there, there were some mistakes, but only we both knew. Wooooooohhhh! I'm flying! Here you go! Me and my "borrowed" partner- Jonathan. That's about it! More pics will be up soon!


  1. Me lah!2:22 PM

    Eh? Jonathan strong enough to carry you ah? Fuyoh....... You're pretty heavy, you know?

  2. Who is the me lah??? You see the photo then you know he can carry me already. One hand he also can carry already. You carry me before? If you said i'm pretty heavy that's mean you are not strong enough! Sorry ah, please go to gym more, hahaha

  3. The customes are pretty nice. You really have the talent!

  4. OMG! These are all the dresses that you made? Your legs can split until like this? :-O You're gonna shock me

  5. @Richy! Thanks! You are always my great supporter! Btw, it's COSTUME dear, not Customes, hehehe

    @Jacky: If you are shock, go to get the medicine. Hehehe :p